DOOM Eternal Walkthrough

How to complete all missions and all bosses in DOOM Eternal – detailed guide and tips

Before you start playing DOOM Eternal , we recommend that you read our review .

Hell on earth

After the introductory cinematic, kill some common zombies.

These opponents have practical uses. Later, when you can saw through enemies using the Executioner’s chainsaw, many useful items will drop out of them. And it will be possible to saw just ordinary zombies, soldiers and other simple opponents. Large targets, even prowling ones, cannot be sawed.

Learn the brutal kill mechanics. After you’ve dealt enough damage to an enemy, it will be temporarily stunned. This is easy to understand: the enemy will begin to glow. As a result of a brutal murder, you are guaranteed to receive several health cells.

Go a little further and get a saw.

The saw is a great source for ammo. You will soon realize that there is a limited number of rounds available for each weapon. In this way, Doom Eternal forces you to try out all the weapons, because fighting with the same simply will not work. Chainsaw fuel is restored automatically, but you can find canisters at locations. If you take one, you can use the chainsaw immediately, without waiting for a cooldown.

Go to the far corner of the room to get around the large cube. The closest side will be highlighted in green. This means that such an object can be hit. Hit the cube and climb higher with it. At the top, activate the first mod bot.

Mod Bots are special items that allow you to unlock mods for weapons. Almost every weapon has 2 modifications. If you find all mod bots in the game, you are guaranteed to unlock mods for all weapons.

See the green crack in the door? Such doors can be broken. The same goes for cracks not highlighted in green. Secrets are usually hidden behind the latter. New enemies will appear in the next room – soldiers and imps . The former shoot their weapons, while the latter throw fireballs or fight in close combat. And those, and others can be cut with a chainsaw. To restore health, collect blue flasks, first aid kits, use brutal murders or a chainsaw. Go through the door and watch the cut-scene.

Be sure to remember what the game suggests. She gives the best options for eliminating each of the new opponents.

You will find yourself outside. From this moment on, cacodemons will start to come across The easiest way to destroy them is to use the sticky bomb of a regular shotgun. Throw it into the mouth of the cacodemon. After the explosion, he will be stunned, and you can commit a brutal murder. Walk through the building by activating the second mod bot. Use the F key to switch between modifications of the same weapon.

Go downstairs and clear the area. Climb the ledge on the right, jump forward to the yellow pipe to push off with it and get to the other side. A new enemy will appear in the next place – the arachnotron . To make it easier to fight against this enemy, use a sticky bomb. Throw it at the weapon located on top. After the explosion, the arachnotron simply cannot fire a machine gun, but will launch slower energy spheres. It’s much easier to dodge them! Climb to the opened gates and take away the heavy cannon . Use the weapon wheel (Q key) to switch between weapons. Climb over the wall on the left to find an auto map… By interacting with such a map (it is on every level), you will receive a complete map of the location, and then various markers will begin to appear on it.

A protracted battle awaits you below. The gate on the left is closed. You need a key card to access the metro. After winning the battle, go to the building on the right. Break the green wall, go up and climb the wall. To get the Executioner hooked on the wall, you need to press E. At the same time, you do not need to hold this key. Take the yellow key card and go down to the metro, which was previously closed.

After going down the subway and killing the enemies, take the modification from the mod bot, and then enter the train. Inside you will find a frag grenade . To throw a grenade, you need to press the CTRL key. You don’t need to pick up grenades anywhere! They are restored automatically! Jump over the chasm using the yellow pipe and clear the building. At the end of the battle, an arachnotron will appear, which will knock out the door and create a path for you further.

Exit the building and go through the other door on the left. Follow further, climbing the wall and jumping up. Go through the tunnel and technical corridors, and then clear the parking lot from enemies. to climb higher, cling to the wall above the pit. Clear out the mall. Kill the enemies outside, go under the bridge and enter the bloody portal. Go to the central hall, where you will receive a message that from this moment fast movement through the level is available. This will happen each time towards the end of the assignment. So you can return to where you have already visited to collect the secrets left behind. Use the elevator and watch the video meeting with Kang the Creator.


Before starting almost every mission, you will find yourself in the Stronghold of the Guardians . This space fortress is the home of the Doom Slayer. And in some cases, certain plot actions will await you. Now you need to go over the marker and take the “Flame Belcher”. Now, by pressing R, you can set fire to your enemies.

Jump forward along the walls that you can grab onto. Jump forward with the yellow pipe and smash the wall. Go right and clear the location from opponents. Gargoyles will appear among them. These opponents can be sawed with a chainsaw and are generally comparable to the rest of the simplest monsters. Go inside and pick up a new ability – bloody blow. By killing enemies, you gradually charge a bloody blow (icon at the bottom left). If the bloody strike is charged, then the next time you hit an enemy in melee (E), a strong shockwave will be created. Unlock any of the nine runes. In this case, only three can be active. If you collect all the runes, you can unlock each one.

