Death Stranding Guide – Episode 8: Heartman

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 8: Heartman.

After completing the progress of chapter 7 we can continue with the adventure of Death Stranding . As part of this complete guide we will detail all the missions that make up this chapter as long as you do not miss any detail and you can complete it 100%. The first thing we must do is witness the long cinematic that will tell us the story of Heartman and after that, when we can move, we can accept a couple of missions to connect this new area to the chiral network.

Episode 8: Heartman

Task 58: Delivery of anti-chiral medication to the geologist, located southeast of Heartman’s laboratory We will do this first both for ease and proximity. When we deliver the medicines, we will obtain the level 2 climbing anchor .

Order number 59: delivery of antimatter bomb to the paleontologist. For this we must be very careful since it is a pump, so we can leave it for later or take a risk and carry both packages at the same time.

Once we accept both orders, they will give us a new item: the thermal pad as its name indicates, it is a device attached to the shoulder to the hip that will automatically activate when it snows to maintain body heat and help the resistance not drop. so fast. The small handicap is that they consume batteries when they are active, so we will have to look for generators from time to time to charge them.

When we start we will find some EVs along the way, in addition to the danger of the bomb that we carry with us. Therefore, we recommend going on foot and little by little in order to prevent it from exploding and being attacked. Once we deliver it, the paleontologist will give us an oxygen mask and level 2 of the hematic grenade . In addition, he will propose us order number 60 based on recovering a valuable ammonite in an area to the southwest. To do this we will have to wear the oxygen mask, since it is an area with harmful gases, but it will not be difficult if we put a couple of stairs to descend to the pit and we hurry to collect the 5 packages.

Once we do, they will offer us order number 61 based on delivering the ammonites and pitch extraction devices to the biologist . The first thing we must do is go to the indicated area to collect four packages dodging various EVs. At this point we recommend using the bracelet we wear to cut their umbilical cords and thus avoid being detected when going in stealth mode. As soon as we deliver the load to the biologist, we can go back to Heartman’s laboratory. There we will see a scene and we can accept the following order: number 62, repair of the chiral relay . To fulfill this task we will have to transport 150 kg of weight, so we recommend having a transport or at least portable air transport.

Once we reach the destination (it is a very long way, but it should not be too complicated) we can deliver the materials. Next, and as a last action of the chapter, we must find out the method to cross the pitch belt. The way to achieve this is to advance until we reach the EV zone and once there let us be captured so that the “oil” lake and a large enemy whale appear . Thus, we can cross to the other side and once there we will see a scene and the chapter will end. We can now continue to episode 9: Higgs .


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