An easy way to identify wasted eggs

We do not leave at the morning table or at the guest house without eggs. Recently, fake egg videos are appearing on various social media including Facebook. Are they really fake eggs? She would buy eggs anyway, but we all went to the grocery store. Many times I break eggs in the house and see the broken eggs. But if we can understand the eggs before we break the eggs, then it is possible to return the shopkeeper money or eggs. Let’s see the way to identify the spoiled eggs?

Ways to recognize spoiled eggs-

  • If you leave the eggs in cold water, the good eggs will sink in a little while. But the spoiled eggs will float. And the bad eggs will sink slowly for a long time. But then it creates foam in the water.
  • As a general procedure, almost everyone knows the test of eggs near the ear. And the procedure is that – if there is a sound in the egg, then the egg will be lost. Because good and new egg yolk does not usually move.
  • If the egg is cracked on an even plate then it is seen that the yolk is in the same place. Then the egg is good. And if the egg yolk is spread, then the egg must be spoiled.
  • In the case of a boiled egg, if the white part of the egg is dirty and smelly, it can easily be said that the egg is wasted.
  • If you see the ring-shaped shape of the egg when caught in front of the light, then the egg will begin to decompose.
by Abdullah Sam
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