Death Stranding Guide – Episode 2: Amelie

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 2: Amelie.

At the end of Chapter 1 we must understand the operation of the private room and try all the options that it offers us: consult information, listen to music, take showers, take photos, observe the equipment and the state of BB … We just have to look around and use the various tools provided by the room. Once we are ready we must select the door to exit and before going outside we examine the terminal on our left to accept some orders . We give you a detailed tour of this chapter as part of our complete game guide.

Chapter 2: Amelie

The first order we can accept is “to deliver smart drugs at the stop west of Capital Knot City”. The condition of cargo is that it has less than 50% damage when delivered. In addition, we must begin to understand the load management menu , which opens when you press options. Here we will discover that we can carry the weight on our back, hang it on the tool holder, attach it to the suit or carry it in the hand . In this case we recommend carrying everything possible on your back and later we will put things on the arms and tool holders. If we are not sure we can also press triangle to organize the load automatically and to distribute it in the most effective way possible.

Once we are ready to continue we must go out to the outside world and mark our destination on the map. After that, we advance through the natural terrain and we will find various lost loads that we can collect our backs . A little later we will see a delivery mailbox in the middle of the field and there we can take the opportunity to make some deliveries. Of course, it is not the final destination of the load that we carry, so we can trust its delivery to other users or carry it with us to the end .

Beyond this we only have to advance to the point indicated with care not to lose the load or fall, so pressing L2 + R2 is recommended . On the other hand, we must use the stairs and ropes that we have equipped to advance through mountains and cross rivers. Once we reach the indicated point we can deliver the main mission load and use the Q-ask to establish a new connection and unlock a territory . After that we can see the structures of other players and connect with them.

Once this is done we will receive a lot of information about the possibilities that have just been unlocked. To make a summary, we must go to the menu of manufacturing equipment and develop a CQP, a portable chiral constructor that allows the construction of various structures in the areas connected to the chiral network. The first thing we must build with them is a mailbox, in addition to picking up a new order that is part of a main order (6 rare metal containers).

After doing this we must continue to the distribution center west of Capital Knot City. Along the way we will meet some enemies (MULES) but soon it will start to rain and they will leave , so we must hurry to get to our destination as long as the load does not deteriorate due to the decline (the rain) .

As we go a little further we will find some EVs that we must avoid and it will not be complicated if we look at the direction in which the Odradek blinks and we avoid going there in addition to advancing low and little by little. The problems will not stop there, as our BB will have a problem and we will have to go quickly to the private room of the nearest distribution center in order to help him. Once there (you should have it very close already), we deliver the packages and descend the private room to reactivate BB, shower and collect fluids that will be useful against EVs, in addition to reading some messages and resting before going out again.

When examining the terminal before leaving, they will give us a glass collector to do the same with those we find on the ground. In addition, another task that we are doing is to recover the interface of the chiral printer of the mailbox of the MULES . When approaching the territory indicated for this mission, we will meet these types of enemies and we can eliminate them by attacking with a square or equip the thread and use L2 + R2 to tie them and leave them immobile. Once the area has been cleared, we advance to its mailbox and remove the loads that have been indicated as part of the mission, and then return them to the starting point.

Once these missions are completed, we accept a new one based on building a bridge to cross a river in a nearby indicated place. To do this, we transport the heavy metals that are delivered to us and place them in the marked structure. With the bridge ready, we return and accept mission number 9 (bring power supply unit), after which we can recharge the motorcycle and use it for the first time. Yes, we are sorry, we will not be able to travel to the Wind Power Station by vehicle yet. In fact, on the way there we will find a forest full of EV in which we are in danger, so we must use our best ninja techniques to dodge them and complete the path successfully. Upon finally reaching the Wind Station, we canCollect a CQP to craft a wind generator, capable of charging nearby vehicles and equipment items . That is, with this we can load the motorcycle and use it .

Once we do, we can already accept the special order that will make us return to Capital Knot City to deliver crypto as soon as possible in a real half-hour period and on the condition of not immersing them in water. We got on the bike and went there without too much complication beyond the uneven terrain and the rain. Upon arrival we rest and deliver the loads we carry before going outside again. In doing so, they will hand us hematic grenades to test against EVs and 4 major packages to carry on the long drive to Port Knot City .

Once we are ready we can head to Port Knot City to accomplish the main mission. Of course, we warn that it will not be an easy path and therefore we must go prepared and armed with various EX grenades in order to fight the EV that we find. Once ready, we ride the motorcycle and carry the mission packages on our back, as this will ensure that we can collect them more easily if they fall. We started the route and reached the mountains. Shortly after advancing we will find a terrain full of stones and very difficult to advance with the bike, but still it is not impossibleif we go little by little. The problem will come as soon as the Stranded Entities appear, which we must attack with grenades before continuing to accelerate (since due to the stones we will not be able to flee easily). If your enemies catch you, don’t panic. You can break free of them by repeatedly pressing square and then throwing a grenade until the black substance covering the ground disappears .

Once this dangerous area has been overcome, we must make sure to heal our wounds, recover stamina and check that BB is happy and calm. Once ready we move down the hill to finally reach Port Knot City. Once there we go to the private room to repair the vehicle and get new grenades when showering and so on. In the terminal we will be able to deliver the package we were carrying and receive a new mission. What we must do is leave the facilities in order to see a cinematic scene and face an EV of colossal dimensions .

Do not worry about not having blood grenades on you, since we will find various spare parts for the stage in addition to blood bags so as not to bleed to death when using weapons. What we must do is move constantly and jump to tall buildings in order to be able to aim at the enemy and throw all the possible grenades at him until his life is completely reduced. The danger is as soon as we fall to the ground: we will not die immediately but we will be more exposed to direct EV attacks. Therefore, we must hurry to go up to a building and heal ourselves there, in addition to continuing to attack with grenades until we eliminate it. When we can finish it, we collect the chiral crystalsthat loose and the supplies that have been scattered around the terrain before heading to the indicated point to get on the ship and finish the mission . Of course, before boarding you should leave all the loads you have running at the Port Knot City box office or entrust them to other players, as they will be lost as soon as we get on the ship. You can also take a shower, since it will be very good for Sam.



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