Completing additional missions in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

A guide to starting and completing all additional tasks and Mr. Hands fixer orders in the Phantom Freedom story expansion.

Side missions in Phantom Liberty are divided into two types. The main ones are quests, marked with yellow markers, as are story missions, although hovering over the game map will indicate that this is a minor story. The second type is orders, highlighted in green “folders” with exclamation marks on the map. These markers will appear as you progress through the DLC storyline, but they have one thing in common – each order gives out a Mr. Hands fixer. Finally, there is a small exception to the rule – this is the first additional task “Steal and Sell”, with which we will begin our guide.

Steal and sell

walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom

For the first time, you will be able to take this task during the “Sleeper Agent” story mission. After getting out of the building where Myers is hiding, follow the marker on the main road. To the east (to the right on the map) of the Cress Street fast travel point is a marker with a green car steering wheel. Here you will meet two gangsters, one of whom kills the prisoner. There is no need to save it, you are interested in the car. As soon as you sit inside, you will be contacted by Mumar “El Capitan” Reyes, who will tell you about the car. This is how the task begins.

Mumar "El Capitan" Reyes, who will tell you about the car.

Drive to the indicated location. Along the way, you will in any case be attacked by bandits, so hold ALT, select a pistol or submachine gun and shoot directly from the car. You can hold RMB for manual aiming or trust the automatic targeting system. When you break away from the chase, follow the car to the garage. If something happens, you can always stop to go out and finish off your opponents with any other weapon. After driving the car into the garage, go out and talk to El Capitan. Get into his car, and then agree to steal cars.

El Capitan. Get into his car, and then agree to steal cars

The task will be completed. From now on, green steering wheel markers will appear near you, indicating the cars El Capitan needs. If you don’t bring the car right away, it will disappear. However, El Capitan will soon find a new order for you.

Wherever you throw it, there’s a clinch everywhere

walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom

This side quest will start automatically when you complete the storyline. Eventually, you will receive a message from Trainer Fred, who will point you to the fighter Aaron Waynes. Go to the indicated location, optionally talk to the bookmaker and place a bet on Aaron to win the fight. When he sits down, talk to him. He asks for help – before an important fight he needs to get to Damir.

Go to the indicated location and sit on the bench to wait for Aaron. Follow Aaron, who will tell you about the chip. Only Damir can pull him out, but the passage to him is guarded by “Scavengers”. Go to the main entrance, but do not approach the enemies. It’s clear how to act straightforwardly, destroying all enemies, but let’s try to complete the task as secretly as possible!

There are two mines on the left side of the main entrance. You can find containers between them. Climb up them and the yellow stairs, and through the rubble, enter the building to the second floor. Disable the two mines (only 3 pieces of equipment are required) and lift the ventilation grille. Go downstairs, leave the room and eliminate the first enemy. Jump down below. There is another enemy standing near the passage with a door and a camera. The best way to hack a surveillance camera is to disable it. Then activate the enemy distraction device on the device further than the enemy, in the corner by the stairs. While he’s distracted, sneak up behind him and stun him. Save and you can stun the two enemies at the entrance, who were bypassed along the rubble on the side of the gate. It’s better to attack the one on the left and let Aaron take care of the one on the right.

Finally, on the corpse of the enemy standing near the gate with the alarm, there is a note that says that the code is written above the terminal. There is a terminal on the other side of the gate, so connect to the security camera in the room and find the code 4300. Enter it on the terminal to turn off the alarm.

Go to the facility. One of the two enemies will leave, so stun the closest one and hide the body in the dumpster on the left. Turn off the CCTV camera on the right and move down when the enemy on the bridge above has his back to you. Sneak up to the enemy in the far left corner, squatting (if he is not there, wait until he approaches). Eliminate and hide the body behind the boxes. Behind the same boxes there is a staircase leading up. Go up and neutralize the enemy on the bridge, and then throw the corpse into the garbage hole marked with a red icon. Cross the bridge, enter the room and neutralize the enemy near the computer. You can disable all surveillance cameras and even capture a turret to kill enemies.

