How can I easily view my seller ratings on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook introduced its own marketplace store called Marketplace in 2017, and it has created some confidence in users to carry out their sales transactions. If you want to make a sale of a product, and you want to see how recommended you are by buyers, here we will let you know how to see the qualifications as a seller in Marketplace.

If you are a Marketplace seller but you do not have knowledge about how to view your ratings , you are in the indicated article, then we will show you how to easily view the level of recommendations that are reflected in your profile.

How can I easily view my seller ratings on Facebook Marketplace?

Enter the Marketplace and within the options select “Your account” , there you can view all your publications of the products you have offered (with the title, date, cost and location) whether they are already sold or are still available, too You have the option of being able to delete your publications in case you do not want to reflect them on your profile.

Now, to have access to the ratings made by users or buyers, locate the list of options and click on “ commercial profile ” and a label with your Facebook profile will automatically be reflected. There you will have the privacy option that you can configure if you need it, press “go to settings” to modify who can see your Marketplace sales.

Later, the results will be reflected in terms of your qualifications as a seller, appearing the very common but efficient five-star service system. Which are responsible for determining the level of sales that the same buyers have marked you.

It must be taken into account that the qualifications that are granted to a seller are public, influencing these on the evaluation percentage within the commercial profile of the same, this helps to have a security mechanism in the sales page . That is why offering a good product is important for the customer to get a good rating.

If you have obtained few or no sales qualifications despite being active with business through this means, then it means that your buyers have not made the respective evaluation and qualification about the quality of your products and services.

How can I get my ratings as a Facebook Marketplace seller?

To acquire the highest level of sales qualifications in your commercial profile, you must carry out a very simple process, which we will teach you below, remember that it will be very helpful to be a recommended marketplace.

Just go to a post that you have previously made and mark it as sold , then you must select who you sold the product to. The buyer will then receive a notification requesting that they rate the quality, service and selected product.

Another way to locate the seller’s rating is in the buyer’s Messenger chat , where it only appears if there was some kind of conversation with him, whether he asked about a price for a product or bought it.

Then, in this way, the option to “qualify the seller” is visualized , and that is where the buyer must select the quality of the purchase service. In case you want a money back , there is also an option. Then you can choose the reason why you rate the seller’s service that way.

What is the importance of conducting Marketplace Sales Ratings?

Although it is true Marketplace has become a recognized and used online commerce store by many users, characterized by its wide scope of diffusion , the seller may have customers from different places or regions.

From the seller’s point of view, it is convenient to highlight the importance of their profile, since it must generate the greatest and total reliability of sales, so that the buyer can accept and agree to carry out any type of transaction for a product.

So we say that it is of great importance to notify the client to perform the qualification after having had contact with the seller, since it would be giving him experience and prestige, and in turn, raising the level of reliability to attract more buyers.


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