How to fix Windows ‘Cannot find recovery environment’?

Windows is a system capable of renewing itself to recover its lost data or to solve any fault that it is presenting. This is something that, although many do not see it as useful, is actually one of the best things that the system has, since it helps the system to keep working well.

Sometimes when you want to repair a computer system, you get the message ‘Could not find recovery environment’. In short, we are going to show you why Windows is unable to get to the recovery environment , how to fix the problem, and more.

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  1. Why can’t Windows find the recovery environment?
    1. Windows ER status is disabled
    2. The Winre.wim file is corrupt
  2. How to fix the error if you have the Windows installation media?
  3. How to enable Windows Recovery Environment?
  4. What software can be useful to restore your Windows system?
    1. MiniTool ShadowMaker

Why can’t Windows find the recovery environment?

The functions that recover the Windows system from whatever problems it has are sometimes disabled or otherwise corrupted . The reason Windows is not able to find the recovery environment is because the ER is disabled or because ‘WinRe’ is completely corrupted.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about these two things, pay attention to the next two subtopics.

Windows ER status is disabled

When the Windows system is installed on a computer, each of its functions and features work perfectly. However, due to misconfigurations or the installation of certain programs, some basic system functions may be deactivated.

The reason why Windows ER gets disabled is still a bit unknown, but the good thing is that there is a way to enable it. By the way, in addition to activating Windows ER, you can also activate the BIOS virtualization to greatly improve the performance of the computer.

Once you have completely repaired your computer system, you can spend a little of your time installing Citrio Browser to surf the Internet more comfortably.

The Winre.wim file is corrupt

The other reason why Windows often doesn’t find the recovery environment is because Winre.wim is corrupted. That is, the Windows files have been damaged. These are the two reasons why Windows has trouble recovering.

Now, the important thing is to find a solution to this kind of failure in order to be able to use the computer again. It should be noted that once you recover the system, it would be good if you learn to allow the most important applications using Firewall Defender.

How to fix the error if you have the Windows installation media?

Sometimes, the ‘Startup Repair’ function, much less ‘System Restore’, are able to fix the computer startup error. The main reasons why this kind of thing happens to computers have been shown before.

What follows is to explain how to solve it if you have at your fingertips an installation medium for Windows. Pay attention to the indications:

  1. Connect the USB memory to the PC or else the Windows installer CD
  2. Turn on the computer and wait for the recovery options
  3. By the time you get to the recovery options, you’ll be looking for an option that says ‘Use installation media for repair’
  4. To finish, just follow the instructions that you will see on the screen to recover the system

That’s it for troubleshooting bugs and problems with the Windows operating system using installation media. What never fails to repair the Windows system is to use a medium for the installation of the same system that the computer owns.

This always gives results because the installation medium can replace the corrupt data that Windows has and return certain configurations.

How to enable Windows Recovery Environment?

If you don’t have installation media for your Windows system, you’ll have to resort to trying to activate the recovery environment for Windows. This is done as follows:

  1. Wait for your computer to reach the recovery media
  2. When you get here, you will enter the ‘Command Prompt’ section
  3. There, you are going to put this ‘Shutdown /r /o’ to activate Windows recovery

In case this process does not help you, you will have to choose to use the recovery media or go to the Microsoft support website to see how to solve this problem.

What software can be useful to restore your Windows system?

Aside from using a Windows installation media to repair or recover the system in this way, you can move on to tweaking MiniTool ShadowMaker. This is another of the feasible options that can generate good results.

MiniTool ShadowMaker

MiniTool ShadowMaker is a program that allows you to recover the Windows system , make backup copies, create WinPE to restore the system, among other things. These functions will allow you to repair your computer, either by restoring the system or using system repair.

MiniTool ShadowMaker can be downloaded from its developer’s official website to repair any computer.


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