However, let’s continue to act secretly. Go back through the door and look for a yellow staircase on the right. Climb up it. There will be two enemies on the left, and you won’t be able to get around them. You can use the camera above them to distract them, but move to the right, around the perimeter counterclockwise. Distract the enemy spirit with the camera and neutralize it (Aaron eliminates the distant target). Nearby there is a broken staircase with steps. Jump over and go higher. Run across to the other side along the bridge, but keep in mind that there are two holes in it.

Having done this, turn left, get to the door, but first eliminate the enemy on the balcony on the left. When Aaron walks into Damir’s office, sit in a chair and wait for the procedure to complete.

If you agree with Angie

walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom

The reward, the outcome of the quest and the fate of Aaron depend on your further choice. When Angie shows up, she will offer 10% of the fee from Aaron’s future leak. If you agree, you will avoid battle and can safely leave Damir’s clinic. Having done this, return to any shelter and rest for about three days. Immediately after this there will be a message from Angie. All you have to do is visit the ring where Aaron was first met and talk to Angie. Regardless of your choice, you will be transferred 10,000 Eurodollars. Aaron will live, and this is an important detail.

If you refuse the deal with Angie

The second option is to reject Angie’s offer. In this case, you will have to fight with her and her two bodyguards. After the victory, take the iconic standard Cheetah pistol and about 1000 Eurodollars from Angie’s corpse. Aaron will wake up. Talk to him, leave Damir’s clinic (again, no one will attack you) and rest for about three days. After resting, you will be contacted by Aaron, who will set up a meeting at the bar east of the ring. Go there, go up to the road and talk to the waiter. He will say that Aaron went with two thugs behind the building. When you go there, you will find Aaron’s corpse, and the task will be completed.

If you refuse the deal with Angie

Thus, there are two options – agree with Angie’s proposal, but force Aaron to still lose fights, get $10,000 and a living Aaron; or refuse Angie’s offer, kill her, take the iconic Cheetah pistol, but this will lead to the death of Aaron (although the guy will lose the fight in the tenth round, but for the first time in his life he will act according to his conscience).

Order: Saints of the Hound City

Another side task from the “Orders” category, which you will receive automatically as you progress through the game. In my case, this happened during the mission “Sleeper Agent”, when I was exploring the Captain Caliente Diner. You will receive a message that the fixer Mr. Hands has received a certain order from Odello Blanco. Go to the marked location and talk to the customer, who is located west of the Luxor Peak Spa fast travel terminal or southeast of the Golden Pacific Boulevard terminal.

Golden Pacific Boulevard terminal.

After the conversation, follow the marker to the clinic. Walk around the parking lot clockwise to find the entry point on the far left. There will be a lone guard here, so use the security camera to distract the enemies and neutralize the target. Go inside through the door. Distract the enemy in the right corner using the vending machine standing there. Sneak up from behind and neutralize it. Move around the perimeter of the first floor, counterclockwise, and neutralize two more opponents. Having done this, distract the enemy behind the altar using the device in the wall (hack it), and eliminate the squatting guard in the center of the hall. First, you can jump to the second floor and get rid of two more targets, although in the end they didn’t bother me. If you have time, sneak up on the enemy behind the altar and neutralize him. Generally, this is not necessary, since neither the two enemies above nor the enemies behind the altar and in the center of the room bother you. It is enough to go through the open door to the right of the altar, without going up the steps to it.

After going down to the basement, go to the right. When one enemy moves away from the other to the right, neutralize both. Before entering Anderson’s office, make sure to neutralize (at least stun) all the Scavengers inside the building. Otherwise, you’ll have to shoot them later. Nika attacked the doctor and is trying to find out where her brother Gaspar is. Anderson admits that he died, but does not want to give up the body, since the implants from the corpse will be useful to other patients. The only way to avoid a fight is not to interfere with Nika and demand that Gaspar return the body. At some point he will agree and give the girl the key card. Talk to Gaspar until the end, and if there are no enemies left in the building, he will ask you to tell Odello that he can return to the clinic with the patients.

