How to remove fingerprint

Every time you surf the internet on any page you access, a fingerprint or path is created that can be easily traced either by companies that are in charge of analyzing BIG DATA or by dangerous hackers who can steal our data. information for harmful purposes, so can the fingerprint be erased?

Delete a fingerprint

The big question in this situation is: Can you erase a fingerprint and the traces that we have left? And the simple answer is that it is very difficult to do it completely, much more if you have been accessing the internet for years and sharing your personal information, however it is possible to reduce these digital marks.

Knowing that you cannot disappear from the web just by pressing a button that says delete, you must begin to reduce the digital trace by erasing information little by little, it should be noted that this is a somewhat slow process and that it cannot be done overnight.

It is important to know that if you want to minimize your personal information that is on the web, you must leave social networks so you must be very sure of doing this process.

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter have the delete account button, therefore it is very easy to unsubscribe from these applications, in the same way this process must be done in virtual stores such as Amazon or EBay.

In this way; Emails must also be deleted , used or unused, as well as accounts that are linked to said emails, this process seems complicated because we may not remember where to register but this has a solution.

Digital Trace

All people have left a trace on the web that even they themselves do not know they have done, since thousands of blogs are created daily or log-in records are made on any page or social network.

These data provided are traceable by anyone with advanced computer skills or by the companies that are responsible for carrying out these actions, many times illegal for data analysis.

When accessing the internet, it is known that you cannot have complete privacy or anonymity since you always leave some trace or trace ; These are defined as any action left by individuals, whether natural or legal.

The disclosure of data by people can be explicit when sharing photos on different social networks, or reveal their date of birth , city of origin, telephone numbers and even bank accounts in the records of pages or emails.

However, we also implicitly share information , without knowing it when entering any page, where its creator can know data from our computer such as the browser we use, the IP address and even the operating system of our computer, as well as the last website visited. before entering that page.

Applications to erase the digital trail

There are times when we cannot eliminate certain data so it is necessary to send a letter to Google asking to eliminate some information.There are also applications that allow us to erase the traces that we have planted deep in the web, some more precise than others as well as there are private and free.

One of the most frequently used applications for this arduous process is: Delete me, which is a private application that currently costs approximately $ 11 per month.

Delete me specializes in eliminating us from the databases of American companies and even around the world, it is also in charge of deleting all the data that appears about us in Google.

On the other hand, within the free applications, desires are widely used, which are extremely effective in eliminating the records made with the mail in different spaces.

This application scans the mail and shows all the records on pages made with said mail and gives the option to delete the records or subscriptions.


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