How to calculate VAT total and subtotal in Excel

Today, getting basic knowledge of Excel is essential for everyday life. We can associate it with the career you are doing, since technology advances every day. Over time, all programs help us to solve problems more easily.

This tool is currently the most widely used spreadsheet in the world. It has a market share of approximately 90%. It does not matter the company in which you operate or the work that you are going to perform, be it as a Professor, Entrepreneur, Student, Engineer, Accountant, among others, regardless of any of that there is a high probability that you are going to use the Excel tool .

On the other hand, it is of total importance that we learn to use Excel online , as well as the other Microsoft Office programs and thus have greater opportunities in your future jobs . In the world where we live, all things must have an order and proper administration, therefore, this Excel tool is the most ideal to carry out all this.

Take into account that this process requires time and dedication, so do not be discouraged, at first it will cost you a lot, as everything begins, so by following the steps that we will give you, you will be able to achieve it.

In this way we will help you how to calculate the total and subtotal of VAT in Excel. This is very necessary due to the requirements of the law. Therefore, you must be at the forefront in the current administrative area because the mathematical calculations are always varying to the requirements of the law. For this reason it is imperative to handle a spreadsheet.

How to calculate VAT total and subtotal in Excel?

It is an easy and simple process to carry out. The first thing we have to do is create an Excel spreadsheet or electronic sheet in which we will enter the data of an invoice.

  1. The invoice and the products to be added must be displayed, which will generate the subtotal that includes cell C1 where the prices are.
  2. Apply the SUM function to find the SUBTOTAL of the products, once located in cell C6 we write = SUM (C2: C4) where the values ​​are, it will generate a result.
  3. To obtain the VAT calculation we will apply a formula in cell C7, the tax value will be 16%, we select the SUBTOTAL amount and multiply it by the tax as follows = + C6 * 16%.
  4. Once the VAT amount has been found, we proceed to generate the TOTAL result of our invoice, locating ourselves in cell C8 and applying the SUM function again as follows = + C6 + C7.

Recommendation: You can transform or customize the style of the spreadsheet for greater appreciation or visualization when practicing it.

What is Excel?

Excel is a Microsoft application known in many cases as a spreadsheet or electronic sheet, it is included in the Microsoft Office office suite . This means, if you know Word, PowerPoint or Access, it will be easy and simple to use Excel.

Similarly, a spreadsheet has many uses in different areas of the economic sector. Well, this program allows us to use various formulas to perform different mathematical operations and thus obtain more precise results. In addition, it has tools to graph data, which is very useful to appreciate results more easily.

On the other hand, this data can be used to be exported to other programs, such as databases and websites. You can even export the created table as an image in different formats.

In addition, this program is so versatile that it even has its own programming language with which you can even create web pages.

What is VAT?

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is the amount that is added to products or services that are sold, this means that it is an indirect tax on consumption . For instance:

When a food store buys a product for XXX amount, it must add the VAT value corresponding to your country. This VAT is included in the store invoice for the final consumer.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the importance of VAT , since it is about contributions. That is, payments that all citizens as taxpayers must make to the Nation or State so that it is returned in benefits to the society or community where we live.

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