Error solution: ‘I can’t log into Free Fire’ Why won’t it let me in?

Free Fire is one of the most popular and used games of the moment, millions of people around the world are playing it and are distracted trying to go through the adventures and killing their opponents; However, after some updates, the platform or the application does not allow users to enter and it is not possible to log in, what is the reason for this failure?

As of 2017 Garena Free Fire was distributed throughout the world and little by little this video game was gaining followers since its way of playing is very easy, exciting and engaging, for these reasons in a short time it won the award as the best popular voting game distributed by the Google Play Store.

It should be noted that this application has never lowered the quality and has also broken user or player records, establishing an average of more than eighty million people daily enjoying this adventure. However with some updates, there are certain times when the game does not allow you to log in and you cannot enter to play.

Why won’t Free Fire let me in?

Like all online games Fuego Libre as it is called in Spanish, it also needs maintenance of its platform, in which the workers and developers of this game update weapons, existing better weapons each time within the game or simply correct certain errors presented during a battle .

In these cases when entering the application, it will show us a message indicating that the application is temporarily out of service for maintenance.

Login Authentication Failure

One of the most common errors that the cell phone shows us when we try to access our Free Fire account is the authentication failure , therefore when this warning appears it means that our cell phone is not receiving the internet correctly and there are several solutions for this case.

It is necessary to remember that being an online game, it consumes a lot of the internet, so it is very important to have good connectivity or sufficient mobile data so that the game runs without any problem.

To correct this failure, it is necessary to open settings on the phone or tablet, open the cellular data section and activate the option to Activate LTE to have 4G mobile data on since if they are not activated the application may be slower.

Another possible solution is to temporarily disable some applications that consume a lot of internet such as Facebook or the App Store , for this it is necessary to go to cellular data and deactivate the mentioned applications one by one.

Sometimes the problem can focus on the Wi-fi network, in these cases you can try to disconnect and reconnect to the network, for this open settings , click on networks and later forget the network to which the phone is connected.

Once this is done, reconnect to the Wi-Fi network and open Free Fire again, if the problem persists, the error may be the phone application and not the connectivity.

Finally, there are times when the application found on our phones is already very heavy and has a lot of accumulated data, consequently the cell phone must be constantly being cleaned and it is necessary to eliminate the stored cache.

In this process again go to settings, look for the application which in this case is Free Fire, press force stop and delete cache , this procedure will erase all the application data and therefore you will have to access your account again but without losing data as it is linked to your Facebook account.

Downloaded servers do not allow Free Fire to enter

Everything found on the internet is uploaded from large servers that can support the weight of the information, so as in the case of pages, games and even social networks sometimes the servers collapse due to the number of people who they are simultaneously accessing the game. In these cases you can only hope that the developers fix the problem so you can play again.


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