Walk forward past the electrical discharges, climb up, grabbing the yellow pipe. Jump down, use the yellow pipes to grab the blue sphere. She temporarily empowers the Executioner. Go through the destroyed bridge and clear the room from demons. This will be your first normal skirmish (red markers on the map). For each skirmish on the level, you will receive gunsmith points. These points are spent on upgrading weapon modifications. If you take part in all the battles of the level, you can earn the maximum number of points – 10.

Go outside and go left. Jump onto the wall, pushing off the yellow pipe, enter the building and run around the room from the rotating blades. Push the cube by hitting its green side. Climb up and break three remotes. To get to them, jump onto the rotating blades. Then interact with the yellow marker to get a new ability – dash (left Shift).

Go outside and jump along the walls to the green dog. Go through the door and listen to King Novik. Return from the throne room to the room where you have already fought. Now electrified water is spilled here. Kill the enemy and take the Guardians battery. Taking it, go to the portal ahead.

Here you will find a new weapon – a plasma cannon . She shoots energy charges, which is very important when the enemy is using energy shields. A little further a new enemy will appear – a revenant. To weaken him, use the precision arrow for the heavy cannon and through the scope destroy both weapons on the revenant’s shoulders. You can also throw a sticky bomb at them.

The marker points to a wall with a yellow crack. You cannot smash it with your fists. Tyrant’s weapon must be activated. Go to the caves opposite. You cannot jump and run while in purple liquid. Please keep this in mind later. There is an auto map a little further. Get to the reactor, go back and insert it into the Titan’s hand to break through the wall.

Get to the gate, kill the enemies and activate the pentagram. You will need to find 5 green dots in turn and stand on them. One of the points will be below. To get out of there, jump on the walls. The next area will have another protracted battle. There will be another wall with a yellow crack.

Go right, climb up the slope until you see a booster. Such boosters, if picked up in the sky, will drop the use of the dash. That is, you can make not 2, but 4 jerks at once. Use it to fly to the wall. Get to the reactor for the Titan. Run up the steps to reach the Titan. Jump on the huge spear, go to the marker and activate the weapon.

Weapon Weapon mods
Combat Shotgun Sticky Bombs, Auto Fire
Heavy cannon Precision Bolt, Micro Missiles
Plasma rifle Heat Burst, Microwave Beam
Rocket launcher Remote detonation, Homing
Super shotgun Power increase
Ballista Crossbow, Blade of the Destroyer
Chaingan Mobile Turret, Energy Shield
BFG 9000

Head inside, clear the next area and move on. Continue to the third Titan. Find the handrail on the side. From the large cube, jump onto it and into the corridor with the green fire. There you will find a reactor. Go higher, jump onto the Titan’s shoulder and insert the reactor into the socket. From here, jump towards the booster and the resulting passage. A little further you will find yourself in a section with falling platforms. Jump along the platforms, climb up with the help of the springboard and cling to the wall.

Enter the cave (on the right there will be the Executioner’s Gate) and kill the enemies. Climb to the high ledge, and from there fly to the ledge even higher using the booster. Follow deep into the cave, clinging to the walls. Jump down the platforms and chat with the Traitor. After that, there will be a long segment with falling platforms. Jump up them, hook up a booster and a couple of poles to find yourself on a safe island. Kill all the enemies, after which you can complete the passage of the level.

Cultist base

Follow the marker on the Stronghold and insert the Guardian battery into an empty slot. Now, by collecting such batteries, you can unlock secret rooms in the Stronghold. Various collectibles are hidden in them. There are also secrets, which we describe in detail in a separate guide. Follow the new marker and take the cryogrenade. You can switch between grenades using the G key. Go down to the demon prison and kill a group of monsters. Think of this place as a training ground.


  • Craving for crystals. Just check out our guides to all the secrets of the game.
  • Armor rain. Pick up the moment when there will be several ordinary zombies in front of you (we will indicate it in the walkthrough), and then use the “Belcher” on them (key R).
  • Sentry Lord. Use any weapon, including sticky bombs, to detonate the weapon on the arachnotron. It’s simple.

For completing each challenge (there will be 3 of them in each subsequent task) you will receive Praetorian Points. And if you complete all three tasks, then you will be given a Guardian battery.

Jump onto the wall and right. After killing enemies, jump onto the springboard from below, behind the floating mountain. Move to the wall, from there – to the other, avoiding red traps. Break the crack wall at the top. After breaking it, you will find yourself on the location. There will be a whole group of common zombies. Use them to complete the second Belcher challenge.

