Master Roshi: the definitive guide. All the moves, tricks and tips for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Venerable martial arts masters there is a barbarity, but like the Turtle Goblin none: Master Roshi already does his thing in Dragon Ball FighterZ and his repertoire of blows is much more than original: it is a total break with the mobility system of the game that brings very interesting possibilities.

The legendary teacher of the Turtle School and mentor to Grandpa Gohan, Goku and Krillin is an old man of distracted morals , but also a true martial arts prodigy capable of standing up to the most powerful beings in all the universes. Literally.

With that in mind, mastering his technique in the Ark System Works game will require adapting to his particular way of moving: Master Roshi is not easy to handle , but in return he has advantages of mobility in jump and in the air that make him into a fearsome fighter.


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However, this old rogue does not step into the ring so that we can simply see him cross the screen: he also knows how to play the game, set traps, give thunderous shots and fill the stage with projectiles. Because Master Roshi is the only fighter who does not fly, but has up to four brutal variants of the Kamehameha , the star technique of the Turtle Style.

Important notes about the character

The Master Roshi represents the fighting style of the first adventures of Goku , and although you will see launching kamehames with ease and generosity, where really stands out is in its unique ability to confuse your enemy and leave it exposed.

As we discussed, he is not an easy character to approach . Starting because it does not move in the air like the others and, by extension, it does not pounce and chase the opponent automatically. Now he has several aces up his sleeve, such as the Master Jump or the Reverse Kamehameha.

On the other hand, and despite the fact that he seems weak and weak , in Dragon Ball FighterZ Master Roshi is practically as tall as Goku in his default combat pose and has special techniques capable of slowing down and even nullifying an out of control Broly.

Not to mention, of course, his ability to pull his cane out of nowhere to deliver forceful blows and shots at deceptive distances.

Although below we will explain how to get the most out of it, it is worth bearing in mind that:

  • Master Roshi’s average self- talkends with the Mafuba , which will allow us to remove the enemy from the screen and replace him with another in reserve.
  • His low kick has great reachand goes under punches and projectiles, but takes too long to recover.
  • Although he cannot fly, Master Roshi can make the disappearance and strike after he vanishes.
  • Perhaps his normal kamehamehadoes not match the size of Goku or the rest of the fighters, but it does match in strength and damage. It’s the original kamehameha!
  • His back kick in jump allows us to make a cross-up(hit to the head during the phase of change of sides) very convenient: the fighters of Dragon Ball FighterZ take a long time to recover from a jump after changing sides.
  • Finally, Master Roshi has one of the most damaging Super Moves in the game if we continue his Extraordinary Turtle Hermitat the cost of an extra level. A bargain.

As an extra detail, if Master Roshi is injured during the battle we will not only see scratches and marks on his body and uniform, but he will lose his sunglasses.

Master Roshi’s mobility

The Master Roshi did not learn to fly, but do not need anyone to take in tow to distribute stubble in Dragon Ball FighterZ has a system that will move us a little more freedom, but we have to be us manually, who let’s decide the direction.

From the start, with our feet on the ground we can make use of the Master Jump by pressing the button that is normally dedicated to the assault in flight.

When executed, Master Roshi will quickly leap forward, regardless of whether there is an enemy or not. But the most interesting thing is that, unlike the attack, it does not repel the projectiles: it passes them.

What does this mean? Under normal circumstances, an enemy can cancel a single projectile attack with another attack type. If Roshi passes that projectile, the enemy will have to react naturally and without being able to chain a new movement.

But the best thing is that we will be the ones who control the jump angle: depending on which direction we press before performing the Master Jump (simple, back, down, front, diagonal) we can choose between five heights.

Of course, we must calculate the type of jump if we perform an airdrop: in case we lift the enemy we can lose the chain of blows if we execute the wrong jump.

And what happens if we want to move in the air? The Master Roshi has another unique technique: the reverse Kamehameha . A projectile that will execute instead of the Master Jump when its feet do not touch the ground and will allow us to move, literally, in the direction we want.

