Death Stranding Guide – Episode 9: Higgs

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 9: Higgs.

After finishing episode 8 and seeing the final cinematic, we can move again with the aim of integrating the distribution center north of Edge Knot City in the chiral network. As part of this complete guide we will detail all the battles in this new chapter and the method to complete them in the most effective way possible through various tricks and tips.

Episode 9: Higgs

When we integrate the target city into the chiral network we will obtain the remote detonation grenade launcher. After resting in the private room and watching a scene we can go back upstairs and accept order number 63 based on handing over a network activation key in Edge Knot City . Along the way we will meet various enemy EVs both with the form that we already know as a new species of floating brains that will descend and explode in contact with us, therefore, we must use the newly acquired weapon to destroy all of them before continuing to advance. .

As soon as we reach the indicated location and after some scenes we will have to face a gigantic enemy EV. Although it seems very difficult, it is not so difficult, since in the area various bags of blood and weapons will appear that we can collect when we run out of ammunition in order to shoot with our entire arsenal of blood ammunition at the target. When enough time has elapsed Higgs will move inside the enemy and we have to target where he is if we want to cause more damage to the giant. Another thing to keep in mind is that enemy brains like the ones we have encountered on the way here will arise, so it is advisable to exploit them from a distance as long as they do not catch us off guard. After a while, we will beat him and see a scene.

When we recover mobility, we must go to the private room of the facility in order to select the Fragile jump option to talk to her and take us to the beach. Once there we will have to face Higgs himself . Since we do not have weapons (or blood bags to heal ourselves) what we must do is pick up the destroyed briefcases from the ground and hit him with melee . In addition, as it is recommended to hide and catch it by surprise, as this will prevent it from shooting directly at us. After a couple of rounds (and an extra face-to-face punching as if it were a fighting game) we will be able to beat him and we will be able to enjoy a series of final scenes that will end the chapter to begin shortly thereafter.episode 10 .


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