Go along the yellow bridge, kill the enemies and examine the closed passage. Cultist Key Required. Go to the side of the remote control and activate it. listen to Deag Ranak. Kill all opponents and stand on the platform with green rings. You will be introduced to a new enemy – the Mancubus . To weaken this enemy, shoot weapons in both hands. After killing everyone, go to the balcony through the opened door, shoot at the green target on the left and quickly fly into the opening. Hook on the wall, go upstairs and clear the location.

Climb a little higher, use the yellow crossbar to jump onto the moving box and pick up the cultist’s key, which is indicated by the marker. The front door will open. You will learn that the Plasma Cannon can destroy Energy Shields with ease. You will find yourself in the courtyard with a “red sword”. But now the skirmish won’t start. Go to the edge of the cliff where there is a broken stone arch with a skull. Jump onto the wall that you can climb. Jump onto the platform with the armor, fly down to the springboard and shoot at the green target in flight to get into the corridor where you need to destroy the grate with the green crack. You will discover a new weapon – a rocket launcher .

Clear a huge location from all monsters. There is a button in the niche at the bottom that you can hit. Do this so that the crossbar appears. Use it to jump forward, turn around and use the same crossbar to fly up the wall with electric traps. Climb up, activate the runes and follow above. From here you can jump down to the marker and activate the remote with the skull.

Defeat new opponents and stand on the platform with green rings. Hit the cube from the side of the green symbol and go upstairs. Break two locks to lower the bridge. Outside, another protracted battle awaits you. Defeat all enemies, enter the building and stand on the platform to drive forward. By the way, you will find yourself in another place with zombies worshiping a priest. You can use them for the second test. Take the story item and follow the marker.

Destroy the lock and activate the remote. See the Doom Slayer Super Shotgun. The floor will be gone. Jump down. Kill all opponents. Cue ball – demonoid stuffed with explosives will appear here. Shoot them so that they fly off and explode near other demons. After the victory, you will climb back. Go to the only open passage and find the auto map on the left. Move along the corridor with red goo. You will need to cling to the walls and also use the booster on a long straight. Activate the remote with the skull.

In the next room to the right there will be walls moving up and down. They have holes and niches. Go through the hole on the left wall. Don’t get out of it. Let the wall bring you down. You will find a hidden corridor. It will lead you to a marker with a button. Hit the button to make the yellow bar appear. Jump from it in front, along the way, shoot at the green target to remove the fence. There will be a wall behind the fence that you need to catch on to. Jump from the wall into the niche that rises upward. She still has armor in it.

Follow the marker and follow through another corridor with red liquid. Hang onto walls and rungs. Take the elevator down and activate the device that will allow you to control the revenant. Kill all opponents and take the Executioner’s Super Shotgun. Bring it to the main character. Go down even lower on another elevator and go into the room with several containers. Each has a lock. Smash these castles by killing enemies. you need to open all containers. Get to the next elevator, go upstairs and find yourself in the hall with the sarcophagus. Find an open passage to the side, jump down and fly to the wall. Grabbing onto it, follow the left to get to the remote control behind the bars. Activate it, use the trampoline and find yourself on top of the sarcophagus suspended from the ceiling.

Jump to the side, shoot at the green target from below and fly to the walls with hooks. Climb the walls to the very top, move between crushers with spikes, after shooting at the green target. Walk along the left wall and break the wall with a green crack. Stand on the structure in the center and from here shoot at the green target. You will go upstairs. Clear the location from the enemies, go downstairs and shoot again at the green target to raise the same tower. Quickly hit the green button on the side to turn on the light. He must go through the raised tower. Only in this case the way will open further!

In the hallway, go right through the door for the cultist’s key. When you kill everyone, stand on the platform with green rings. The way will open further. There is a tall statue on the right. There is a crack behind it that you cannot smash with your fist. There are two hook walls behind the statue. And between them is a yellow crossbar. With her help, jump onto the left wall, go upstairs and jump onto the wall on the right, which leads even higher. At the top, you can go to the opposite side, jump down and push the cube, hitting its green side. Jump onto the springboard that appears and in flight hit the green symbol on the statue. She will fall, breaking through the wall further. You will return to a familiar place. Stand on the platform in the center to travel to the Dome of Terror where the priest is hiding.

Falling down, clear the location from enemies. It will be a long and dangerous battle. Remember to use your chainsaw. Then you will need to ride a couple of platforms to get to the Dome of Terror. Here the task will end.

Doom Hunter Aviaries


  • Musical pause. Just find the album. Read our Doom Eternal Secrets Guide.
  • Information leak. Activate the auto map. In the passage below, we indicated its location.
  • Get down! Throw a grenade where there are three normal zombies. Note that this is a frag grenade. Cryogrenade is not suitable.

