Find out how to make a solid stain on clothes

Like a white dress? Talking to another person suddenly becomes overwhelmed with thick copies, tea or ketchup. Lots of cloth may be wasted to remove the stain. There are many ways to remove stains on clothing. In this post on Femininera today you will find out how to easily remove difficult spots.

The simplest way to remove coffee spots

First, wet the cotton in white vinegar and apply it on the stain. Now, spread the baking soda on it. After a while you will see that the cloth has absorbed baking soda. Then apply vinegar again to the toothbrush and rub on the stain. Notice that the stain is slowly rising. This way, after some time, the stain will rise. Then wash the whole cloth in water.

Simple method of removing oil stains

Many people are worried when the oil stains on the clothes. Many went to pick up the stain and again washed the cloth. Whatever the oil stain, first spray the baby powder at the spot where the stain is. Then rub the toothbrush and apply dish soap. Or rub the stain with a toothbrush for some more time.

An easy way to remove grease stains

The grease stain on the clothes or jeans pants does not make it easy to get up. And if there is an old grease, it does not matter. Black spots can be seen from a distance. Sprinkle a little salt on the stain to remove the grease stains. After you have absorbed some, shake hands with dry salt. Then wash the cloth. See, the stain is no more.

An easy way to remove ketchup stains

It is very annoying to see a ketchup stain on a garment. To remove the ketchup stain, first wet the cotton vinegar in white vinegar and apply it on the stain. After pulling the vinegar, pour the dish soap and rub with a toothbrush. This time, if the clothes are removed, the stain will rise.

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