How to lose weight fast: tips and tricks to lose weight

Losing weight fast can even be a danger sign, but if you adopt healthy measures that involve simple and extremely effective habits, you will be able to dry your fat without putting your health at risk.

See how to control the sin of gluttony and lose weight with tricks that will trick your stomach!

Tips to lose weight fast!

Gluttony is primarily responsible for leaving the diet aside and embarking on sweets and soft drinks. As this sin is one of the most difficult to control, the only way to forget about these weight loss villains is to stop buying it!

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I know, no easy task, but never go to the supermarket on an empty stomach. Eat a complete meal (no snacks, as soon as hunger returns) and go to the supermarket. You will soon notice that sweets and other treats are not that attractive.

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Also encourage your friends to go on a diet! The motivation of a group can help you to not give up and, with everyone on a diet, you probably won’t need to go out with your friends and have to watch them eating Mcdonalds and you have a salad.

Simple attitudes to lose weight

Here are a few more tips that seem obvious, but that you’re probably not following:

  • Drink lots of water! When the urge to drink a soda hits, drink water first and you will see that the urge to drink a soda will pass.
  • Perform some extra activity ; when we don’t do anything for a long time, we start to eat more.
  • Only eat what you put on the plate. Do not repeat meals, as your stomach takes a long time to send the satiety signal to your brain and you are probably not even giving it time to say that your belly is already full.
  • Never skip meals.
  • Fill the salad plate! It helps to make your stomach full.
  • Use more blue, the color that cuts your appetite (have you noticed that there are no restaurants in this color?).
  • Set aside red, orange and yellow when putting on clothes to go out to dinner or lunch, as these colors increase your appetite.
  • Use smaller plates.
  • Only put a plate of salad on the table, if you feel like eating more, this will be your only option.

Feeding tricks!

Take the following steps to improve your menu and help your metabolism process the food you eat.

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  • Include vegetables and fruits in your day. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But people who put these products (fresh, without being sauteed) in their diet can lose weight faster and keep it off for much longer!
  • Take green tea: the most powerful ally of diets. This tea can burn, like no other, all the fat in your body. But for this trick to work, you need to drink at least three cups a day.
  • Eat fibers! The fibers help in the feeling of satiety and also work as an exercise for the stomach. Do you know why? Since they are not very easy to digest, the body needs to spend calories to process them.

Exercise Tips

Look for activities that have a good caloric burn. Of course, doing any physical exercise is already a great option, but for you to have a quick result, look for one that requires more of your body and not a simple walk.

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You can sign up for a fighting class, like judo and muay thai that consumes 1,000 kcal , take a one-hour swim class or start the gym and do a spinning or step .

But if all these modalities do not suit you and your beach is really walking, do the same on steep terrain and for at least 45 minutes.

Also buy a pedometer and always use it with you. The goal is for you to walk at least 1000 steps a day.

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