Clear the platform of enemies, and then stop it. finish off enemies inside the building. Jump onto the platform with red lasers working on it. On its back there is a wall that you can climb. From it, jump to another wall, climb up and you can go further.

Clear the next room where the usual skirmish awaits you. New enemies will appear here – kicks. These opponents have powerful armor and are trying to ram you. Jump over, turn around and quickly attack the kick’s tail. Preferably from a regular or super shotgun.

Enter the green mist in the room above to see the priest. Go to the room ahead. You will see a hologram of the future boss, who will later appear as a simple enemy. There is a cartographic post behind it. Activate it to complete the test in addition to everything else.

Jump over the two sarcophagi soaring in the sky. Please note that after a few seconds they will fall. Climb up the wall and kill several cacodemons. At the top, jump on two more sarcophagi and climb higher along the next wall. Another one will appear and you can climb inside. Kill opponents in the long corridor along which a bowl of lava is moving. Go to the opposite end, jump onto the moving platform with lava and move to the other side.

There will be spiked crushers behind the door. Shoot the green target to create a hook wall. Take the moment and jump onto the wall, avoiding falling under the crushers. Do the same to fly to the other side, further down the corridor. Walk along the corridor, kill enemies, jump past the laser beams to the sarcophagus, from it to another, and from there to the platform where demons are fighting. Kill them and activate the remote with the skull.

There is an exit on the side. Follow there, jump onto the ring and climb up the wall. Climb the wall to the left and jump into the open opening. The floor is electrified here. The path along the corridor leads to the second console with the skull. Activate it and jump to the new wall. From it you can jump towards the marker.

Go outside, jump along the yellow pipe to the sarcophagus, and from it – to the left. The way inside is closed, you need a red key card. Jump to the right with the wall and the booster. Find the hole inside, kill the zombies and go along the corridor to the grate with the red key card. When you pick it up, the key card is gone. Fly back and use the door.

Climb up the steps. It is useless to go to the right, since there will be a closed door. Walk left and clear the area during a normal skirmish. Go to the hall where the boss creation procedure will continue. Follow further through the door, jump forward and climb inside the building through the ventilation (breaking the grate in flight). There is extra life in a spinning rotor room. In the same place where you got into it, just above there is another ventilation. Climb through it and fly over the sarcophagi and yellow pipe to the next building.

Look from above in the opposite direction. See the green target? Shoot her and jump onto the protruding bridge. You will see the process of creating a monster again. Go back, the door is now open. The path forward leads to the boss.

How to defeat the Doom Hunter

The battle will consist of two stages. On the first, you fight one Doom Hunter, and on the second, two at once. see a blue field around the boss? This is energy armor. You must destroy her. You can use any weapon, but it is much more effective – a plasma rifle (key “3”). It will destroy the energy shield faster. After that, you can freely attack the boss. If you wish, shoot at the platform on which he is flying. By destroying this platform, you, firstly, deprive the enemy of mobility, and secondly, exclude the reappearance of the energy shield. Do the same in battle against two Doom Hunters. Then the task will end.

Bloody supernest


  • Connoisseur of weapons. We need to find a mod bot. We list its location in the separate Doom Eternal Secrets Guide.
  • Bloody mystery. Both secret skirmishes need to be discovered. Again, read the secrets guide.
  • Combat kicks. You need to attack the kicks until he starts to glow, and then perform a brutal murder. To make these kills different, each time you approach the kick in a different way – from behind, in front, in a jump, and so on.

Before starting this task, go to the indicated place in the Stronghold of the Guardians and pick up a new weapon – a ballista . Go through the cars, and then use one of them to climb higher. After killing enemies, make your way through the wall to the city streets. Pick up an extra life ahead, clear the street from opponents. The battle will be long and some of the enemies will appear from below. When the battle is over, kicks will burst out of the door. Kill him and follow through this door.

There will be a pit here, and on the right there will be walls along which you can climb up. Do so, go through the floor and kill all the enemies in the back room. There will be an obstacle below that requires a yellow key. To the right of it there are fangs behind which the same key is visible. Climb back up, pick up the moment when the column goes down, and then jump onto the crossbars to fly higher where the marker points.

Ahead of you is a battle with enemies who are under the influence of the totem of cruelty. All of them are highlighted in red, act more aggressively, do more damage. Until you destroy the totem, demons will not stop appearing. Start killing enemies and wait for 4 green portals to appear. One of them will lead you to the totem of cruelty. Interact with it to destroy the object. Then the portal in the center is activated. Enter it and take the yellow bloody key . Get out of here and use the key to unlock the opening on the right.

