Death Stranding Guide – Episode 10: Die-Hardman

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 10: Die-Hardman.

After finishing episode number 9 we can continue with the main story of Death Stranding . In this new chapter we will have to undertake a long journey back to Lake Knot City. We do not have the fast trip , so we will have to go on foot (and in vehicles). There is not much more mystery, since when the entire chiral network is connected, we should have various zip lines, vehicles and resources along the way. In addition, at a certain point we will find the road, which will take us directly to our destination. We tell you about it as part of this complete guide , which is gradually approaching its outcome.

Chapter 10: Die-Hardman

As we make our way to Lake Knot City, Deadman will be calling us from time to time to explain what’s new in his investigation of the director, Cliff, and the BBs. For the rest, there will not be too much narrative and it will be a fairly short and concise chapter, which will last as long as it takes to get from one point to another on the continent.

Something we recommend at this point is to stop to do some pending mission, orders that we leave half or derived , since in the next chapters we will face the final stretch of the game and we will have fewer opportunities to deviate from the main path of main missions and long cinematics .

Otherwise, we recommend setting some markers along the way on the map in order to avoid dangerous areas where we already know that there are MULAS, EV enemies, or difficult-to-cross mountains, deep rivers, etc. Since we already know the continent we should be able to cross it without too many problems and to enjoy some songs from the soundtrack that Hideo Kojima and his team chose for this road-trip. Once we get close enough to Lake Knot City we will be able to complete the chapter and move on to the next: episode 11: Clifford-Unger.


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