Craftopia: how to get armor, clothing, helmets and hats

In this Craftopia guide we tell you how to get clothes, armor and hats to dress your avatar. It is one of the most common doubts among beginners and, as you will see below, it is as easy as creating your own clothes.

First of all, you don’t have to change island, level up or get involved in annihilating enemies and completing dungeons in search of new armor. All you have to do is craft it.

How to get clothes and armor

To craft clothing and armor , all you need is to assemble a Crafting Station or Forge and use materials such as Leather or Iron to create your own clothing and armor. Keep in mind that you will need an average of 20 pieces of leather to create them.


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How to get helmets and hats

To get hats you need a different crafting station called Hatter Station . There you can create your own helmets and hats using different materials.

Note that both hat and clothing crafting is unlocked from the first island, so you can start building your own character customization set as soon as you enter those stations.


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