Exercising consistently is a challenge for almost everyone.  There are many reasons on the head that can prevent you from exercising regularly. Reasons such as limited time, do not like sports and then feel tired to exercise after work.

The solution to this is that you can start making promises to yourself. You can start implementing goals and schedules to do them consistently. This article will explain how to begin to promise yourself to maintain body fitness.


Start Making Routine Schedules


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The first way to start focusing on exercise is to make a regular schedule. You should start slowly first. For example, set aside 30 minutes a day to start exercising. Then the intensity can be three times a week or can be more.

You can start taking notes in a Journal or calendar on a smartphone as a reminder. This note will remind you to exercise on the right schedule. Then, after exercising you can record it again to increase the progress that you have done.


Exercise with pleasure


Think of it as a fun activity so that you are motivated. You should choose a fun exercise activity. You can choose sports variants such as swimming, running or playing futsal.

With a pleasant exercise you will do it without feeling overwhelmed or happy. In addition, you will also do it with a relaxed feeling.


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Increase intensity


When you already have a commitment such as exercising three times a week, you can increase its intensity for the better. For example, by increasing the frequency to four times a week.

Increasing the intensity is not a bad thing even though you already have a commitment to exercise in a certain frequency. As long as you are able and happy while doing it, this will be good for you.


Give Reward


After consistently being able to exercise regularly you can begin to reward yourself. Reward can be in the form of pampering yourself by buying clothes, shoes or a little food to appreciate success.

This reward can be a tool for you to appreciate the efforts that have been made. Besides this reward can also make you more excited to do other sports activities.


Be flexible


You can also be flexible when you exercise. In the sense of not having to be rigid like having to exercise to the gym when you’re busy. When time is limited, you can spend your exercise at home or during lunch breaks on foot.


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Being flexible in sports will keep you fit without having to be rigid in certain benchmarks. You can still exercise with feelings of pleasure and excitement while losing your weight. Flexible patterns are the solution to achieving your target  body goals  .

The five ways above can be a reference to keep exercising diligently. Commitment and determination remain the main key to regular exercise.


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