All the fast challenges in Fortnite T3 and how to complete them

Fortnite Battle Royale is renewed in an interesting way with Season 3: A splash of adventure . Arrive quick challenges , some infinite challenges that winning PE . Forget about punch cards, they are no longer available (at least not in the same way), but with Quick Challenges you will be able to earn points to upload the battle pass quickly .

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  1. How Quick Challenges work
  2. Special quick challenges

How Quick Challenges Work


  • In the lobby, before entering a game, you will see the Active Quick Challenges on the left , below your level.
  • In general, these are self-describing challenges: eliminate X players with Y weapon, collect A units from resource B, etc.
  • They have their own accountant, like any challenge.
  • When you complete a Quick Challenge, it is immediately replaced by another.
  • The original Challenges give 14,000 XPwhen completed, while the added Challenges (replacing the original ones) give 1,400 XP .
  • The quick challenges are reset every 24 hours, so try to complete the original to maximize your PE day.

Special quick challenges

We are not going to explain how to complete challenges of the type “Eliminations with submachine guns”, but we are going to help you with the most specific ones , those that require you to know the map a little more, to make things easy for you. These are the Quick Challenges we want to help you with:

  • Use a whirlpool .
  • Eliminate minions .
  • Eliminate looters .

Don’t forget that this is nothing more than Quick Challenges . In our guide you will find the explanation of how to complete all the challenges of the season , so you can make all the rewards Pass battle , overcome all challenges Estil or unlock all customizable parts of the umbrella and, of course, guide for you to complete all the challenges of Aquaman , to unlock your skins.


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