Death Stranding Guide – Prologue: Porter

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs through the Prologue and Episode 1.

We kick off with our complete guide to Death Stranding with the Sam Porter Bridges adventure prologue. After witnessing some first cinematic scenes we will be in control and we will be able to move through a natural area of ​​grass and rocks. Despite being a kind of initial tutorial, they will not give us too many indications, so we must take our first steps somewhat blindly and learn to move. The first thing we can say is that with the R1 button you can scan the area thanks to the Odradek. With this, we can find out where the packages that we must collect are hidden, both those that are part of the main mission and those of “lost loads”, which will provide us with a bonus and extra rewards.

Prologue: Porter

First we want to do after having collected the packages scattered around the area is to find a cave to take refuge from the dangerous rain . The path that leads to it is near a ravine, so you must watch your steps to avoid slipping and falling. We will see a natural corridor between two rocks that we can use to get to the cave of destiny. Once there we will see a cinematic scene and after that they will give us our first order: deliver one or several consignments of smart drugs

You can find these smart drugs that we can find scattered around the natural area from the cave to the facility that we see a little later. In addition, if we look closely we can also find some lost loads along the way. Of course, the more packages and we see on top the more the backpack will weigh us and therefore we will be in danger of slipping and falling points so that this does not happen today we recommend pressing L2 and R2 when we advance through dangerous areas as long as Sam grabs the backpack to avoid get out of balance . Once we get to the facility, all we have to do is deliver the packages to obtain our first evaluation and continue with the main story .If the load has not been damaged we will receive a higher score , in addition to other factors that we will see on the screen such as the distance traveled and others.


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