Fall Guys: all the tips and tricks to win the Crazy Ball test

All the tips and tricks to win the Crazy Ball test

The Pelota Loca minigame is one of those that is included in the category “By Teams” and it is a test that will delight football fans above all , because basically what it does is simulate a match in which two teams meet. They will face each other for putting a giant ball in the goal of the opposite side.

All players will be divided into two groups with the same number of members in each. After two minutes, the team that has managed to score more goals in the other goal will win and they will be the ones that go to the next test, while the rest will be eliminated. In the event of a tie, everything will be decided to a golden goal , that is, the first to score in such a situation is the one who would be victorious.

At all times there will be two really big balls on the screen that we can move simply by pushing them, but the best method is to jump on the plank towards them to give them a header. In this way you will hit the balls with much more force in order to throw them further or to clear them from your goal so that they do not mark you.

In this sense, although they all have the same objective, something very advisable is the fact of distributing tasks . Although it is easy to agree to do so with friends, when playing with other people you have to pay attention to where each one is located, because ideally there should always be at least one or two playing the goalkeeper , while the rest will be dedicated to hit the balls without stopping.

These include the possibility that a giant rugby ball will appear from time to time . Like the rest, it will also be necessary to put it in the opposite goal, but in this case it is more complicated due to its size and the physics it has, since sometimes when we clear it, it will shoot out from anywhere. On the other hand, the ball that will be more interesting to put in is the golden one , which gives more points than normal and can completely change the course of the game.

Coordination with teammates is crucial to winning and you can even grab opponents to hinder them. The truth is that it does not help much either because the objective is to go for the balls, but as long as annoying never hurts.


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