Why is the women’s shirt button on the left?

Historians say that the use of buttons in jam began long ago. Especially in the Indus civilization. Buttons were made with oysters at that time. By the end of the 5th century, perforated buttons were first used in Germany. But have you ever noticed that men and women have different buttons on their clothes? That means the menswear button is on the right side and the women on the left side. But why?

Button-based clothing began in the mid-19th century. In those days, there were usually buttons for the rich. Men wore their own clothes. So the button of the shirt was placed to the right. But wealthy women were appointed separate maids to wear clothes. Do not think about the advantages of wearing maid’s clothes or the women’s clothing button is started on the left side, experts say.

According to a group of historians, such a system was initiated under the direction of Napoleon Bonaparte. Because Napoleon always put one of his hands on his chest in his shirt. Women used to joke about this practice. So to stop all this satire, Napoleon instructed the women to put the shirt button on the opposite side.

It is also heard that most people are right-handed. That is, the right hand is accustomed to doing more. Buttons are worn by men all over the world. So it was convenient to open their clothes in the right hands. In this way, women often keep their right hands free while breastfeeding. So if there is a button on the left, women are benefited.

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