Just leave the building in any convenient way and the mission will end. If you still anger Nika, you will have to kill the girl. She does not have any cult weapons, and there is no point in doing so. After this, again talk to Anderson until the end and leave the building. If there is anyone left in the clinic, you will have to eliminate them (they will probably go down to the basement and an open shootout will begin). A little later you will receive 8,000 eurodollars, experience and reputation points.

Path of Kings

The quest will begin after you scan one of the four strange graffiti in Dog Town. It doesn’t matter what graffiti it is or what tarot card you unlock. At the same time, markers for each of the four maps will gradually appear on the map as you complete story missions. If you don’t rush, at some point you will get the icons and you can easily collect all four cards. But below we will tell you where to find each of them and complete the task at the beginning of the game.

  1. During the Sleeper Agent mission, you will find yourself in an abandoned building when you take the elevator with Myers to the apartment floor. While you are moving towards the desired apartment (or after you leave it), pay attention to the wall with graffiti on it. Scan this graffiti to receive the first tarot card, “The King of Performances.”
  2. You can also receive the second tarot card “King of Wands” as part of the story mission “Sleeper Agent”. When you first meet Reed on the basketball court, look at the concrete wall nearby to see some graffiti. Be sure to scan it!

walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom

  1. The next card is the King of Cups. And you could get it at the very beginning of the add-on, when you got to the checkpoint leading to the Dog City. You then turned to the right to meet Jay as the path forward was blocked. There, on the corner on the right there is a building with strange graffiti (see the screenshots below for guidance). Scan them to get a tarot card.
  2. The last tarot card, “The King of Swords,” is located next to the entrance to the Moth bar, where you will find yourself in the story quest of the add-on “Old Wounds.” There is also a fast travel point “Coastal Slums”. Looking at the entrance to the Moth bar (it is on the second floor, but you stand below), move to the right. Turn into the alley and you will find strange graffiti near the back entrance to the building. Scan it to get the fourth card.

After that, follow the marker to Misty and talk to her for the graffiti you found. Select the “We need to think things through” option to complete the quest. If you ask what conclusions to draw, the task simply will not end.

Down and Out trouble started

Near the Golden Pacific Boulevard fast travel point there is a yellow marker that will appear literally at the very beginning of the game, when you find cover for Myers. Once outside, follow the marker (or do it later) and find Paco sitting in a tent. Chat with him. You can give up alcohol, but diving won’t work. You will control Kurt Hansen. Talk to Yuri, go downstairs and fight Paco in a fist fight. Take the drug a second time to control Kurt again. Shoot back from the bandits using a pistol, and when the car stops, finish off all the enemies. Don’t forget that Yuri and Paco are helping you. During the battle, use a pistol or katana.

After winning, you will continue talking to Paco and an important choice will appear. So, you can suggest that he frame Yuri or flee the city.

If you decide to frame Yuri

In this case, go to the indicated location and sit on the bench in the underground passage. After a short pause, Yuri will appear, who saw through Paco’s plan and decided to eliminate you. This will be a boss fight. Run away if you have the appropriate weapon, and aim for the head or weak spots (when they are highlighted). Yuri likes to throw grenades, so be careful. After the victory, search Yuri’s corpse. In addition to the standard weapons (green category), you will find a note. Read it to find out that Kurt ordered Paco to be hanged.

Run along the marker and look for the suspended body. Scan it to find out it’s Paco. Then text (hold T) Babs, who will tell you that she went to Kenya. The task will be completed, and you will receive experience points and reputation.

If you tell Paco to run away

Babs will refuse to leave Dog Town, so Paco will have to escape alone. Go with him to the car you bought, open the trunk, and sit in the front seat. Get out of town. Don’t worry, Paco won’t be found at the checkpoint, since the trunk is made of lead. Outside, stop at the indicated location and say goodbye to Paco. Go to any shelter and rest for 2 days. After this, Paco will contact you. Give your consent to the meeting at Pomorye. Talk to Paco and collect your reward – the iconic Carmen rifle. In this case, apparently, everyone will survive, including Yuri and Paco.

