How to display clock on the Windows 10 desktop

Can I put the clock gadget on the Windows 10 desktop? If you need to use some gadgets on Windows 10 such as a clock or several clocks with different time zones and you don’t know how to do it then I’ll tell you right away that you are in the right place. Through this guide I want to teach you how to display clock on the Windows 10 desktop through a simple procedure.

How to display a clock or multiple clocks with different time zones on the Windows 10 desktop

As we know in the latest operating system created by Microsoft, the use of gadgets on Windows 10 has been removed. But don’t worry because with a tool you can reintegrate them. The tool to insert them is called Windows Desktop Gadgets which is perfectly in line with the graphics of the new operating system and once installed you find the Gadget item in the drop-down menu on the Windows 10 Desktop . But without wasting any more time let’s see how to display the gadget with the clock on the Windows 10 desktop.

How to install gadgets on Windows 10

To be able to see the clock and other gadgets on the Windows 10 desktop as I wrote you in the previous paragraph, we use a small tool called Windows Desktop Gadgets. To use it as a first step from the PC start the browser connected to this Web page and click on the Download Now button . Then from the window that opens, click on Softpedia Secure Download (US) and wait for the download of the file to start .

At this point, once the download is finished, unzip the file in a folder, then enter it and click twice consecutively with the left mouse button on the DesktopGadgetsRevived-2.0.exe file to start the installation procedure of the tool. From the first window that opens, proceed and press the Yes button > Ok> Next> Next> Install and Finish to complete the installation.

At this point, if you click anywhere on the desktop with the right mouse button, you will notice that the Gadget item has been added to the context menu that opens . Then to continue and be able to view the clock on the desktop select the item Gadget and from the window that opens start the clock icon .

Once you have started the clock on the Windows 10 desktop positioned on it to make small icons appear. Then click with the left mouse button on the icon in the shape of a bolt wrench called Options and from the window that opens you can start configuring the clock to your liking.

As you can see through the small arrows right and left , you can set one of the eight different models of clock , in the field below you can instead type a name to be given to the clock and in the dropdown menu you can select the time zone if you want to enter more than a clock regulated with different time zones across the various countries of the world.

How to display more than one clock with different time zones on the Windows 10 desktop

In case you have the need and want to display more than one clock with different time zones on the Windows 10 desktop proceed in this way. Start and adjust the first clock by typing for example the name Rome (Italy time zone), then click with the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop and from the context menu that opens, choose the Gadget item then start another clock from the window that opens.

Once you have opened the other clock gadget on the desktop, place the mouse pointer on it and open the Options (icon in the shape of a bolt wrench). Now in the window that opens type the name London and of course on the Time zone drop-down menu set London then press the Ok button at the bottom to confirm. As you can see now you have two clocks with different time zones placed on the desktop. Repeat the same steps to open multiple watches with different time zones.


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