What to eat in the heat and what not

Everyone in Rome is unstable. There is nothing comfortable, be it clothing, decoration and food. In the heat of the summer, many diseases are picking up. So we have to be aware in all aspects. Heavy heat not only causes instability, it also lowers our energy levels. To increase energy levels, be careful about adjusting the list of foods. Because many foods in this summer do more harm than good. So let’s not know what to eat and what not to eat this summer.

What to eat

Pure water:  Drink enough water to drink enough water. Adult and working women and men need to drink at least two to three liters of water daily.

Various fruits:  Various seasons are available during the summer. Mango, orange, watermelon etc. The juicy fruits are very useful for intense heat. However, before eating any fruit, you should bring it home and wash it well.

Fruit juices and sorbet:  Fruits are not what many want to eat. But who knows what fruit is most beneficial for losing weight, to maintain good health? If you have trouble eating fruit, you can eat it with juice. However, buy homemade fresh juice, not bought from the store. It has a lot of good health.

You can also eat homemade saline, dab, bell syrup. In addition, you can use sour yogurt as a drink or you can also eat isabul’s husk.

Yogurt Pumpkin:  There is no pair of yogurt yogurt as a hot meal to soothe this summer’s overwhelming sensation. In addition, comfort foods like yogurt are available for various types of stomach upset. Different from the recipe, a little yogurt can also give excellent taste and warmth can provide relief.

Don’t eat in the heat

The first and foremost caution is to avoid eating water, sorbet, sugarcane in the open space. Taking these causes diarrhea, gallstones. It increases your financial expenditure as well as the risk of death.

Extra spices:  Extra spices and spicy ingredients in the diet increase the body temperature. For this reason, the use of extra spices should be avoided during the summer.

Oily Fast Food:  You will be better off avoiding other oil-fired fast food and foods, including meat-made burgers, kebabs, fries during the summer.

Sauce: Sauce  enhances the taste of different foods. But for the sake of health, the cheese sauce should be avoided during the heat. Because it contains lots of calories and salt.

Extra Tea Coffee:  Tea and coffee increase body heat. In addition, coffee drinks containing hot sugar purify the body. Makes the face red. Therefore, refrain from drinking as much tea as possible during the summer.

It is not advisable to eat cold water or food immediately after sunlight or after extra work. In extreme sunshine or after a lot of hard work, the performance of the stomach decreases somewhat. So at this time, first drink common coconut water. Take some rest then take cold water or other foods. Eat healthy foods this summer, stay healthy.

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