Roof lemon cultivation and disease prevention system

Lemon (citrus lemon) is a popular talk fruit. There is no lemonade to bring interest in the food. Salad without lemon! Mixing lemon with dal-rice gives a wonderful taste. It is possible to cook mashed curry with lemon, chutney, jelly, sorbet and lemon leaf. Lemon contains 5% vitamin C. Lemon is filled with 5% of the body’s vitamin C. On the roof of the house lemon can be cultivated.

The method of cultivation

১. Take a medium-sized tub or drum first. A color drum or tub of 25-22 inches will be taken. Because the lemon tree grows in size.

  1. Under the drum or tub, you need to make 3-5 holes so that the water does not freeze. If there is a hole in the bottom then it should be closed with a piece of stone.

৩. Choose the right variety of lemon. Some advanced quality varieties are Bau paper lemon-1, Bau paper lemon-2 (Stained cardamom), Bau paper lemon-1 (semi-seedless). You have to select the preferred varieties.



৪. The exact time of lemon cultivation is from ashwin to ashwin. The yield is good at this time. However, lemon can be cultivated at any time of year.

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৫. You can cultivate it with lemon seedlings, pens or cuttings. In the preparation of soil, select the fertilizer that contains a lot of nitrogen fertilizer. To prepare the soil, the following fertilizers are required:

TSP fertilizer is 2-3 grams

Potash fertilizer: 3-5 grams

Stone lime: 3-5 grams

Bone powder 20 grams or

Wood ash 1 kg

Cultivating lemon in the sandy loam soil improves yield. Use fertilizers that have high nitrogen content. Mix the above ingredients by mixing 1% cow dung in 2 to sand sandy ground. Then fill the drum or tub with water for 5-12 days.

৬. After 8-12 days, the soil should be dug and kept in the same way for 3-5 days.

৭. Whenever the soil is freezing, then healthy seedlings should be planted.

৮. The soil cannot be separated from the tree. At the base of the tree, the soil should be raised upright with the help of long sticks.

৯. When the soil is dry, a small amount of water should be given. However, the water should not be frozen. Damp environment cannot be allowed.

১০. Dead and extra branches should be cut off.

১১. After 3-5 months of planting the seedlings should be given boiling saline water every 20-20 days. Mustard mustard soak it for 5 days and apply water. 2

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Lemon suppresses insects and pathogens

Remove infected leaves and fruit flowers from fungi and insect repellent. Spray Agri-fos or Captan 3 times a day as a fungicide.



In Lemon Butterfly breath , Chlorpyriphos 20EC should use 2 milligrams per liter of water or 2 mg in one liter of water per Malathion 57EC or Diazinon 60EC.


To prevent die-back disease, Diethen-M-45 should be sprayed 2-3 times at a interval of 3-5 days by mixing 0.5%.


To suppress scabs, Bordomixer and fungicide (eg coppervit should be applied 2-5 times with 0.5% mix ).


To suppress canker, the juice of neem leaves should be mixed with 5 kg of water in 20 liters of water. Also Diethen-M-45 pesticide should be sprayed with 2 grams per liter of water.



To suppress anthracnose, rosin bordomixtures should be sprayed once in January and September at a rate of 5: 1: 3. The plant is disease free. And using a balanced amount of fertilizer is less likely to cause the disease. Spraying fungicides such as Diethen-M-45 with 1.5% in water.


Cultivation of lemon on the roof of the house can easily meet the demand of lemons throughout the year.


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