Here are some tips for keeping your clothes well in humid weather

It’s been raining outside all day long. Many people like this kind of rain. But the picture on the outside is completely different. Because rain in the city of Dhaka means water captive life. And rain for working women means going to the office to declare war. Clothes that are worn in the clay, there is no desire and desire to get out if you remember shoes. Because of the sun, wet clothes are often dried in the air. As a result, the dampness remains. The fungus also takes place as the weather is humid. Find out how to keep the wardrobe good in the rain-

Return the soaked cloth to the air at home. If there is no natural air, hang it in the hangar and let it dry in the fan air. If the dirt is to be kept in a basket, still keep it dry. Otherwise the cloth will be stained.

Since there is no sun, it is raining again, so the only place to dry clothes is the porch. Here, hang each cloth in a hanger, without moving the rope separately. Then it will be possible to remove many clothes in a few places.

Move the clothes in the cupboard. Then the insect will not build the nest. You can also place naphthalene in a fold of cloth. Then the insect infestation will be reduced.

If the nympatas are dry, they will not be able to bind the insect.


During the rainy season, the clothes are worn when not drying properly. Because it appears to have dried the cloth immediately, the fibers of the cloth do not dry, resulting in sesame cloth or fungus.


If the fungus is visible in a cupboard, wash it with detergent powder. The fungus will be gone. This problem can occur if the clothes are not dried well before being stored. So keep this in mind before storing clothes.

by Abdullah Sam
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