How to deal with anxiety and lose up to 2 pounds a week

How to deal with anxiety and lose up to 2 pounds a week


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The great saboteur of diets is anxiety . Allied to other emotions such as stress and nervousness , she not only throws down all her effort, but also gives the rebound effect and makes you eat even more.

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Frustrated by not being able to stand firm, you end up eating out of guilt. Know, however, that this type of cycle can be broken, making you continue to lose weight.

Here are our tips and boost your weight loss :

Move yourself

It is a fact: those who want to lose weight need to move. In addition, exercise is a great way to not only expel stress, but also to release hormones that make us happier. With that, you end up controlling your fears and anxieties.

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So, choose an activity that you enjoy doing and dedicate yourself to it. It can be weight training , aerobic exercise , dancing , swimming , whatever. The important thing is that it is an activity that makes you smile and sweat.

Controlling breathing

Ignored by many because it is so mechanical and natural, breathing can also help you in times of anxiety. The first step is to take a deep breath 10 times (as cliché as it sounds). Feel and feel calmly all the way the air is doing as you inhale it.

Ideal breathing happens when we breathe from the belly (diaphragmatic breathing), as babies do, instead of lifting the shoulders.

Seeking professional help

The way that many people find to end the feeling of anxiety is to do psychological counseling with or without the prescription of medicines.

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The therapist will make you understand what exactly triggers anxiety attacks, then try to address the cause instead of the consequences. And once you are in control of the situation, you are more aware of what is happening. This makes you think twice before choosing between a high-calorie dish (which we often eat to plug emotional holes) or something healthier.

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As a tip, it is advisable to treat anxiety with a professional when it comes with more frequent crises that end up harming your work or your personal life, for example. However, nothing prevents you from seeing a psychologist even if your anxiety is ‘lesser’ and your goal is not even to lose weight.

Foods that calm the nerves

Many foods are capable of operating real cures in our body, especially in cases of anxiety:

– Banana
– Chocolate (eat in moderation and always choose the bitter ones)
– Vitamin B complex capsules
– Teas: chamomile, melissa, passionflower, valerian, passion fruit, fennel

If the goal is also to lose weight, choose foods that will make you more satiated, such as:

– Pasta and wholegrain breads
– Oilseeds (Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds)
– Fish like salmon and tuna
– Foods rich in fiber (oats, flaxseeds)

Oh, and try to avoid what can make you even more anxious (and end your diet), such as: sweets rich in fat, soft drinks, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol.

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