Order: Acrobatic Stunts

Information on this order appeared during the quest “Damn Trouble Begins”, when I decided to take Paco outside the boundaries of Dog City. The starting point is located south of the Grand Imperial Mall complex fast travel point. Talk to Stella while sitting in the front passenger seat. Stella asks to track down the Acrobat, but not to kill his people, so as not to worsen the situation.

Cross the road and enter the abandoned police station. As always, you can make noise or act secretly. Let’s focus on the second option. Upon entering the room, wait behind the glass for one of the two opponents to emerge from the security booth. Then make your way there, follow the mercenary’s back and exit through the other door. When there is only one enemy sitting on a chair ahead, hack the speaker to the left and above him to use as a distraction. Climb onto the ledge and immediately jump over the fence on the left to end up near the elevator. If you do everything quickly, the enemies will not have time to detect you.

Take the elevator down to the basement, stun the enemy at the door and talk to Charles. Help him open the door, go deeper into the room and talk to Charles and Bill. Go with them in the opposite direction. When they open the door, turn off the security camera and hide behind the box on the left. As soon as an enemy passes by you, follow him to the nearest server room and stun him. Move on with Charles and Bill until they run into a locked door. When this happens, pay attention to the wires coming from the door. Move along the wires to the same server room where you stunned the enemy, and interact with the electrical panel on the wall to open the door.

Go back and go through the door. Charles will drop a jar from the shelf. Use your hacking skills to hack the spotlight in the back of the room and distract the guard. After stunning him, pay attention to the red container on the right. Jump up to him and take out the iconic Wolfhound machete.

In the next room there are three opponents at once. Use a hack and distract a distant enemy with a vending machine.

While he is busy, sneak up to the enemy sitting on the chair and neutralize him. Then deal with the bandit near the vending machine, and then the one squatting. Go out to the parking lot and wait for the Acrobat to appear. There are two scenarios – you either fight the Acrobat and his bodyguards, or avoid the battle, saving the lives of the cops. The battle will begin in three cases.

Kill the Acrobat

During the dialogue with the Acrobat, when he turns to you, take out your weapon or tell him that the cops are telling the truth. He will immediately understand everything and attack you. Another option is that you say that the cops are lying, he initially agrees to let you go, but then, when checking the biomonitors of his people, he is convinced that you killed one of them. Of course, if you actually killed someone. In this case, the battle will begin again. The cops will hide and survive in any situation, and you, having finished off the Acrobat, will be able to search his body and pick up the iconic Roscoe revolver.

How to avoid a fight?

Finally, if you want to avoid combat, complete the mission without killing anyone, as we described earlier. Then, when you meet the Acrobat in the underground parking lot, tell him that the cops are lying and he will hear the truth. And then he decides to let everyone go. Provided you didn’t kill anyone! In this case, you will not be able to get the iconic Roscoe revolver. Outside, Mr. Hands will contact you and transfer the money – 8,000 Eurodollars. The amount does not change regardless of whether you killed the Acrobat or not.

Order: The forest is cut down – the chips fly

Order: Out of sight, out of mind

From the Luxor Peak Spa, head northeast to receive a new order from Mr. Hands. Go to the spa complex, near the entrance to which there is a lone voodooist. Go through the left or right door depending on which side the guard is on. It is best to use the right door and immediately eliminate the first enemy secretly. Hack the turret ahead and the security camera on the wall to the left. Hide the body in the container on the right side, go up the steps and eliminate another enemy.

In the room to the left there is a voodooist standing in front of a monitor. Hack the coffee machine closer to you to distract the enemy’s attention, and when he goes back to the table, disarm it. Even better, immediately after the coffee machine, hack another device located near the door. Go to the computer, in the corridor on the right you will see an enemy squatting. Let him move away, follow him and hide behind the container on the left. When the enemy comes back, sneak up behind him and finish him off. Disable the surveillance camera and neutralize the enemy in the next room. Once done, enter the showers on the right. There is an implant salesman and a voodooist. When the voodooist walks towards the shower, stun him. Talk to the implant seller to find out that he supplies implants to voodooists, and they assemble robots from them.

