The disadvantages of the baby walker

Baby walker yes or baby walker no? American pediatricians have no doubts: it would be better if the baby walker were not used, because it not only slows the baby’s psychomotor development, but also because it could cause real fractures.

It is estimated, in fact, that between 1990 and 2014 more than 230 thousand children under 15 months were treated for wounds related to walkers. According to an analysis published in the Pediatrics journal by the American Academy of Pediatrics, these “devices” have no developmental advantage and only create a risk for children .

Although it is appreciated by children because they see themselves more “free” to wander around the house, the walker in reality has almost never been favorably viewed by specialists. His “faults” are above all those of making the gait wrong , not allowing the child to train the muscles and the sense of balance and thus not favoring the possibility of walking earlier (contrary to what you think).

The disadvantages of the walker

It seems comfortable, because it allows mom and dad to do their chores while the little boy triumphs, but has too many negative sides from his:

  • it adversely affects psychomotor development
  • prevents the child from experiencing falls and therefore from developing a correct sense of balance
  • does not allow the child to look at his legs and feet
  • does not allow him to grab objects
  • can force the baby into a position that presses too much on the hip and induces him to walk on tiptoe

In short, if you really want to use it, do it for short periods of time and keep some rules in mind, such as:

  • operate the walker only on smooth surfaces and remove the carpets
  • pay attention to the protruding corners of appliances, fireplaces, heaters and suspended objects
  • block access to the stairs
  • do not lift or carry a baby walker with a child inside
  • do not leave the baby unattended in the walker
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