How do you understand the amount of gas in the gas cylinder?

Whatever the idea, then the anxiety is at home. When men are not at home, it is difficult to cook when the cylinder gas runs out. So before you run out of gas, measure the cylinder gas in a domestic manner.

We have an idea of ​​how long a gas (cylinder) will last in your home. The number of family members, how many dishes are cooked at home or how they are cooked depends on how long a gas cylinder will last. But no matter what the idea, a worry still works for many of us. Understand this, the gas runs out! In cooking, it does not reduce the jerky. But how do you understand how much gas is in the cylinder? Many of us, usually, try to shake the cylinder or lift it by hand, to see how much gas is left in the cylinder! But can it be relaxed? By using a method, it is easy to understand how much gas is left in the cylinder. Let’s find out.

  1. First, you need to wipe the cylinder very well with a wet cloth. Be careful not to have any dust lining on the cylinder.
  2. After the cylinder is deleted, it will appear after 2-5 minutes, some part of the cylinder is dry, the rest is wet.
  3. Gas is the part of the cylinder that is taking longer to dry. And the part that dried up quickly, there was no gas! This is because, where there is a liquid, the temperature is slightly lower than the empty space. As a result, the part of the cylinder that contains the gas, it is taking longer for the temperature to dry.

So, there is no need to worry anymore. If you have a slight doubt about the amount of gas in the cylinder, see for yourself. You know the method!

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