Cyclothymic disorders: characteristics, causes and ways of handling them

Mental disorders are a type of mental disorder that can happen to anyone. The types of mental disorders are also divided into several types and types, one of which is cyclothymic disorders. Have you ever known cyclothymic disorder, and what exactly is cyclothymic disorder? Well, this type of mental disorder can actually be said to be similar to bipolar disorder. The type of interference itself is a bit difficult for us to see and detect directly. This is also because someone who experiences this type of disorder is often not aware of it because it is also considered a feature of hidden depression.

Cyclothymic, when we interpret it in general, is a disorder that occurs in a person’s mood disorders. This is also what makes our emotions go up and down. In fact, most of the sufferers also experience hypomania leading to postpartum depression, even so the level of depression he experienced was still on a mild scale. Cyclothymic disorders can occur in anyone, from adolescence to adulthood. But several studies have also found that the sufferers are mostly teenagers. People with cyclothymic disorders generally do not realize what is happening to them, even they are not aware that they are affected by cyclothymic disorders. This is also what causes a sufferer to be unaware of the characteristics or symptoms that occur to him. In fact, this is also due to the atmosphere of the day which often changes rapidly. Also be aware of personality disorders in clinical psychology.

Characteristics of Cyclothymic Disorders

Generally, cyclothymic sufferers are characterized by several symptoms, it can start with a mild depression, then it can become a hypomanic disorder, where what is meant here is a change in mood that can make a person more excited, both mentally and physically. Many say that some of the characteristics or symptoms of this one disorder are indeed almost similar to bipolar disorder, where someone who has bipolar disorder generally also has a more extreme life or is equated with cyclothymic disorder. However, the visible features and symptoms are much milder.

Some of the characteristics that we can see include:

  • Has a very aggressive nature.
    • A person affected by this disorder also has characteristics of irritability.
    • Have sleep disturbances, both hypersomnia to insomnia.
    • People who have this disorder also forget easily and also often have difficulty concentrating.
    • Have a very low sex drive.
    • Sufferers also have a changing appetite, which causes their weight to decrease drastically.
    • Always feel guilty for what he did and also often easily give up.
    • Sufferers always feel tired.
    • The occurrence of a decrease in nerves which causes the mood in him to be disturbed.

Causes of Cyclothymic Disorders

There are many things that could be the cause of the emergence of cyclothymic disorders, even a lot of psychological experts have also researched this disorder. But there are some people who don’t know exactly what causes this disorder. However, heredity or family factors can also be a history of the emergence of cyclothymic disorders and other mental disorders. however, there are also other causes in the form of traumatic emergencies that appear to be the cause of cyclothymic disorders.

Although disorders can have different causes, among them it can also occur due to a pressure or psychological injury that occurs to a person’s psychology. In addition, mood disorders can also trigger this cyclothymic disorder. Where a person is too sensitive, it will greatly affect both physically and mentally. So it is not uncommon for a type of cyclothymic disorder to appear. This disorder can also be severe or can be cured, depending on the level of depression experienced by the patient.

Handling Method

After we discuss cyclothymic disorders, where this one disorder is a condition that does require special care. Some even say that this type of disorder requires lifelong treatment. Because this one disorder is a little difficult to cure, but the symptoms themselves can be reduced and managed to become lighter. Special treatment must also be considered, both for the sufferer and for the patient’s family, because if it is not managed properly, the symptoms can become bipolar and will be much more towards a more dangerous condition.

There are several types of drugs that are usually consumed, including:

  • Types of anti-seizure drugs, such as lemotrigine, valproate acid drug and also the type of sodium divaproex drug.
    • Types of anti-anxiety drugs, usually such as benzodiazepines.
    • A type of anti-depressant drug or some medication that is usually used to make a better mood.
    • Types of drugs, including atopic antipsychotics, such as the types of drugs risperdone, olanzapine and quetiapine.

The existence of family support is also very much needed by patients to make their symptoms lessened. In addition, families can also take patients to psychiatrists and psychologists who really understand and also understand this one disorder. Because there are several of these disorders that attack patients because of psychological disorders in that person. The family must also encourage the patient so that the patient does not give up easily to be able to heal himself from the symptoms of this one disease. Family support is the main and also number one thing, because without the support of the family, the patient with cyclothymic disorder will be difficult to cure.

There are actually many things that can be done to make the symptoms lessen, one of which is also with the support of psychological disorders therapy and health therapy that can make the sufferer have a much better mood and also reduce existing symptoms. Where the existence of cognitive behavioral therapy also makes sufferers have behaviors that lead to positive, even a healthy lifestyle will be needed to make the sufferer even better. Well, here is a review of matters related to cyclothymic disorders. Happy reading!

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