10 Sentences on Mahashivratri

According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Shiva is considered to be the best among all the deities. All the gods of the universe and the human race worship, worship in different ways and keep fast and fast to please Lord Shiva. But all these days, Mahashivratri is considered to be the best because on this day Lord Shiva assumes the most gigantic form to bless his devotees.

Ten Lines on Mahashivratri

Friends, today I will discuss about Mahashivratri with you guys through 10 lines on Mahashivratri, friends, I hope you will definitely like this line and you will also be able to use it in your school and other places.

Mahashivratri par 10 Vakya – Set 1

1) Mahashivratri is considered to be the most sacred fast and festival of the people of Hindu religion.

2) Mahashivratri is celebrated every year on Chaturdashi of Falgun month.

3) It is believed that the operation of the entire creation started from this day.

4) The marriage ceremony of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati was completed on this day.

5) The festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated with great pomp in India as well as in many other countries.

6) On this day, Lord Shiva carried the poison obtained from the churning of the ocean around his neck and saved the world from destruction.

7) On this day every temple of Lord Shiva is decorated lavishly and worship is done after anointing him with milk or water.

8) On this day the unmarried girls of India observe fasting and worship Shiva in order to get their desired husband.

9) It is believed that Lord Shiva is very pleased with Belpatra, Datura, Jujube fruit and Milk Abhishek.

10) According to Shiva Maha Purana, on this night Lord Bholenath appeared in the form of a big Jyotirlinga and Brahma and Vishnu worshiped him for the first time.

Mahashivratri par 10 Vakya – Set 2

1) Out of the 12 Shivaratris of the year, Mahashivratri is the darkest and most energetic night.

2) In the third period of Navratri, Lord Shiva appeared for the first time in the form of each and every beginningless light pillar.

3) Brahma laughing at the end of that pillar and Vishnu ji as a Varaha started looking for its beginning under the earth but he was unsuccessful.

4) Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Agni Jyotirlinga.

5) It is said that on this day 64 Jyotirlingas of Shiva appeared, out of which only 12 are visible.

6) Lord Shiva is called by many names like Bhole, Shankar, Mahadev, Mahakal, Nataraja, Neelkanth, Shashidhar, Gangadhar, Maharudra etc.

7) On this day, Bhole Baba is worshiped by keeping fast for the whole day and trying to please Shiva by doing night awakening.

8) The sage-like form of Lord Shiva and the love of snakes and scorpions teaches human beings to renunciation and love for living beings.

9) How unique is the form of Neelkanth, in the same way his worship is also unique, he becomes happy only with wild fruits like hemp, datura and vine leaves.

10) There is no need for any rituals and worship etc. to please Mahadev, he becomes happy only in a few offerings, that is why he is called Bhole Baba.


From the above sentences one gets knowledge of the importance of Mahashivratri festival and the glory and nature of Lord Shiva. Therefore, there is evidence of the superiority of Shiva in Hindu scriptures.

Friends, I hope that you must have liked Ten Lines on Mahashivratri and you must have understood it very well.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mahashivratri

Question 1- What is the main mantra to please Lord Shiva?

Answer: Om Namah Shivay

Question 2- In which temple Mahashivratri is celebrated in Nepal?

Answer- In Kathmandu’s Pashupatinath Temple


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