In general, to convince him, you need to choose the first phrase about “Barghest”, pay 500 eurodollars or hit the man. Immediately after this, it will turn on the servers. During your next fight, look for servers that look like cubic or rectangular blocks with red lights. The only benefit from them is that by exploding the server you can cause significant damage to ordinary robots and the boss.

As soon as you go through the double doors, you will find yourself in the server room. The boss, Robot (version 2), will immediately become active. There is only one such enemy here, but the rest of the robots will gradually be activated. They deal less damage and are much easier to destroy. As always, when a weak spot appears, aim for the red diamonds. Also, if you see a server and there is a regular robot or boss next to it, shoot at it. Finally, once you destroy the main Version 2 Robot, all other bots will be deactivated, so keep this in mind. True, if you do not thin out the ranks of ordinary robots, very soon there will be over two dozen of them, and they will easily inflict fatal damage on V. After the victory, take the iconic Agau pistol from the corpse of the main robot.

Go to the next room, find an office in the basement in which a netrunner from the “State Watch” connected to Alexis, who is blackmailing the customer. There are two options. Most phrases will allow you to go against the netrunner. You will have to finish him off, which will cause Alexis to die. After this, search the corpse, take the key card, and exit the spa complex to complete the task. But it’s much better to spare the netrunner and let him do his job. Despite the fact that Johnny convinces you otherwise.

After that, when you leave the building, Mr. Hands will call you. He will be pleased with the decision made, and will also state that Network Watch put the customer in the witness protection program, and now she is definitely not in danger. Moreover, much later in the game, “Network Watch” will contact you, and you will find out how the story ended with the search for the main villain distributing orders for blackmail. A small side quest will begin.

Order: Out of sight, out of mind

Order: Out of sight, out of mind

This order can be picked up in the Moth Bar area, west of the Shore Slums fast travel terminal. Let’s try to complete this mission as stealthily as possible. To begin, enter the area not through the usual passage marked with a marker, but to the left by jumping into the open container with a red plastic chair. Follow the bridge along the building on the left. There will be an enemy ahead. Wait for him to go to the right and go down to his location. Turn left and you will see two more opponents. The enemy with the long gun in the cloak should leave. When this happens, wait for the second enemy in a T-shirt to leave through the container. Jump into the top container to avoid detection, go down to the other side, jump over the box and eliminate the enemy in the tank top. Do the same to the cloaked enemy when he walks towards you. Don’t forget to turn off the security cameras, there will be two of them along the left wall! Then it will not be difficult for you to get to the entrance to the building by jumping onto the metal bridge near it.

Wait for the opponents below to finish speaking and disperse. Jump down and immediately hide behind the box on the left. Kill a lone enemy, temporarily disable the turret, sneak up on the remaining enemies from behind, moving clockwise around the perimeter of the room. Enter the elevator and go up to the floor with the Scavenger headquarters.

Once outside, neutralize the squatting enemy. There are many enemies here, so it will be difficult to eliminate everyone covertly. It’s time to make some noise, although you can complete the level without a fight. To do this, move along the top floor, around the perimeter, clockwise. Walk past the enemy sitting on the edge and wait for the enemy to approach the equipment ahead. When he moves away from him, use the hack and distract his attention with the device in front of you. Get up from behind and eliminate the target. Another enemy will also come here. Distract his attention with the locker, then sneak up behind him and kill him.

After this, you will notice that the entrance to the next room is guarded by a big man. Distract him with the camera and go to the right. When he turns away from the camera, turn it off and kill the big guy. Go down the steps and eliminate the enemies on the first floor. One stands on the balcony, the other in the center of the room, the third in a room with all sorts of equipment. Having done this, go up the steps again and follow the marker. Kill two more opponents standing one after the other, go down and talk with Hassan. He will say that he implanted an implant in himself, so you will have to save him. To open the cage, go back upstairs and look around the marked room. There is a computer here. Find code 2753 in the files and return to Hassan. When you free him, you will have to follow the man. He will stop and ask you to clear some rooms, but if you followed my guide, you will have already eliminated all the targets. And yes, it is advisable to hide corpses.

