How many calories should you consume per day according to your body and lifestyle?

When your body absorbs nutrients, enough energy is generated for your cells to function normally , hence the importance of eating the necessary calories that your body needs , taking into account your age, weight, height and gender.

Calculate how much energy you need to be well:

Basal metabolic expenditure

Women: 655 + (9.7 x weight (Kg)) + (1.8 x size (cm)) – (4.7 x age (years))
Men: 66 + (13.7 x weight (Kg)) + (5 x size (cm)) – (6.8 x age (years))

When calculating this parameter we will know the energy needed if we were at rest . However, this is not the real requirement of a person since it is necessary to take into account the energy to perform our daily activities .

Below, you will find a requirement table by activity so that depending on the type of activity that is closest to your pace of life, multiply it to your basal metabolic expenditure:


Activity requirement table
Exercise Request
Sedentary: Typical activities of daily living
(eg, household chores, walking to the bus, driving, writing, watching TV).
1.0 – 1.39
Active low: Typical daily activities live MORE 30 minutes of moderate daily physical activity
(ex: slow walk).
1.4 – 1.59
Active: Daily activities typical of living MORE at least 60 minutes of moderate daily physical activity
(ex: fast walking, dancing).
1.6 – 1.89
Very active: Typical daily activities live MORE at least 60 minutes of vigorous daily physical activity or 120 minutes of moderate daily physical activity
(ex: sports: Soccer, basketball, etc)
1.9 – 2.5


Finally, you get the 10% value that corresponds to the thermal effect of food that refers to the energy we consume since we chew a food until its nutrients are absorbed, metabolized and transported by the body.

Let’s look at this example:

Woman, 26 years, weight: 60 Kg, Size: 167 cm, Activity: Active

Metabolic expenditure for women: 655 + (9.7 x 60) + (1.8 x 167) – (4.7 x 26)
Basal metabolic expenditure = 1415 calories

Now we multiply the value obtained by 1.6 that corresponds to the activity requirement: 1415 x 1.6: 2264 calories.
Finally, we get 10% at 2264 which corresponds to 226.4 and add it to 2264: 2264 + 226.4: 2490.Therefore, the energy that this person requires to be well is 2490 calories .

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