Difference between Short and Full Degree

Before explaining what is still allowed in Brazil or not, it is important to explain what types of degrees exist.

But what is a degree?

The bachelor’s degree is an academic degree format. The title is received by those who graduate from higher education with an additional charge for a specific activity. Thus, the trainee will be able to exercise a certain function for which he studied additionally.

The trainee is allowed to carry out an activity with a degree in education when he graduates in a certain area, so the magistracy grants him an authorization that allows him to teach in a certain area, both for elementary and high school.

What types of degrees exist?

A few years ago there was a need to create a short degree. This is because it was believed that a faster training of teachers was necessary, therefore, in this modality the degree requires only a workload of studies lower than the full degree category. Those who graduated in the short degree could teach classes only to students of elementary I and II.

The full degree requires a workload of 180 hours of graduation. That is to say, in this category the graduate has more time to prepare, study and research in the area. Thus, graduates in this category can teach even in high school.

What is the best degree category?

Currently, the short degree is no longer allowed, according to Law No. 9,394 / 96:

Art. 1 The short-term degree courses provided for in Law 5,692, of 1971, are extinguished by Law 9,394, of 1996, ensuring the rights of students.

Despite the law that is in force, teachers already trained by the short degree, when it was still allowed, still manage to exercise the function of teacher.

In the case of those who choose a degree in accordance with the current law, the student of the full degree will have a complete training. This type of training is practically a bachelor’s degree, taking into account some differences, such as: in addition to the normal curriculum, such as a bachelor’s degree, the student with a full degree must undergo activities required by the teaching profession. Like for example:

  • Pedagogy classes
  • Compulsory training internship in the field

Summarizing the content of the article: all degrees are currently full. Those who choose this profession will have the opportunity to choose between several areas, such as: performing arts and visual arts, natural sciences, the exact area and the social and human sciences.

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