Pick up the tablet in the room, then go out to the balcony and use the panel on the left to create a bridge. Go to the other side, after which Hasan will offer to leave him. Allegedly, he himself will return the Zetatech prototype. He’s actually lying because he’s trying to escape with the device. If you agree and leave him, go downstairs and transfer the drawings via the parcel terminal, talk to Hands. He will say that no one has heard of Hassan, but you will still receive 8,000 Eurodollars, experience and reputation points. In general, regardless of the decision made, the reward will be the same.

You can also tell Hassan that the prototype must be returned in person. In this case, he will tell you everything, and you can let him go again or call the fixer. If you let go, everything will be the same as in the first case. If you call the fixer, you can hand over Hassan or ask him to take out the chip, but let the man go. In both cases, you will need to wait for the car and hand over the drawings to the mercenaries. Only in the first, Hassan will end up in the clutches of Zetatech, and he will probably be killed, and in the second, he will be free. One way or another, the task will be completed and you will receive a reward. I didn’t find any consequences in the future (I released Hassan, but asked the fixer to take out the prototype). If you ask Hands to pull out the prototype and release Hassan, the “Out of Sight” mission will begin later.

Out of sight

This task will begin if, during the “Out of sight, out of mind” order, you spared Hassan, but asked Hands to remove the chip from his head. In this case, in a few days Hands will write to you and say that Hassan wants to meet in the coastal slums. Move to the indicated location and talk to the man. Take the iconic electromagnetic pistol “Aspiration” from the table.

Order: Open Secret

Travel to the technology park in the southwest of Dog City to activate the next order. Follow to the indicated location, listen to Hands and talk to the netrunner. Enter the nearby elevator and after a successful scan, go down to the exhibition hall. Go to the bar and wait for the bartender. Chat with another guest, and when the bar closes, go through the nearby door while the guard is distracted.

Go around the enemies in the other room on the right, turn off the camera and distract the big guy with the ceiling fan. Stun both enemies. Disable the security camera and go down the steps. Make your way past the enemies in the office until you reach the lobby with the gym booths. Defeat the enemy in the room on the left. Then look for the two enemies in the center. Distract one of them by hacking the device, then sneak up from behind and stun them both. Finally, take out the enemy at the door on the right (the large door won’t budge anyway) to get into a corridor with glass-enclosed rooms. Behind one of them sits a girl on an exercise bike, reading a book.

Go further and there will be a boy named Tommy in Fiona’s reception area. Chat with him, he is worried that no one will choose him for the club. Try to download data from your computer, but Fiona will appear. There are several ways to complete the task. When Fiona offers a compromise, send her and kill her. Having picked up the key card, download the data from the computer and leave the location on the elevator. You will receive 8,000 Eurodollars.

Another option is to agree to a compromise. Follow Fiona into the office and talk. You can agree, and then just get data on unnecessary customers. Leave the location using the elevator to complete your order. You can refuse and force her to enter the password. Download the data from the computer, but when you get outside, experienced guards will be waiting for you (it is extremely difficult to kill them). Alternatively, finish off Fiona, and then she won’t have time to tell anyone. Finally, you can ask her for Tommy by choosing the blue phrase, and then agree to her terms, but so that she gets Tommy into some club. She will agree. In general, everyone will benefit. You will receive 8,000 eurodollars in any case.

Order: The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman

Follow the marker, listen to Hands and talk to Briana. To complete the additional objective, go down to the people where you met Briana. Near the car, look for huge marks from army boots on the floor. Walk past people in the other direction. Examine the bullet hole on the wall and the children’s stash of ammunition under the container. Look for dents on the porch by the white door on the left. When you examine all these points, you will find out that you will be hunting for a cyborg killer.

To hack a chip, open the magazine, select the current back and click on the inscription “Archive chip…”. You should remember how hacking works from the original game. Follow the marker to the old motel and neutralize the guard outside. Once inside, deal with the bandit behind the counter. Follow the second door on the right, into the kitchen, and eliminate two opponents. The stairs are guarded by two other enemies. Use disguises or hack the devices behind them to create a distraction and head upstairs. You can easily deal with opponents on the second floor where necessary, hacking devices such as video cameras and intercoms.

