Politics is a topic of discussion that is not appropriate to be discussed in the work environment. In the past, our country had just held a political party. Some people might bring this political discussion to the work environment, but some might choose to be quiet and not discuss it.

Do we need to discuss politics in the work environment? 

Of course not. Political discussion is something that must be avoided. Why? Not everyone at work has the same ideology and views as us. Political discussion can damage the personal relationships that we have. Political discussion in the office can also make everyone feel uncomfortable, even if they discuss it with people who share the same ideology and views. If political discussion in the work environment continues, this will provoke the boss or boss. 

Does the boss have the right to stop discussing politics in the work environment?

A boss has the full right to stop political talks in the work environment, especially if the discussion creates tension and makes everyone unable to complete their responsibilities. The boss even has the right to ban and reprimand if we continue to discuss politics in the workplace. That is also legal.

What about the chatter on social media?

Every one of us has the right to say things related to personal thoughts and feelings, but this does not mean that we have ultimate freedom. The boss could have read the post and fired us for violating company regulations. If co-workers see and read these posts, it can make them hate us. Expressing what is on your mind is permissible, but we must think about it further. We spend a lot of time in the office with colleagues every day. Can we work well if we have a bad relationship? Certainly not. Therefore, it would be nice if you avoid things that can damage our relationships with colleagues at work. If we really want to convey it on social media, hide the post from the boss and other coworkers.

Besides political discussion, what can be discussed at work?

There are many things that can be discussed in the workplace besides politics, for example talking about pets can be a choice that can be considered. There are still many other alternatives that can be the topic of our conversation at work, such as:
– Talking about upcoming vacation plans. Have we just returned from vacation or what holiday plans have we made? Try to discuss this. Coworkers will definitely like this discussion.
– Share recipes. Sharing recipes with coworkers is a very interesting thing to discuss. Let’s say that we are very good at cooking boiled chicken, presto milkfish, liwet rice or other dishes. Who knew we could bring each other and hold potluck, right?
– Provide restaurant or coffee shop recommendations. Try to discuss the most delicious restaurant in the middle of town or even the most comfortable coffee shop we have ever visited. This will be far more interesting than discussing complicated political discussions.
– Talking about things we do on weekends. As long as our weekend activities are not connected to political matters, we can share it with coworkers. Listen to how co-workers spend their weekends.
– Discussing recently read books or films that have just been watched. What book have we read lately? What movie did we just watch in the cinema? Share this with coworkers. We can recommend the book or film if it suits the interests of coworkers. Talk about characters and messages that can be taken. That way, we would not have thought to discuss politics.
That’s the topic of conversation that can be an alternative. However, politics is inevitable. Then, what should be done if we have just passed a political activity?
– Never laugh. If the chosen candidate is our candidate, there is no need to show that happiness. If necessary, celebrate the victory at another time and place.
– Don’t pout. If our chosen candidate loses in the election, try not to pout the winning candidate. Focus on the celebration of victory that is there. 
– Don’t wear clothes or attributes that contain the slogans or faces of our chosen candidates such as hats, shirts, scarves or other attributes. Do not let us wear it when going to the office.  
Politics is indeed an interesting thing to discuss, but politics is not the right thing to bring to work. Politics can cause debate and cause tension in the work environment. This will create inconvenience that can affect everyone’s performance.

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