Corn: Export Agricultural Products

Corn-based foods are the most popular in the Colombian population; they constitute, without a doubt, a high percentage of their diet that is not very well balanced due to the high percentage of carbohydrate intake and a low protein ration.

The crop is presented in all thermal floors except for the moors and its harvest is obtained after ninety days of sowing in fertile and warm lands; and in six months or more in areas like Boyacá and Cundinamarca.

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In what corresponds to the grain of hard corn in other countries it is used for the consumption of animals, but in Colombia; It is still being used for human consumption. A small portion of it is only used in poultry farming.The number of cultivated hectares of corn is quite large along with coffee and cane, because in all departments there is cultivation of it; Sucre, Cesar, Magdalena, Bolívar and Valle del Cauca stand out. The primary form of cultivation is done through small plots with the help of the plow with oxen or the chuzo.

There are farms of agricultural experimentation such as San Jorge de Antioquia and Palmira where through research; A more productive corn seed has been produced.

Lately; The seed of the so-called opaque corn has begun to be introduced, which has a very high content of vegetable proteins, which has favored the field of economics and diet; making the Colombian food significantly improve.

Although we have land that could be cultivated not only for our consumption but also for export, the latter has not been achieved because we have a very low crop yield which distances them from international competition. By 1990 we had a production of 1,468 kilograms per hectare.The use of fertilizers, the elimination of inadequate land, crop rotation, etc. They are necessary practices to increase national production and possible exports.

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