Go up to the third floor and look for a door in the far left corner, behind which there will be Rinder and Yakov Ivanov. You have to fight against the latter. The enemy often uses camouflage, first throwing a toxic grenade at his feet. It usually occupies one of the corners of the floor, and can be recognized by its barely visible outline. I dealt good damage with the Rasetsu sniper rifle I got in Black Sapphire. After winning, go to Rinder and talk to him. You can kill him, as Briana asks, or agree to the coordinates from the hiding place (just listen, don’t attack, and then put the gun to his head, then remove him). This will begin another additional task, “The Outcast.” In addition, there is a third option. Tell him he has cyberpsychosis (listen, report cyberpsychosis as soon as possible), and then make him call Regina. If you don’t kill Rinder, you’ll receive his Army Badge, which you need to show to Briana. When you show Briana the army tag, the task will be completed. In general, you can cover for Rinder for information about the hiding place, or force him to call Regina. And I’ll tell you where to look for the cache in the task below.

Secret ending of the quest

To send Rinder to be treated for cyberpsychosis, BE SURE to study the dialogue between Yakov and Leon, which you will find on the corpse of Yakov (the boss of this task). After this, choose the following dialogue options:

  • Sit down. Rinder? What happened to you?
  • Memory losses? How convenient.
  • And how you killed for Kurt Hansen for years, remember?
  • Let me remind you exactly what you did.
  • I need to call Regina. Even though this phrase is highlighted in blue and V is addressing Johnny, it definitely needs to be said!
  • I think you have cyberpsychosis.
  • Put the gun to Rinder’s head. I advise you to choose your words.
  • Call Regina and ask for help.

The last phrase will appear only if you read the dialogue between Yakov and Leon, which you will find on the corpse of Yakov (the boss of this task). If you did this, after a while Regina will contact you and thank you for the cyberpsychopath Rinder. Afterwards, Rinder himself will write to you, wanting to transfer money to the families affected by his actions. You can agree or demand that he not do this.


This task will begin under one condition – you spared Rinder in the “The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman” order, putting a gun to his head, and then agreeing to cover for information about the cache. Return to Briana, who issued the order, and close it. One way or another, the cache is located in the location from the screenshot below:

In the slums you need to find a yellow freight elevator. Go upstairs and follow the marker (nearby) to find a garage with a wrecked car leaning against it. Enter the code 1975, go inside and take the iconic Deserter double-barreled shotgun from the box. The task will end immediately. You can go here even if you didn’t take the quest (killed Rinder or forced him to call Regina).


You will receive this order in correspondence with Mr. Hands, although it will be considered a full-fledged additional task without the “order” prefix. Follow the marker to the braindance store and talk to Tool and Feather, located in the basement. After the tension jump, Tool is fixated on the fact that he is Lina Malina. Pero wants to cash in on this and film a brain dance with him and the real Lina Malina. After talking with him, go outside and listen to V. Additional goals will appear. Open your phone and text Judy and Victor. After this, you will need to find some thing that is dear to Tul Edgar. Go down to the basement and open the adjacent, right chamber. Read the letter lying on the floor, then talk to Tool. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to convince Edgar right now, but you will complete all the additional goals.

Head to Lina Malina’s mansion, but there will be Scavengers nearby. There are two options – you can kill four Scavengers and hide their bodies somewhere away. The second option is to go around the containers and go up the stairs. Go upstairs and climb onto the container, which is Lina Malina’s house. You are interested in a distant container with a closed window. Go to the main part of the house and find the hatch. After opening it, go down inside the house and find the laptop near the bed. Interact with him and read the information in the files about Lina Malina’s filming with the Scavengers. Get out, jump down and talk to the Scavenger (one of the two) near the stairs. Inform that the shooting is canceled (the phrase will appear only after studying the required file on the laptop). Go upstairs and wait for Lina on the sun lounger. When she appears, talk to her, but under no circumstances tell the truth that someone needs help. You will have to pay 10,000 eurodollars, there are no other options.

