Rowing Dry Weight Loss? Benefits, Calories and Tips

Dry rowing is an exercise device that simulates the movement of a stroke, hence the name, since the practitioner paddles even without being in a river. Also called indoor rowing , the equipment can be used by people who have the most diverse physical types and who are at different levels of athletic fitness, from beginners to professionals.

Does dry rowing lose weight? 

Yes. It can be said that dry oars get thinner. However, the most correct would be to say that the device contributes to weight loss. This is because one of the factors that lead to weight loss is the increase in caloric expenditure, something that is achieved with the practice of physical exercise.

Practitioners burn between 400 and 800 calories in a dry rowing class that lasts just under an hour. If we assume that the person does three sessions on the machine each week, his or her weekly caloric expenditure on exercise alone will be 1200 to 2400 calories. A number that will surely help to drive away unwanted excess pounds.

However, we cannot say that dry oars lose weight on their own. This is because even if the practitioner works out on the equipment every day, he will not be successful in his weight loss process unless he follows a balanced, controlled and healthy diet.

Imagine that one person took a class in dry rowing and was able to spend 600 calories. As she tired enough, she leaves the gym and decides to stop at the mall to eat. The problem is that she chooses a 498-calorie x-salad and a red-fruit smoothie that contains 144 calories.

After spending 600, she will have consumed 642 calories. That is, in addition to recovering the calories that have been spent, it will have extrapolated the caloric amount eliminated.

Therefore, those who want to lose weight, in addition to practicing exercises such as dry rowing training, need to make sure that they fit their diet to their weight loss goals. In this sense, the help of a nutritionist to set up a menu and select an appropriate food program helps a lot.

Other Benefits of Dry Rowing 

Dry rowing slows down and also brings other benefits to our health and fitness, including:

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  • It is for young and old: in addition to being practiced by people of various physical types and athletic levels, dry rowing is still democratic in relation to age;
  • Aerobic + Bodybuilding: While aerobic exercise, the machine still works with various muscles in the body such as the glutes, quadriceps, thighs, latissimus dorsum, core, shoulders, the triceps, the back and the biceps.
  • Benefits of Aerobic Training: Because it is an aerobic workout, dry rowing brings improvements to the heart, lungs and circulatory system. To achieve and maintain aerobic state, it is recommended to set the machine tension to a low level, which allows you to maintain a high speed while creating low resistance;
  • Bodybuilding Benefits: When working the muscles, dry rowing also helps with toning and building muscle. To increase the rate of muscle building, the equipment must be adjusted to create more rigorous resistance.
  • Low impact: Because it is an exercise that has little impact on the body, the chances of injuries occurring in training on the dry rowing machine are lower;
  • Easy to learn:You can learn basic equipment techniques in 10 minutes or even less;
  • Motivation: Because the device brings information such as your total training time, calories burned, distance and pace, the practitioner gets a motivational factor. This is because by checking the machine how well you are doing and finding that you are doing well, that you have burned a lot of calories or are at a good pace, you may be encouraged to further improve your performance and evolve with each workout;
  • Stress Relief: How Not To Be Stressed With So Many Obligations, Commitments, And Rush That Today Demand? One way to alleviate the problem is to practice activities such as dry rowing training. This is because exercise activates the pleasure region in the brain. In addition, an aerobic workout (which can be performed on dry rowing) increases the release of endorphin hormone in the body, which acts to reduce stress.


As dry rowing may be practiced by many types of people as we have seen above, it is important to take some care. Before you start working out on the machine, check with your doctor if you are really fit to exercise, what your fitness level is, and how hard you should start training on the machine.It is also important to have the help and support of a physical education professional who can guide you on the correct movement techniques and help if any problems occur.

If you choose to work out yourself with the help of internet videos, be careful to pay close attention to the explanations of the videos and watch over and over again until you are sure how the movements should be made.Also, when feeling an injury or getting hurt, do not take long to seek medical attention. For example, a feeling of shoulder pain may indicate that you are exercising incorrectly or have injured yourself.


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