Some Extraordinary Uses of Baby Powder

From a very young age we all use baby powder. Being a baby powder, we are not used by older people in general. But in many cases, the baby powder remains visible. So let’s take a look at some of baby powder:

  • If you want to make the hair aromatic and beautiful without the hassle of bathing, baby powder can be applied to the hair and rub the hair. Then see the scent from the hair as well as the hair will be set beautifully.
  • Baby powder mask can be used to remove acne scars. Mix baby powder into the amount of water and pack it on the skin. After thirty minutes, wash in clean water. Regular use will make the difference itself.
  • The chain necklace occasionally takes a punch, and when it opens, the chain is often torn. If you have this problem, try opening it with a little baby powder on the chain oven. You see, it opens very easily.
  • When oil is applied to the clothes, baby powder is absorbed by the powder. In this way, the powder should be applied until the whole oil has risen. Then the view is startling.
  • Baby powder can be planted for a long time in a place or in the rainy season without having to waste the book. The books are fresh for a long time. It is better if you can apply powder to the sun.
  • It takes a long time to wear gloves in hand. But before wearing gloves, rub a little baby powder in your hand and then wear gloves. You can easily see the gloves.
  • Ants burn? So for you baby powder, sprinkle a little powder on the ants movement will get rid of the agony of ants.
  • Using the same shoes almost every day, the shoe smells bitter, which in itself sounds annoying. To solve this problem, give baby powder inside the shoe. If you put it through the night the odor disappears in the morning.
  • Knowing a few things can make life easier as it is easier. Stay well, stay beautiful
by Abdullah Sam
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