Go outside. Another long battle awaits you here. You will create a shortcut to the beginning of the level. There are also several blue key openings here. You don’t have it now. Do you see the purple glow in the new location? Approach there and you will see a place for three keys – yellow, blue and red. Insert the yellow key. There are two more to find. Go down below where the passages have now opened. Use the pole to pick up an extra life.

Below you will find the heart of the nest. Kill the enemies, walk past the machine gun camera and jump forward for the white suit. It protects against radiation. Match icons “radiation” to restore protection. Walk forward until you see a rotating column with poles. Don’t come down! Instead, take the moment to fly higher with the pole and smash the wall with the green crack.

Jump down to the new corridor with green liquid. In a high room, jump upstairs, go up the walls and find a red bloody key . Go back and open the nearest door using the red key. Take the machine gun along the way. Interact with the panel near the heart, go to the room on the left and activate the first generator (of the two). We need to find access to the second generator. Exit the control room and go left.

In the next room, kill the enemies, go around the closed teleport and click on the panel with the skull. Enter the teleport. You will face red enemies. To weaken them, go forward and to the left, find a pit with extra life and jump behind it. At the very last moment, accelerate onto a safe ledge and climb up the ramp. You will find yourself on a location with a totem of cruelty. Destroy it and finish off the remaining enemies. Jump onto the pole of the rotating contraption and fly to the wall you can grab onto. Push the cube and get inside the building

Turn around and jump to the hill under which the cube was. Jump further, dodging the fire, until you find yourself inside the building. Break the wall, kill the enemies and activate the skull panel in the poison niche on the first level. The way will open further. Jump along the corridor with poison, grabbing the walls. You don’t need to fall down. This will take you to the opposite end.

Walk to the right of the opening that requires the blue key. Break the wall and take the BLUE BLOODY KEY . Open that very opening. You will be returned to the location where you need to apply all three keys. Kill the enemies, use the keys and go to the new opening to get to the second generator. When you launch it, all that remains is to flee.

Committee complex


  • Runic collection. You need to find two runes. Read more in the Doom Eternal Secrets Guides.
  • External combustion. Use plasma weapons (“3”) to attack demons with shields. You need to kill six enemies this way.
  • Elimination of missiles. Use the Precise Arrow of a Heavy Cannon or Sticky Bomb to destroy the 4 Cannons on the Revenants’ shoulders.

Break the pipes and jump into the mine. You will find yourself in the elevator. After falling down, clear the entire floor from demons. Go down below and deal with the remaining demons. Move along the marker, jump into the hole. When you kill the demons, you can go down even lower. Eventually, you will find yourself on the street with a purple liquid. Avoid these puddles that can hold you in motion. Kill all opponents, then interact with the remote control. The path to the Complex is blocked. You need to activate two huge turrets to clear the way.

Kicks will erupt from the building on the left. After killing him, go inside. Climb higher, deal with the demons. A new enemy will appear here – the Cybermancube. Unlike a regular Mancubus, it has heavy armor. However, she is shattered with one use of a bloody blow. Also, the enemy uses acid. There will be ruins in the center of the hall. Climb onto them and jump onto the ledge on the right. demons will break the window, and there will be a pipe behind it. Do not rush to use it, but go up the stairs to the left to find a cartographic post.

Go back a little lower and jump into another building using the yellow pipe. After killing enemies, move up and move to another building. You don’t need a booster. From this house, jump into the next one, several floors down. Clear this area and jump higher along the other yellow pipes. Hook on the wall and fly onto the intermediate roof of the building. There is a cube in the corner. Get over to it and hit the green side to budge. Jump into a building nearby, break the wall and take an extra life. From here, jump onto the opposite wall, slightly to the right, through the yellow pipe. Then jump to the other wall, and from it – into the building on the left.

Jump under the plane where there is a wall you can hook on. Kill the enemies in the large building, go up to the third floor and exit through the hole in the wall. Jump over to the adjacent building. The room on the right has extra life. Go down through the hole in the floor, call the elevator, and then fall even lower. Clear a huge hall from enemies. there is a teleporter in the kitchen that takes you to another part of the room. Then go outside and kill the enemies on the roof. Jump from the roof into the teleporter to be at the first turret. Look for a hole in the floor and jump inside. activate the first turret.

Clear the corridor, use the elevator and clear two corridors – the upper and the lower. Go to the hall, where a plot skirmish awaits you. After winning, look for a hole in the floor and jump down. You will find yourself in a tunnel with a purple liquid. Walk forward, push the green-sided cube at the beginning of the spacious room. With its help, jump onto the yellow crossbar and fly away to the right. Use the booster to get to the platform with the Guardian battery. And from there follow into a new tunnel. Get to the elevator and go up.

