Examples of augmentative sentences

Examples of augmentative sentences

  1. He erased it with a stroke of the pen.
  2. He hit him with his tremendous hand.
  3. The kid is already more than big.
  4. A dark storm cloud appeared .
  5. Such a big man does not know how to prepare food.
  6. She is always so bossy.
  7. He slammed the door.
  8. They bought a dog to take care of the house.
  9. novel of sixty chapters was written .
  10. He goes out to dinner every Thursday with his friends.
  11. It shows that he was hungry: he ate a bowl of noodles.
  12. He goes here and there with his cart.
  13. Always the same stupid .
  14. I like it although it is a bit nosy.
  15. The petite eared was a famous killer.
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Characteristics of augmentatives

  • The augmentatives are typical of the colloquial register, that is, of ordinary speech, so that they hardly have to be used in formal settings.
  • Augmentative suffixes do not make an overly long list, nor is there a single, well-defined criterion for establishing how the augmentative of a given noun should be formed.
  • There are nouns that have more than one possible augmentative form.
  • They are imposed by speech. For example, we say Amadeus is a peliculón  and Yesterday was partidazo  (not say Amadeus is a peliculazo  and Yesterday was one partidón ).
  • Some words that include augmentatives have acquired their own identity, that is, they have been lexicalized with new meanings and that is why they do appear in dictionaries. For example: blackboard  (augmentative of ‘blackboard’), bowl  (augmentative of ‘cup’) or curtain  (augmentative of ‘cloth’).
  • Sometimes augmentatives are applied to adjectives, and the function they come to have becomes much more subjective :  a kind of affectivity is added to the term. For example:  strong guy, good guy or big man.

The diminutives

The words that make up the group of augmentatives have an immediate link with their opposites: diminutives , which assign a reduced size or intensity. We use them a lot in everyday life. For example: minute, little time, little flower. 

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