Fortnite Season 4: How to Complete All Week 4 Marvel Missions and Challenges

Challenges of week 4 (Season 4)

  • Register chests in Sticky Swamp:the classic challenge that asks us to collect 7 chests in an area, in this case in the power station to the northeast of the map.
  • Eliminations in Afflicted Alameda: weneed 3 eliminations in the city area located southwest of The Authority, in the forest with the cabin and the camping area.
  • Deal damage within 10 seconds after bouncing off an umbrella in Burning Sands: it’s time tohead towards Burning Sands, to the west of the map and walk along the beach jumping from umbrella to umbrella until we find someone we can damage. We need to do 100 points of damage .
  • Destroy collector’s boxes in the Collection:We must destroy 3 boxes from the open-air museum at the point of interest in the Collection. We will find it in the snowy mountains south of Ciudad Comercio.
  • Hack Stark robots in Stark Industries:as simple as ending the robots that surround the Stark Industries facilities in the new area that has appeared on the farm to the north of the map. We must finish and hack 5 robots .
  • Destroy collectors:collectors are robots that appear in different areas of the map and accompany an even larger robot. To complete it we must eliminate 20 collectors . The easiest way to find them is west of La Authority, near Señorío de la Sal, or on the lake north of Campo Calígine.
  • Deal damage with the remains of a collector:after killing a collector it will fall to the ground and, after a few seconds, explode. We must collect it with the action button before it explodes and do 10,000 points of damage .
  • Deal damage to opponents in Angry Stacks –the typical challenge of dealing damage to other players, in this case in Angry Stacks northeast of the map. We need to do 500 points of damage , so if you have difficulties it will be time to roll Team Frenzy and get lucky with the storm.
  • Deal damage to opponents in The Authority –This is going to be a lot easier to complete if you try to do it in Team Melee. You will have to do 500 points of damage to other players in The Authority, in the center of the map.


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