How to enable the clock in Windows 10

If you are one of the millions of users in the world that uses the versatile Windows 10 operating system. You should already know about everything it can do and about the new applications that it presents to us and those others that had been eliminated from its previous version. But this time we want to talk about gadgets and how you can customize them to your liking. That is why we will show you below how you can enable and customize the clock gadget in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system devised by Microsoft and that shows us how a powerful platform can be presented without leaving the conventional. Where we can find functions or options that had been discarded in Windows 8 and we do not know if the return is due to pressure exerted by users or by the utility that it represents.

How to Enable, Show and Customize the Windows 10 Clock Gadget on My PC

Where we can find innovations that go from the virtual assistant Cortana , to the different gadgets so useful for us in our daily tasks. The truth is that the tools that we can find in this operating system have the particularity of being customizable. And in this way we will show you how to enable and customize the clock gadget.


  • How to enable the clock in Windows 10
  • How to customize the clock in Windows 10

How to enable the clock in Windows 10

One of the most basic needs that a human being can have is his need to be different, to show his differences and not to be equal to anyone. And this can be applied in any aspect of your life and even on your personal computer. Where you can display the background image you want the most on your desktop and why not also customize the clock.

Although the clock is not displayed on the taskbar as it is by default in older versions of Windows. In Windows 10 it does exist, but first you must make it appear on the screen and then you can customize it to your liking.

To be able to carry out this simple procedure and with which you will surely have a lot of fun, it is necessary that you enable the clock. And once you have it enabled, you will be able to make adjustments to it, such as changing the time format from 24 to 12.

Best of all, performing this procedure is very easy to do as well as removing the names of the icons or shortcuts in this operating system. So in order to enable the clock we will use a keyboard shortcut and press the keys (Windows + R).

This action will show the bar (Execute) and the next step is to type in the search engine (REGEDIT) and then you must press the Enter key.

A new window will appear and in it you must locate and select the HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE record and now right-click the mouse. And you are going to choose the DWORD option (32 BITS), the next step is to assign it a new name (UseWin32TrayClockExperience). And this is all you have to do to get the watch to display in its usual place.

How to customize the clock in Windows 10

We must note that with the instruction given above, not only will you be able to see the clock , the calendar will also be shown. Now for the next step which is to customize the clock, we are going to use an application known as T-Clock. It is completely free and easy to use and once you have it on your PC, you will be able to customize the clock to your liking.

You are going to verify that it has different options to change the color, size and font type,  where to place it on your screen. No further explanations are necessary for a fairly intuitive App, so much so that although it is in another language you will be able to understand it very well.

And in this way we have taught you to show a gadget that you thought had been eliminated and is none other than the clock. And in this interesting tutorial we were able to show you how to show, enable and customize the Windows 10 clock gadget.


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