Complete guide to Cyberpunk 2077

Complete guide to Cyberpunk 2077 to get 100%

Welcome to our Cyberpunk 2077 guide ! Being by far the most anticipated title of the end of 2020, we did not want to miss the opportunity to offer you all kinds of content about the new IP that they offer us from CD Projekt Red , the studio behind ‘ The Witcher 3 ‘ and its prequels and what counts with the approval of millions of fans around the world who have received this title for PS4 , PS5 , PC , Xbox One  and  Xbox Series . Given this, on this page you can find links to all the content of our Cyberpunk 2077 Guide , including the story, the extras, among others.

Cyberpunk 2077

Main courses

The history of Cyberpunk 2077  will take us to all kinds of locations within Night City , a place where the events that we will experience with our avatar take place. Having said all this, there will be many main missions that we will have to complete, which is why you can find everything you need to complete them below:




Practice makes a master

The rescue

The matasanos

The walk

The proof

The woman

The hit

I will dance on your grave

In the heat of love in a bar

Give me back my girl

Meat for the mincer

Tell me a story

M’ap Tann Pèlen

Terror in the supermarket

Between two lands

There is no beach here


I have a passenger

As we have changed

They won’t be able to stop us

Rhythm of the Night

Death will visit you

Nightly OP. 55 No. 1

New times, wild times


My lost rock

When we were the best


The howitzer is going to explode


In construction

Cyberpunk 2077

Endings and Romances

Being a CD Projekt Red game , it was obvious that Cyberpunk 2077  had to present different choices with options, which would mark some aspects of the game, such as the final result of the story, as well as who we can finish it with among others. That is why below you can access the pages where it is explained how to obtain all the endings and romances of the game:



Cyberpunk 2077


In Cyberpunk 2077  we will be living our adventure in Night City , a gigantic metropolis through which we will have to move to fulfill the different objectives. However, far from walking everywhere, the most effective thing without a doubt is to bring our own Vehicle , either in the form of a car or motorcycle. Therefore, here you can discover the best of the game:

Best Vehicles

Akira’s motorbike

Johnny Silverhand’s car

Cyberpunk 2077



One of the key elements to be able to face all the enemies available in Cyberpunk 2077  are the weapons, which will be of different classes so that you can use those that best suit your style of combat, be it close combat or at a distance. For all these reasons, on the following pages you can find information related to some special weapons  that are available in the game:

Best Weapons

Mantis Claws

Single cable

Shingen Mark V Prototype



Cyberpunk 2077

Additional features

On the other hand, despite the fact that history is one of its strengths, Cyberpunk 2077  also draws on all the secondary content it has, in such a way that here you can find all the details that the CD Projekt Red title hides :

Minimum and recommended PC requirements



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