Who says renovation can only be done for houses or buildings? In fact, renovation can also be done for our business strategy! As we know that establishing and running a business is not easy. We cannot get business success in just one day and night. Everything needs a long process, hard effort, and sincere sacrifice from business owners.


To achieve business success, we not only need a mature plan. However, we also need appropriate and effective business strategies to bring us the desired success. If your Career Advice colleagues are entrepreneurs, business people or CEOs of a company, then your fellow readers have a huge obligation to be able to renovate the business strategy that your company has.


Like a luxury homeowner who wants to follow the current model of home trends, the homeowner has the right to beautify his home as desired. For example, adding a garden behind the house, making a gazebo, and so forth.


Do we need to change the existing business strategy? Of course it’s necessary. The goal is that our business remains in the forefront, especially in our industry. Moreover, the digital era and technological advances always offer periodic changes that require us to be able to compete and adapt quickly with other competitors.


However, renovating business strategies is not as easy as we imagine. We need careful preparation to be able to renovate the business strategy that we have previously applied. Not only that, a deep understanding is also needed to see the effects that will result from every innovation that will be applied to our new business strategy.


Looking for Information Regarding Trends in Industry Nowadays. 

Before going far to create a new business strategy, we need to find out what trends are ‘happening’ or present in our industry. Surely we don’t want to be tired of renovating our business strategy, eh it turns out that the new strategy that we made is out of date. It will only waste our time, energy and energy.


In fact, renovating a business strategy is not just about changing the appearance of some office space, but it is about creating a new strategy that can maintain customer involvement and attract new customers to prefer our products and services to what competitors offer them.


In addition to finding out about trends that are happening, we need to learn what our customers ‘needs are right now, how customers’ needs can develop drastically, and what innovations we need to add to our business strategy.


How can we find out? We can read trade journals, consumer magazines, feedback delivered by telephone, email or social media, attend conferences relevant to our industry, and so on. Through these methods, we can check what we need to update and what important points have faded from our business.


In essence, we need to try any opportunity to be able to get important insights and information before we design a new business strategy. If fellow readers already have the information needed, now is the time for us to move to implement the 3 ways below so that the renovation of our business strategy works effectively.


1. Before Renovating the Business Strategy, We Need to See the Overall Picture. 

Continuing the previous plan, it is time for us to start renovating the business strategy. However, if we plan to knock down all business strategies in the beginning, we need to think about them more carefully. Make sure we have a complete picture of the future of our business.


If we don’t have the whole picture of it, how can we renovate the business strategy for the better? Don’t let us renovate without a definite picture, because that will only destroy our business.


Renovating a business strategy without a clear picture is like sailing without a map and clear objectives. As a result, we only let our sailboat adrift in the ocean. Surely we all do not want this to happen to our business, right?


2. Renovations are Fun, but Don’t Forget to Perform Routine Maintenance.

No matter how good and beautiful a building we have, if we do not maintain and maintain it properly, then the building will eventually look neglected.


The problem is, we are often too eager to formulate new business strategies by adding large projects, but in the middle we often lose enthusiasm. Suddenly our mind stagnates and our passion just disappears.


As a result, the business strategies that we have added are not taken care of because we have never monitored them. If we have never reviewed the business strategy that has been made, then the renovation of the business cannot go well.


Logically, why do you renovate something if it is useless and not maintained in the end? Isn’t that a waste of time, money and energy? This action only makes us far from the word “productive”.


3. Consult Experts, but Don’t Give Up Control of Our Business.

Indeed, leaving everything to the experts is a very appropriate idea. When the roof of our house leaks, we will automatically look for someone who is expert or reliable in repairing the leak. Of course, we will not be haphazardly looking for builders to repair our homes.


It does not matter if we want to consult with experts, what should be corrected like a leaky roof? What brand do we need to buy to fix the roof? And so forth. However, do not occasionally hand over our house keys to them. This is the same as letting them control our whole house.


Similarly, in business, it’s okay if we want to discuss and ask for guidance from experts like, business mentors. However, that does not mean we allow them to tear apart all the business strategies we have made before.


by Abdullah Sam
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