What cases is attended by a family lawyer?

As the name implies, family lawyers are professionals in charge of providing legal advice to those who require it, focusing mainly on areas related to the family.

These lawyers have the power to defend the interests and rights of all the members of a family, not only of the children, but also of the parents and other relatives who need it and hire their professional services.

If you are in Colombia, compare several family lawyers that are in total disposition, to regulate the patrimonial relations of the family nucleus and to watch over the rights of each one, applying the relevant Colombian laws.

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What cases do lawyers specializing in family attend?

The family lawyer is a person who has sufficient knowledge to apply the laws of justice and specifically handles cases such as:


Many of the couples who decide to separate , require professional legal help, in order to legally break the bond with the former spouse.

It also applies in cases of domestic violence , where a lawyer specializing in family, has the power to request a restraining order before a court , so that the abuser cannot approach his partner or dispose of his property, until it is fulfilled the corresponding legal process.

Paternity Cases:

For mothers who require their child’s father to fulfill his legal and financial responsibilities with the child; also in case the father wishes to establish the paternity of his son.

In addition to ensuring that the child can maintain communication with his father, it also allows him to access his genetic information, to receive social security benefits, among others.

Child custody and livelihood:

When paternity is established, the non-custodial parent has a legal obligation to pay a specific amount of money, which is used to support the child.

The amount must be based on the amount of the father’s income and the child’s support.

The family lawyer is responsible for establishing these agreements, mediating between both parties to reach agreements that benefit children mainly.

They can also define the visits of the non-custodial parent, and all those actions that are needed to establish an effective legal relationship in the family.

Domestic violence and abuse:

Although these cases can be handled from the criminal court, a family lawyer can also intercede in some aspects, guaranteeing the best options for all members.

In cases of domestic violence, the family lawyer must ensure the protection of the assaulted person, and make the law comply with the aggressor.

Also the family lawyer, serves as a mediator in the negotiation of these types of cases, since they can be one of the most complex, in addition to working with any problem that may arise.

Couples in fact:

This is another case attended by a family lawyer, ensuring that the interests of both parties are protected.

In some cases, unmarried couples may qualify as “de facto marriage,” according to the jurisdictions of the site where they are located.

In this case, issues related to paternity may arise, and problems similar to those of divorced or married persons, so that a family court is the place to resolve them.

Prenuptial Agreements:

They are made through a document detailing the disposition of all current assets of the couple, and agreements are reached on how they will be distributed or not, in case one of the spouses dies.

These cases correspond to a family lawyer when it comes to second nuptials and there are children involved, when one of the spouses is financially irresponsible or unfaithful.

Other cases attended by a family lawyer

  • Matters that relate to inheritances and wills.
  • Adoption of minors and guardianship assignment.
  • Food or economic pensions.
  • Marital heritage.
  • Separation of Property.


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