Go through the corridor with electricity through the unlocked door to the ring-shaped room on the map. There will be a lift leading up to the second turret. Take advantage of it. Get to the place of a new storyline skirmish. Kill the enemies in the parking lot, go downstairs and open the shutters to get out into a familiar place. Move along the marker, kill enemies, and watch the video.

How to defeat the Marauder

At the end you will face a battle against the Marauder . This enemy, as in the case of the Doom Hunter, will subsequently appear as a normal enemy. There are two options. The first is, as the game advises, to wait and attack the enemy when his eyes are green. It will be a protracted battle. The second option is to use a rocket launcher, namely a modification that allows you to launch four homing missiles. This way you can break his shield. Several hits like this and the Marauder is killed. And to have enough ammunition, cut the usual demons that appear on the location.

Core of Mars


  • Big Ba-da-boom. When you get the BFG, kill 40 demons with it. Just remember that green markers on the map represent the location of the shells for the BFG.
  • Disarmament. You need to shoot from any weapon at the guns on the hands of the Mancubus. Destroy 3 guns like this. It’s enough.
  • Key and lock. We need to find the key to the Executioner’s Gate. We tell you more about all the keys in the “Unraveler” secret weapon guide.

Watch the video with Dr. Samuel. Learn about the BFG 10K gun. Make your way through the corridors of the complex, jump into the ventilation and knock out the grate. Get to the teleport and move to a new location. A new enemy will appear here. This powerful demon attacks exclusively in melee, so you should use the most powerful weapon against him and try to stay as far as possible. Go outside and clear the location from enemies. This is the first story skirmish. You will need to go forward and go up a little higher, turning to the left. The Doom Hunter familiar to you will also appear here. Go down through the hole VEGA is talking about, jump into the small hole and break the fuse box. Go through the hole ahead, kill the demons and activate the map post.

In the same room, there are descending and ascending capsules. Jump into the far right when it drops. Jump from it to the roof of the neighboring one, then to the roof of the first one and go along the marker through the ventilation. This will get you to the cannon. Watch the video with a shot of Mars. From now on, a new weapon is available to you – the BFG-9000 . Go ahead, kill enemies using the BFG. Fortunately, you will immediately pick up new ammunition for your weapon. Enter the capsule.

Jump over the ruins in the air to the ruins of a large building. You can go right and pick up an extra life. Go forward along the corridor and outside you will find out that there is a totem of cruelty nearby. Jump down and clear a large location from demons, thereby completing the plot skirmish. Look for the totem itself in the passage to the left, not far from the springboard in the corner. After defeating all, jump down. Move to the end of the corridor and take the elevator up. Activate the remote, go to the cannon and activate the second remote to move to another location.

Climb up to the Praetorian token and jump towards the springboard. Follow the markers outside the complex, jumping on separate islands. You can shoot huge red cisterns so that they hit cacodemons and other enemies with an explosion. Continue driving to the place with a new storyline skirmish. Defeat all enemies, go through the complex and jump down the new islands.

Get to the trampoline that will take you to the building. Jump to the right of the entrance to another part of the building. Clear the location, find the hole leading to the next level. Find the remote control near the capsule in the last room and interact with it. After moving to a new location, go forward and clear the location.

Stronghold of the Guardians – How to Defeat Gladiator

In this task you will have to destroy Deag Grave. Follow the only route until you reach the boss – Gladiator. Watch the eyes on the Gladiator’s shield. When they begin to glow green, then he will push back the shield and try to hit you. Jump to the left and at the same time shoot at the enemy. Trying to break through the shield is useless. In addition, in addition to the glow of the eyes, this moment will be accompanied by a specific sound. Use ordinary zombies to cut them up and get ammo, health and armor.

During the second phase of the battle, the Gladiator will lose his shield. Now he will act more aggressively, using two weapons at once in both hands. If you see a rotating weapon, then do not rush to shoot at the enemy. Otherwise, it will reflect all the projectiles fired back at you. Just move around the boss using dashes. You will avoid half of his attacks. When he creates two barriers to the side of you and begins to wobble the chains, watch the energy beams. Choose the moment so as to either pass under the beam, or jump over if this is the lower level of the wave.

Taras Nabad


  • Anesthesia. There are three different ways to destroy the Pain Elementals. These are brutal murders. Attack them from the front, from behind and from the side (while jumping, for example). Pain Elementals are enlarged versions of cacodemon.
  • Composure. Just switch from a frag grenade to a cryogrenade (G) and remember to use it throughout the level.
  • Walking Wikipedia. The location of all pages is described in a separate guide to the secrets of Doom Eternal.