It may not be as fast as the automated tracking assault for other fighters, but it has two advantages.

  • On the one hand, we can move in any direction. Both horizontally and vertically. And not only that: our own body becomes a projectile that inflicts damage.
  • On the other hand, if we aim at the enemywe will not only move away from him in the direction we choose, but with the end of the kamehameha we also generate damage.

In other words: the reverse Kamehameha is not only a movement technique, but it is also an aerial projectile that we can launch in the direction we want.

In addition to the above, Master Roshi has the ability to perform a fast back flip by pressing down on the special attack button further. A technique very similar to Trunks and with the same advantages.

Master Roshi’s Special Moves

The Master Roshi is a rogue travel, and that is reflected in its repertoire of techniques. Most are focused on surprising or catching the enemy off guard, although it also has several tricks with which to anticipate any complicated situation.

Mirrored image

The Reflected Image is one of the most emblematic techniques of the Turtle School . Master Roshi will begin to adopt a relaxed pose, putting his hands behind his back to, in an instant, appear right behind the enemy, striking an accurate blow to the back of the neck.

Ascendant Phoenix

Master Roshi’s staff gives a lot of play in Dragon Ball FighterZ, appearing and disappearing out of nowhere as if it were Dabra’s sword. With the Ascendant Phoenix we will be able to elevate even the smallest fighters and expose them to any attack while they are completely defenseless.

Turtle Orb

Turtle Orb is a very simple technique to execute and, although it does not generate much damage, it has a really interesting effect: Roshi throws a shiny object in an arc above the enemy.

The objective is not only to intercept a possible jump, but it also has a boomerang effect , so if we measure the time well we will catch our objective completely defenseless.

Back Kick

The Back Kick is called to be one of Roshi’s greatest tools when it comes to starting combos: although when performing it in front of our enemy it is practically useless, by jumping on it we can start the attack from the air, being the cross-up fastest of the whole game. Very dangerous!

Wise Warrior

Practically all the fighters in Dragon Ball FighterZ have an offensive attack with displacement, and Roshi is no exception: Wise Warrior starts with an assault blow that, after hitting it, positions us behind the enemy’s back.

From there, Roshi will execute the auction by releasing an energy ball that will project the opponent enough so that there is no retaliation.

Explosive Spirit

One of Master Roshi’s flagship moves: the Explosive Spirit is a powerful punch that runs at enormous speed. It takes very little to activate, it can be charged to surprise the enemy and it even has a second hit (in exchange for half a ki bar) if we use the strong attack.


The best known technique of the Turtle School and the most emblematic of all Dragon Ball: the kamehameha is a cannon that, while swinging, absorbs small projectiles and damages enemies while executing assaults in the air.

Roshi’s kamehameha is equivalent in strength to that of Goku, Krillin and most missile-type special moves, although his speed is, while being generous, within average.

Thunderous Surprise

Master Roshi’s secret weapon: Thunderous Surprise is, for all intents and purposes, a super angled ranged grip. In fact, if we use it as soon as we start the fight we can hunt down the enemy.

Three cool things about the Thunderous Surprise :

  • It is unblockable: if the enemy crosses your path, it will be useless to take cover.
  • We can modify the direction of the rayjust before projecting it. We can even use it vertically.
  • In case of meeting an enemy projectile, even in the air, both are crossedinstead of nullifying. If Thundering Surprise hits the enemy character first, Roshi takes no damage.

Divided Jumps

A simple attack but with interesting possibilities: Roshi stretches his legs in a jump hitting in both directions. In case of hitting, the enemy will be fired.

Fist Nana

The Nana Fist is a movement capable of completely nullifying the opponent: Roshi will execute a wave that will numb everyone within his reach.

Although hitting the right moment is essential so that the enemy does not hit first or escape, in case of receiving the technique any opponent will end up on the ground, lying down and completely defenseless.

