Doom Eternal review on Switch: miracles exist

playing Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch seemed like a challenge, but in this review we will show you that miracles are possible

It is March 20 when Doom Eternal makes its appearance on the market for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC . Immediately both the public and the critics welcome him, and we too, in our review , appreciated the new masterpiece from id Software . The optimization on Nintendo Switch was much more cumbersome, however, which, after various postponements, arrived on December 8th. After almost 9 more months of gestation, will the developers be able to make it usable on the Nintendo platform? Let’s start this review on Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch and discover this little miracle we have witnessed.

Before continuing, however, it seems obvious to me to clarify that in this review we will not talk about the game itself, fully described already in the single player review, in the multiplayer review and in the one relating to the first DLC released last October. In this review we will talk about the porting and that’s it , going to document how the game behaved on this platform.

Miniature demons

I’ll be honest, I never expected to be able to play this title on Nintendo Switch . The motivation was obviously not purely dictated by the size of the game itself, but by the lack of power of the console compared to those of the competition. After all, it is well known that the Switch is not a monster of power, but of engineering and optimization . The various postponements of the release and the lack of a physical version due to the “weight” of the title have further thickened this haze that had been created over the months.

Yet here I am writing the review regarding Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch! Initially I didn’t believe it myself and with a skepticism raised to the nth degree I started the game. After the first stages of the tutorial, I found a “miniaturized” world in my hands that I never thought I could explore in this way. Although I’ve seen it before on the PlayStation 4, finding it on such a small screen – most of the time I played it in a portable version, you’ll understand why later – still made an impact .

Blasting demons, performing epic kills, and jumping and flying here and there even while lying comfortably on a bed, left me with a bittersweet aftertaste. Certainly my expectations were completely reversed in the positive, although in some ways Doom Eternal turned out to be what I expected. But stop the chatter and try to understand what worked and what didn’t.

Smooth as on other platforms – Doom Eternal review for Nintendo Switch

As mentioned earlier, a Nintendo Switch cannot be compared, in terms of power, to a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One. The main reason why a lot of games don’t get carried to this platform then is just that. To play decently it therefore takes a truly flawless optimization and often you have to make great sacrifices in terms of graphics . If one of these were to be missing, we would face catastrophes like the port of The Witcher 3.

Fortunately for us, the id Software developers were flawless in these respects. They have in fact achieved a small miracle , allowing all Nintendo users to be able to play a truly intriguing title as if they were on a more performing console, at least in terms of fluidity.

In fact, during the whole experience I have never had any performance drops . The initial skepticism gradually turned into amazement, to the point of leaving me totally speechless. During the most agitated phases of the game, with hordes and hordes of demons constantly blasting away, the console never suffered and guaranteed a very fluid experience.

Bloody Graphics – Doom Eternal Review for Nintendo Switch

Obviously maintaining optimal performance for the duration of the adventure requires a fairly substantial sacrifice . In this case, of course, it was decided to sacrifice the graphics of the game. The visual depth above all suffered from this indispensable choice, greatly emphasizing all the shortcomings of this platform. However, although at a long distance the graphics make our eyes “bleed”, close up you can see almost the same details that characterize the game on other platforms as well .

In short, although it is not exactly the best in terms of graphic rendering over long distances, close up there are almost no differences. Obviously, on the console screen these details are not very visible or in any case not excessively, thanks above all to the small size of the latter. A very different speech, on the other hand, occurs when you connect the console to the TV. As the image is much larger, the graphic flaws pop up like dolphins out of the water.

Another small problem related to portability concerns the game menus . While there are no problems on the TV, reading the various game menus on the console screen can be somewhat difficult . The texts in fact turn out to be really small and difficult to read in the long run. In short, from this point of view we say that the developers were not really careful.


We have reached the end of this review on Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch and at this point a question arises: was it really necessary a port that would so clearly undermine a finally renewed graphics? Obviously if you are a lover of every visual detail, the answer to this question is no. However, an example of optimization of this magnitude certainly deserves an opportunity.

Certainly you will not be able to enjoy the stupendous views that have characterized Doom Eternal and that have been the backdrop to the various frenetic fights. However, you can face the latter in complete tranquility, focusing on the various demons that will attack us, without ever having a drop in performance , even in the most challenging ones that will put us against hordes and hordes of enemies.

In short, the developers have managed to perform a real miracle, despite the weakened graphics, to bring a game of this tonnage on a console that is not exactly up to par . So if you’re wondering if this game on Switch is worth buying, then the answer is an absolute yes . Being able to have such a high quality of gameplay on a console that is not really performing is really no small feat.


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