Death Stranding Guide – Episode 1: Bridget

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 1: Bridget.

We continue to the end of the Prologue and after seeing more cinematics we must go to the indicated facilities in the Central Knot City area, where Deadman awaits us in person . It has no loss, since we just have to follow the streets of the city without going out into nature in order to get to the right place. Once there we will see some more scenes and after that we will have to carry out a dangerous mission. We will tell you as part of this complete guide .

Chapter 1: Bridges

Now we must deliver the corpse of the President to the incinerator located in the south west. To mark the target point on the map we must open it with the Options button and place the marker wherever we want. Once ready, we move on until we leave the city and enter nature. One recommendation is that you keep L2 + R2 pressed at all times to ensure that the body we carry is in balance and does not fall to one side or the other.

This first mission does not have much mystery, since we will find stairs and ropes left by Igor on the path that goes to the river on the left side of the great mountain. We can use them to reach our objective, the incinerator, without danger of dying. We recommend giving some likes to the structures that help us continue, as this will help the game system.

Once we are in the incinerator we will see a scene and after that we must return to the city, now without weight on our back. The problem is that we will meet various EVs, which we must avoid because we still cannot defend ourselves. To do this we must be attentive to the BB that we carry and hold our breath, in addition to advancing crouched when the Odradek blinks violently and is orange . As soon as we see that the device is calmer we can stop to breathe, since if we hold it for a long time the breathing will end up being our life and Sam will take a breath of air that will make a lot of noise

When we manage to advance a little we will see that we can take the same path that we used to get here to return to the city without any complication other than avoiding those enemies at first (they will not follow us beyond the mountain). Once we get to the city we will see another scene and we will have finished the chapter .


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