Turtle Fall

The Turtle Fall is much more than a strong aerial elbow performed in a diagonal fall: it is a sensational way to expand the mobility of our jumps, Master Jumps and Reverse Kamehamehas with a blow that, in general, is usually accurate.

Master Roshi’s Super Special Moves

The Master Roshi can do wonders with one or two levels of energy bars. Even give the combat a total twist. Of course, we will have to have an extra precision to get the most out of their Super Special Moves.

Evil Containment Wave (Mafuba)

The Mafuba is a technique created to confine evil beings, although in Dragon Ball FighterZ can use it with whatever we put in front. And most importantly: without it costing us our lives!

In practice, the Wave of Evil Containment is a whirlwind that unfolds like any projectile in the game. If hit, the enemy will be completely defenseless and at the mercy of the kinematics.

From there, two effects happen: on the one hand, the consequent loss of health that is reflected in the life bar itself. However, the most interesting thing is that, once the process is over, the enemy will undergo a forced replacement and will be replaced by the next fighter from the opposing team.

And what happens if there is no substitute and our enemy ran out of health bar? Well, we will have access to an extra kinematics in which Roshi will cover the container.

Hermit Turtle Extraordinary

The Extraordinary Turtle Hermit, more than a technique, is a spectacular succession of blows. Of course, blows executed with all the muscles and strength of Roshi.

When performing the movement, and after a brief cut-scene, we will see how Roshi performs a powerful upward hitting with his cane with a really wide reach. If hit, the enemy will bounce off the wall and return to be hit again by the Hermit Turtle.

Next, Roshi will perform a series of juggles in which the enemy will be constantly hit with his staff without touching the ground.

(Continued) Kamehameha Ultimate Power

The Extraordinary Turtle Hermit has a continuation that should not be missed: in exchange for an additional ki level, we will see how Roshi jumps on his staff, now nailed to the ground, during the moment in which our enemy is knocked down.

Finally, from above, Master Roshi will execute a glorious vertical kamehameha, creating a crater of destruction while greatly increasing the amount of damage inflicted .

Meteoric movement of Master Roshi

Roshi’s meteoric movement may not be the one that offers the most game in the face of his highly varied repertoire. Above all, considering that it will cost us three levels of ki. But it is clear that it is very harmful and spectacular.

The Best Kamehameha

Just as he did to reduce King Gyuma’s mountain and castle to ashes , Master Roshi unleashes all his power by charging his muscles with pure vital energy.

The Best Kamehameha requires a state of extreme concentration, although – luckily – during the cinematic our enemy will not be able to move.

Finally, Master Roshi will unleash a colossal blast of power that covers the vast majority of the screen. A great way to put your opponent on the ropes or punish an assistant out of time in style.

Strategies to follow when fighting Master Roshi

The most important thing about Master Roshi is that he has a unique mobility system . It will demand that we take it into account at all times, but -once mastered- it will help us to control the stage more and better and better subdue our rivals.

While Roshi’s normal attacks don’t have much range, his mid-low kick and cane strikes are capable of giving our enemies quite a scare. Surprise them!

On the other hand, Roshi’s two most effective techniques are his Thundering Surprise and his Explosive Spirit . The first is unblockable and will defeat the enemy very easily, while the second has a simply flawless execution time.

Finally, take advantage of the Mafuba to bring the fighters with less health back to combat. And the best thing is that it is the clasp of the average car-combo. An advantage capable of deciding the combat.

Tips for fighting Master Roshi

The Master Roshi is a character who needs a special precision to be really lethal, so the speed will be much more effective than single force.

When on the ground, remember to cover both your front and back – Roshi’s techniques are designed to hit surprise from both directions.

The Thunderous Surprise is a true aerial trap. If you jump, try to always have at least one charge of kí to appear just behind in case it is executed and remember that it can even change the direction.

Finally, keep in mind that the Mafuba will usually draw your second fighter in reserve. If you save your character to regain health bar, change it to the third assistant (in case they haven’t knocked him down yet, of course).


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