How To Make 10 Exclamatory Sentences?

How to make 10 exclamatory sentences? Don’t miss this useful grammar resource that will help you improve your writing.


How To Make 10 Exclamatory Sentences?

  1. Oh, what a beautiful landscape!
    2. What a pity that we have to leave so soon!
    3. Look how beautiful this house is!
    4. How glad I am to see you!
    5. What an interesting book!
    6. Wow, how fast time has flown!
    7. What a hot day!
    8. How good this food smells!
    9. What a great hit you just scored!
    10. Congratulations, you’ve done a great job!


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What Are Exclamatory Sentences And 10 Examples?

Exclamatory sentences are used to express surprise, joy, fear, sadness, or anger. They can be used before a noun or a pronoun to emphasize it. For example:
What a pity!
Look how beautiful!

Examples of exclamatory sentences:
How easy!
That’s lovely!
How boring!
What a pity!
Good luck!
How awful!
What a pity!
What joy!
How sad!

How To Make 10 Sentences?

There are different ways to make ten sentences. You can use a method called “the thesis statement,” which is when you formulate one sentence that summarizes the main topic or thesis that you are going to talk about, and then write nine sentences that relate to that main topic. Another way is to make a list of ten simple phrases that can be used as sentences. Below are examples of each of these methods:


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Thesis statement method:

1) Art is a very personal form of expression.
2) Through art, we can see the unique perspective of an artist.
3) Art can take us places we couldn’t go otherwise.
4) Art can show us things that we could not see otherwise.
5) Art can make us feel things that we could not feel otherwise.
6) Art can help us better understand the world in which we live.
7) Art can help us better understand our peers.
8) Art can help us better understand our own emotions.
9) Art can help us find beauty in what might otherwise be considered ugly.
10) Art can help us discover new things about ourselves.

How Can I Make Exclamatory Sentences?

Exclamatory sentences are used to express strong emotions, such as surprise, anger, joy, fear, etc. They can be built in two ways: with an exclamatory word (How nice!) Or with an exclamatory phrase (Too bad I can’t come!).

To make an exclamatory sentence with an exclamatory word, you just need to add the exclamatory word to the beginning of the sentence. Here are some examples of exclamatory words:


To make an exclamatory sentence with an exclamatory phrase, you need to reverse the subject and verb. For example, if you want to say “Too bad you can’t come!”, you should say “Too bad you can’t come!”. Other examples of exclamatory sentences are:

How glad to see you!
How fast is this car going?
Unbelievable what just happened!


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What Is An Exclamation Point Examples?

An exclamation point is a way of emphasizing a comment or showing a particular type of sentiment. Exclamations are often accompanied by exclamation marks (!), interjections, or blank spaces. Some examples of exclamations are:

I can’t believe you did that!

That was incredible!

Wow, I didn’t expect that!


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