After the previous mission, demons will attack the Stronghold. Kill everyone and restore power. Go to the Crucible. Walk forward, clear the bridge and quickly hit the two green levers on the left and right to open the door. Climb over the chasm, go down through the hole and exit into the large courtyard with the statue. This is where the first story skirmish begins. The battle will be long. Be sure to destroy the demon that strengthens the rest of the enemies. There will be a location map on the side. Climb up to the large statue and hit it from behind to push it back and see the green button. Click on it. The pool will open in the center of the courtyard.

Dive under the water, swim down and break the wall with a green crack. The water level will drop. Climb into the radiation-shielded tunnel, turn around and shoot the green valve in the tunnel opposite. Swim down and find that the grating covering the tunnel is now open. Swim there, get out of the water and clear the corridor. Climb the stairs on the left to the door and enter the building.

Exit through the passage to the right and clear the location, completing the storyline skirmish. To get further, to the left and right, find two green buttons. You must quickly hit them for the hatch below to open. Go down to the tunnels. Get to the room with water. Take the isolation suit and swim to the bottom. Break the wall with a green crack to lower the water level. Swim into the adjacent corridor, get out to the surface and shoot at the green valve. Having done this, swim through the opened grate and break the second wall with a green crack. The water will drop even lower. Push the cube, jump from it onto the wall for the hook opposite, turn around and shoot at the green valve above the grate. The latter should rise.

Move on and fight the monsters in the second skirmish. A fire demon will reappear here, strengthening the rest. Kill him first. Climb outside and pull the blade hilt out of the Titan’s chest. Climb a little higher and defeat all the demons in a storyline skirmish. Go up through the hole, turn around and jump to the other side. Jump to a separate ledge on the right, kill the enemies, and then fly towards the booster and smash the wall with a green crack. Take the elevator up and go forward.

Go through the door and head left of the statue. Shoot the green button on the grate. There will be a huge door here. Walk past her and click on the green button to open the door. Run back to the grate with the green button. Shoot her, walk forward and left. You will find the first button. Hit it, shoot at the grate and return to the room to the left of the massive door, where you need to hit the second green button. The door will open.

Take the elevator to go up. You will find yourself in a hall with a suspended core. Jump down and enter the green niche where you need to activate the panel with the skull. You activate the springboard. Jump up and hit the chain to make the cannonball fall down and blow a hole. Go down and go even lower on the lift. You will find an insulating suit here. Jump down and float to the box in the water. Shoot the green button and jump onto the ledge above. Clear the room from enemies, find water and dive to the bottom. There will be a floor with a green crack. Break it down. Shoot the green button above the large grate. Go through, climb onto the cube and shoot the green button in the wall to the left. Follow the marker, jump down and clear the location from enemies using the Crucible. Match “red icons” to restore the charges of the sword.



  1. Death by the blade. Kill two demons with the Crucible. Anyone. Easy task.
  2. Tricks and traps. Kill 8 demons using the millstones. Below we indicate the location of these traps.
  3. Fatal Hunt. Get a brutal backhand kill of the Doom Hunter. When you stun him, approach the left and use a brutal kill. You can activate the rune, which significantly extends the time of stunning opponents.

Kill opponents and go to the closed gates. Go right and go up the ledges. From here, jump onto the pole in the form of a claw and fly into the passage to the right. Go to the courtyard and kill all opponents in the first storyline skirmish. Stand on the platform with green rings to open the way further. Jump into the pit, activate the remote with the skull and kill the enemies. shoot the green button on the wall to raise the grate, go under it and hit the cube with the green button. He will only move out of the room for a while. Quickly run out of here by shooting the green button through the slot in the grate, and using the cube, jump onto the wall. If you do not have time, then shoot the green button in advance, and then hit the cube. Jump into the cage.

After reaching the huge creature, shoot at the eyes that appear from the columns. In total, you need to destroy 4 eyes. Then stab the monster in the back. Finish off the remaining opponents. Climb up the trampoline. There will be a green button on the left. Hit it to raise and lower the spiked ceiling. You need to kill several opponents this way to complete the test. And a little further there will be another similar trap.

Cross over to the other side and kill enemies in one more place. There are millstones here! This is your last chance to complete the challenge. To advance further, climb the cells that rise up. Move under the millstones to the next hall. There will be a totem of cruelty. Climb onto the ledge in the far corner, turn around and fly to the ledge with the totem of cruelty. Destroy it to make the battle easier.

Further there will be a blocked path (rods). Using the cages on the left, jump onto the wall and left to find the first remote control with the skull. From here, jump to the opposite side, go under the millstones and activate the second remote control. Go further along the marker and clear the location from monsters. Jump into the hole.

