How to organize the child-friendly bedroom

The children’s bedroom, the kingdom in which they play, sleep and have fun. A space all their own within the home walls. How can you organize it better, taking into account the ages, spaces and their needs? Here are some tips.

Rule number one. The small room must be a safe and welcoming place, which children recognize as their own. Here they have to find everything they need, from bed to games, through wardrobes and reading corners.

Everything must be within their reach to help them grow independently, in line with Maria Montessori’s principles . It is a series of useful ideas to be inspired to furnish the bedroom in an orderly way, but it is also good to take into account the age of the child.

In principle here are the things to watch out for, considering three types of main spaces: one for bedtime, one for play and one for changing.

bedroom scheme



Color of the walls

Let’s start with the color of the walls. The choice is not simple. Erroneously, we often choose the bright ones but according to feng shu i, it is better to use cold and neutral shades such as white or cream. At most you can opt for green or blue, which promote sleep.


An important choice. It is better to take a low bed, from which children can get on and off independently. In general, the height of the mattress from the ground must not be greater than 20/25 cm. The child will feel reassured by a cot on his measure. Furthermore, for the little ones it is useful to place a carpet or some pillows next to the bed thus avoiding the side rails.

montessori bed

There are various solutions of this type on the market, some really very beautiful and handcrafted. In any case, you can have the carpenter cut the legs of a traditional bed or use the pallets as a support base for the mattress or place it on the floor.

It is useful to place an unbreakable mirror near the bed , so the child can look at himself and be aware of his own image.

Wardrobes and other furnishings

To make sure that children can dress themselves by choosing the one they prefer, it is good to use low or better still open wardrobes and within their reach. If you want to avoid juxtapositions out of season, make available only a series of suitable clothes in order to limit the choice.

Also fundamental are the shelves where you can place various boxes containing objects that are immediately recognizable to children.

montessori order 1

Children love to play on the ground. This is why rugs can be very useful. In addition to creating a warm atmosphere, they allow children to remain barefoot. For the little ones there are also sensory rugs, on which to insert a mobile and some soft games. Older children instead will use them as a support for games but also as a space for reading.

montessori table

The table with chairs is much loved by children who use it to color, draw, manipulate. It is better to opt for solutions with rounded edges to avoid trauma due to falls. Recall that the table and chairs must be suitable for the stature.

If possible, also find space for doll houses and mini kitchens, which are important as they are part of the so-called imitation games.

Libraries and reading corners

About books … A topic dear to us and to which we will dedicate ample space. It is never too early to bring children closer to reading. From the first months of life, it is important to read to children and approach them to the magical world of books. When they are a little bigger we can instead create a reading corner dedicated to them based on the Montessori method. Only limit, our fantasy.

After all, a book is a world to be discovered, a free space in which to wander with your imagination. There are really many types suitable for all ages, from tactile books suitable for children, almost entirely without words, to fairy tales for adults.

An important activity such as “reading” a book therefore deserves an adequate and comfortable space, in which the child can immediately identify the action he is about to perform.

If we decide to focus on the indications of the Montessori method, we must focus on one point: the autonomy of children.

Consequently, the reading corner must be accessible independently . Shelves, shelves and bookcases will have to be child-friendly. In this way, he can choose for himself the book he wants to browse based on the tastes of the moment.

Here are a series of useful tips for creating a reading corner for children inspired by the principles of the Montessori method.

1) The books must be visible from the front

In this way, the child sees the cover, recognizes it immediately and is enticed to leaf through the books.

front library

2) Avoid making too many books available

This does not mean reducing the purchase or the loan in the library. Children must have at their disposal a wide choice of titles appropriate to their age and their tastes. However, it is advisable to rotate them, choosing some to display in the library and removing others. In this way, the child’s attention will focus on the books on display fueling their curiosity.

The others can be stored in another library, even less accessible, and subsequently made available as an alternative to the former.

3) Wide with cushions and armchairs

The reading corner must be soft and tidy. A bit like adults, reading for children must be a moment of discovery but also of relaxation. For this in their corner, it is useful to put large cushions or an armchair and a soft carpet. In this way, an inviting environment is created, delimited by the presence of these elements, especially by the carpet. The solutions with the curtain are also very beautiful.

4) No games in the reading corner

Reading must be an exclusive moment dedicated to the book. For this reason it is good to avoid that there are other distractions in the reading corner, such as games

5) How to decorate the reading corner

In addition to cushions and armchairs, we can add decorations to the wall, but without overloading the environment. In some photographs of reading corners in the home of families who apply the Montessori method we see colored flags or drawings of trees. The decorations create the imagery of the fantasy world but have no connection with the aim of enticing you to read.

Games and other ideas for children

What has been said for books also applies to games. It is important that they all have a specific place inside the room on shelves or inside the shelves, as long as everything is within their reach. From an early age, children must be used to order, to create order in their mind. This makes it easier for them to figure out where to store the items after use. Tidying up becomes easier and faster for everyone.

Especially those with many pieces (such as building bricks) must be placed in special containers or boxes, preferably without a lid, so that the child can immediately see the contents.

montessori order 3

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