9 Methods To Improve Student Learning Concentration That Can Be Practiced

The classroom is such a busy and noisy place that the visual focus and attention of students can be hampered by lots of distractions. This form of distraction can come from other students, teachers, open doors, open windows, lights, bulletin boards, blackboards, computer screens and on and on which can interfere with the visual focus and attention of students. Sometimes, the teaching and learning process is not interesting enough for students so that their learning concentration is easily broken.

Whereas learning concentration is a determining factor for the success of students in receiving, absorbing and digesting lessons or knowledge given at school. What is meant by the concentration of learning is the concentration of the mind or the concentration of the mind and attention to the information obtained during the study time. Students have good learning concentration if they are able to focus and maintain their thoughts on one thing, consciously and without coercion. When a person is concentrating, he will focus only on the object which is the main target so that he will only get selected information as well.

Concentration Difficulty Factors

Students can show several things related to learning concentration such as from a focus of view, attention to the material, the ability to answer questions correctly, there is a desire to ask questions and also a good psychomotor response. There are several things that can cause difficulty concentrating, namely:
• External or environmental factors where most people will have difficulty concentrating when the surrounding environment is noisy or noisy.
• Internal factors in the form of disorders of brain development and hormones so that a person is slow to think and concentrate.
• Psychological factors in the form of pressure or burden on a person that makes it difficult to concentrate.

Increase Learning Concentration

A student’s ability to concentrate can also be influenced by the motivation he gets, his attachment to something, threatening pressure, physical, psychological, and emotional conditions, his level of intelligence, and also the environment before trying the following methods to increase student learning concentration.

  1. Readiness To Learn

Methods to increase student learning concentration need to be done by paying attention to the condition of the student before studying first. Because before learning the brain and body must be in a fresh state by paying attention to physical and psychological conditions. Free from illness, hunger or even malnutrition, free from various psychological conflicts, emotional tension, anxiety, disappointment, heartbreak and so on. Various psychological conflict problems must be resolved first properly so that the mind is clear.

  1. Inculcate Learning Motivation

The following methods to increase student learning concentration can generate interest and motivation to learn. It is necessary to know about what was learned, the learning objectives, the relationship between lessons and everyday life, the benefits of the lessons, and how to learn them. Then the imagination in thinking also needs to be considered and familiarized, imagining a picture of what is being learned, and thinking about the important elements that make up the picture so that students will be active and creative.

  1. Study Well

This method to increase student learning concentration requires guidance for how to think, solve problems on the focus and also direct students’ curiosity. In addition, it must also have goals to be achieved, and be thorough in studying them, be able to formulate a frame of mind and act step by step in solving problems. Also know the relationship-theory-learning-with-psychology-education .

  1. Striving for a conducive environment

To get optimal learning outcomes, it is necessary to create a conducive learning environment. A neat, orderly and clean place and room with neatly arranged desks and desks will be a method for increasing effective student learning concentration. A conducive environment also means minimizing distractions and distractions that are unnecessary and unsupportive of the teaching and learning process so that the atmosphere becomes comfortable for learning.

  1. Active Learning

In order to overcome difficulties in learning concentration at school and be able to understand well what is explained by the teacher, students must be able to develop active learning patterns. Active learning patterns are one of the methods to increase student learning concentration, which means that it is done actively by asking teachers or friends about things or material that are not understood. To develop active learning, students should not feel ashamed or hesitate to ask questions, it will also prevent the mind from wandering about while studying. With active learning, the learning concentration will increase and optimize the intensity of learning concentration.

  1. Learning while Playing

Sometimes the learning process can become tedious for students when there is no variation in the way the teacher teaches or in the way the material is delivered. For this reason, it needs to be made so that the learning process becomes more enjoyable, one of which is by inserting games as a method to increase student learning concentration so that lessons are not too boring.

Playing while learning will create a strong and positive emotional state for students. Teachers can modify difficult subject matter in the form of games, which will be very useful for children who are generally active or more active than other children. By playing the teacher can also identify the learning style needs of each student and help them to maximize the learning process.

  1. Using Music

Methods to increase student learning concentration can also be done by using music which can provide sufficient stimulation to the brain, so that it can help encourage students’ cognitive development quickly. Singing and playing a musical instrument will activate the right brain and left brain at the same time. According to Bobbi de Porter and friends, music is the least useful for rearranging moods, it can improve the desired learning outcomes. Music can be used by teachers to organize students ‘moods, change students’ mental conditions, and also to support a more conducive learning environment, so that students have a comfortable and optimal learning atmosphere. Music will be able to help students’ minds always be ready and able to concentrate.

  1. Using Humor

Inserting humor into the lesson can be done by the teacher by communicating using the insertion of words in language and pictures that can make students laugh. Of course this humor insertion should not be done excessively and needs to be considered the level of appropriateness before being thrown to the students. For example, do not include sexual humor or racial feelings in the lesson.

Light forms of humor such as caricatures, anecdotes, short stories, cartoons, short jokes or puns that can liven up the atmosphere in the classroom to be more cheerful, relaxed and fun when studying. Teachers who are able to teach with good humor will be able to reduce student anxiety and tension in learning. Some of the benefits of humor in the learning process include:
• Building communication and improving relationships between teachers and students.
• Reducing stress on students and teachers
• Making the learning process more interesting so that students are able to focus and concentrate on the lesson.
• Improve students’ memory of the subject matter.

  1. Give Time to Rest

Istirahat atau refreshing akan menjadi metode untuk meningkatkan konsentrasi belajar siswa yang perlu dilakukan ketika terjadi kejenuhan terhadap proses belajar. Kejenuhan bisa mengganggu konsentrasi belajar karena siswa sudah merasa jemu berpikir dan menggunakan otaknya untuk belajar. Jika siswa tampak jenuh maka jangan paksakan proses belajar untuk terus berlangsung. Sebaiknya beri jeda waktu untuk siswa menyegarkan pikiran kembali misalnya selama 5 – 10 mnit untuk mengalihkan pikiran sejenak dari pelajaran.

Tips for Teachers
Teachers cannot just deliver lessons without paying attention to the condition of their students and take a focusing approach. There are two types of attention, namely spontaneous attention that comes from within the student, and non-spontaneous attention that arises because of external stimuli. The following are some of the efforts that teachers can make in applying methods to increase student learning concentration:
• Organizing materials and subject matter to attract attention from students.
• Presenting the subject matter using the method students prefer.
• Connecting subject matter with everyday experiences, facts and facts of life that are close to students.
• Provide material appropriate to the level of thinking and inner experience of students.

  • Delivering material using an attractive language and intonation.
    • Displaying a cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic expression and attitude when teaching with fresh humor inserted.

Methods to increase the concentration of other students ‘learning can be done by fixing students’ external factors, for example in terms of their physical life and habits. It cannot be denied that physical conditions will also affect one’s learning concentration. Taking vitamins for brain performance will provide additional nutrients needed by the brain to digest lessons.

Increasing physical activity such as exercising regularly can also affect the increase in student concentration. Likewise, reducing sugar intake can reduce the ability to concentrate, consume enough water in a day, solve any problems that occur outside the teaching and learning process, and build good sleep patterns at night to keep the brain fresh the next day.


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