Nekravol (Part II)


  1. Bloody power. Using a bloody blow, you need to kill several enemies at once 5 times. That is, two or more.
  2. From heaven to earth. Stun the Tyrant and kill him brutally by sneaking up behind.
  3. The second death. You need to finish off the archvil (which empowers enemies) with a brutal backhand.

Clear the enemies in front of the fortress, then jump onto the wall to the right. Take a moment so as not to get under fire, and jump over to another wall. Use the booster to get to the building. Kill all opponents inside. Clear the hall with monsters and go into the passage in the far left corner. Jump down and kill opponents.

After killing everyone, including the marauder, jump from the central platform to the marker, grabbing the wall. Climb up the rotating rings of fire. Upstairs, activate the map post and take the elevator up. Follow even higher along the walls and using a springboard.

Having reached the huge mechanism, jump on it and go upstairs. Break through the wall, clear the area and climb a little higher using the springboard. Jump on top to the wall. Break it up and climb higher using the crossbars and metal walls for holds. Take a moment and jump even higher. Shoot two eyes to open the passage further. At the end of the location, destroy a huge number of enemies. Here will be the Tyrant required by the trial. When you kill everyone, stand in the green rings, and then break two chains. You can now complete the level, but make sure to collect all the secrets.



  • No accessories. We need to find a collectible toy. We cover this in the DOOM Eternal Secrets Guide.
  • Massacre in flight. Use a rune that allows you to slow down time in flight with the RMB. Kill 12 enemies like this.
  • Angel of Death. You need to kill 5 Creator drones with a hit in the head using the Precise Arrow. Precise Arrow is a modification of the heavy cannon that allows you to shoot from it like a sniper rifle.

Exit the building and stand on the green platform on the right. An orange ring will appear. Such rings will speed you up. Use a few more of these platforms and rings. Remember that in flight you also control your hero, so you need to slightly adjust the direction in order to fly into the desired rings. You will soon reach the second building. Shoot the green button and fly into the opening while there are no lasers there. There you will find a cartographic post. Go through the door and fight the Creator drones and other demons. The weak point of drones is their heads. Therefore, “Precise Arrow” is the best that you can oppose them. A nice bonus for destroying drones with an accurate headshot is the number of drops.

After the victory, two sarcophagi will appear. Jump over them and punch a hole in the wall. Jump down and grab the metal wall. Fly to the left with the pole. Follow further along the ledges and break another wall. Behind the tunnel there will be a hall where you will have to kill several opponents. Push the cube out of the room and jump over to the statue to hit the green spot. The statue will be destroyed, and you can jump from the pedestal on which it stood, to the pole, and from there – onto the metal wall. Fly to the wall to the left, and then – through the pole to the grate, which needs to be broken.

Deal with the enemies in the next room. Hit the green button and proceed further, where the plot skirmish ends. Go outside. You will need to adjust 3 rings. Stand on the green platform and fly through the orange rings. Kill all enemies, including the marauder, and activate the first ring.

Stand on the green platform and fly through the rings further. Deal with all enemies, including archvil. Follow further using another green platform through two orange rings. Clear the location. Totem of Cruelty is located on the outskirts, closer to the purple ring. Enter the building, take the elevator and activate the second ring.

Step on the green platform and fly on. Repeat with the other set of orange rings to hook onto the metal wall. Clear the next room from demons, follow the crossbeams and kill the enemies in the yard. Then use the green platform to fly through the rings to the wall, from there – over the sarcophagi. To fly into the building, you need to hit the green button in flight. This is a difficult segment. If something does not come out, from the very first orange ring near the green platform, fly directly into the passage with the green button (along the way, shoot it).

Use the last green platform to return to the door that was previously locked. After killing enemies, dive into the purple water and swim to the bottom. Go through the wall with the green crack, climb the ledge and jump to the skull panel. Activate it and go to meet with Kang the Creator.

How to defeat Kang the Creator

The meaning of the fight is as simple as possible. You need to shoot Kan the Creator until she is stunned (the blue scale should completely decrease). Then, using the grappling hook of the super shotgun (key “5” and RMB to activate), approach Kahn and attack with a melee strike (key E). Repeat the steps 6 times. With each new damage received, the boss will act harder. Use ordinary enemies to cut them and get ammunition.

Inexorable Sin – How to Defeat the Icon of Sin

This is the final mission of the game. Getting around town is easy enough. There shouldn’t be any questions. The main problem is the large number of battles, but by this point you should already be well trained. Eventually, you will come across the Icon of Sin. To defeat him, in both cases you need to destroy all parts of the armor. He has 8 pieces of armor in total. If you destroyed the armor on your right hand, then shooting at it is simply useless. The monster will not take damage. Repeat the same steps in the second step.


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