Wait a while and then Pero will write back to you. Return to the store and watch the filming. There are different scenarios, but perhaps the best one is if you found a letter in the second cell in the basement, give it to Lina Malina and tell her to read it. After this, Edgar Thule will come to his senses, and the task will be completed. You will receive 8,000 Eurodollars.


Another task from Mr. Hands, which you will receive from him directly. At some point, he will simply contact you and inform you about the journalist. Drive to the indicated location outside of Dog Town and go up to the apartment floor. Having done this, enter the marked apartment, look into the room on the left and examine the bamboo standing behind the glass in the corner of the room. Take the access card, take out the phone (hold T) and text Mr. Hands.

When leaving the apartment, your neighbor will stop you. Talk to him to find out about the strange guys who have been hanging around the house. Drive to the marked point (Cress Street) in Dog Town, where V lives. Take the elevator down to the lower level, go forward and turn right. There are footprints and a hole with a ladder in the corner. Go down below, continue moving the only way, jump onto the rubble, bend down and make your way into the corridor, where Brie will stop you. Give her the key card and follow. You can stop and ask Bree some questions.

Scan the two turrets in the corridor to find out that they are not working. V will inform Bree about this. Go through several rooms, scanning everything around. You need to destroy the turrets if they activate and disable the laser traps. Once this happens, Bree will be able to move on. And so on through two rooms, after which you will find yourself in the server room. Watch the videos, then talk to Bree and Dante. There are two options: you can do nothing and let Dante finish off Bree. In this case, you will receive 5,000 Eurodollars and the iconic standard pistol “Chance” level 4.

If you decide to stand up for Brie, you will receive the same money and the iconic “Opora” revolver. Basically both sides are right, but if you protect Bree, Mr. Hands won’t be upset about her death.

If Bree helps, Mr. Hands will contact you in a few days. He will say that she sold the data to the Network Watch, which sent a Hunter to kill everyone who managed to get acquainted with it. Including V. In general, Bree Whitney deceived you!

Order: Jungle Agent

Follow the marker in the western part of the city, go up to the third floor and talk to Ana and Steven. You need to find out why Mark Ban’s sensor came to life. Go down, move to the right place and follow the task marker. You need to go through the museum with the Scavengers. You can try to do it covertly, but there’s not much point, so I went ahead. When you find yourself in the exhibition hall, try to open the door and you will be attacked by Rybakov. This enemy uses camouflage, so you will have to hunt him down for a long time. If you manage to catch it close, shoot with a powerful shotgun. As a reward, you will receive the iconic smart submachine gun with an obscene name.

Go upstairs and listen to Katya. You can spare her and let her go, in addition to getting the coordinates of the cache. It’s actually better than killing a woman. Take the biomonitor and return to the agents. As you approach, you will receive a message from Stephen. Chat with him by phone (messages). He asks to destroy the biomonitor by throwing it into the parcel terminal. If you do this, the task will immediately complete, Mr. Hands will call you, and you will receive 4,000 Eurodollars. If you take the biomonitor to the agents’ room, Steven will again try to convince you. You can break the device or give it to Anya. In the second case, you will receive 6,000 eurodollars and achieve justice.

Spy treasure

You will receive this task if you spare Katya during the “Agent in the Jungle” order. Follow the marker to her hiding place, push the large trash container aside and open the hatch to get about 9,000 Eurodollars, a message for Katya and other items. There will be no iconic weapons here.

Skater’s legacy

The skater is the same netrunner who will die according to the plot of the game, and you will not be able to save him. During the story mission “Identity Crisis”, you will find yourself in the trunk of a car of two netrunners. Do not take control, but listen to their conversation until the last moment. At the end you will learn about the Skater and his Dead Blind stash. When Aurora is killed, before downloading the codes, download the Dead Blind file to activate this task. After the Doomsday story mission, you will be able to visit the marked area. You will find yourself under the Needle. Move along the outer perimeter and look through the scanner for a machine that satisfies spontaneous desires. In the middle there is a barely noticeable panel for entering a code. Enter code 941229 to receive 8,000 Eurodollars. In principle, you can come here without a task.

Order: With a Heavy Heart

You will receive this task from Hands towards the end of the game. Follow the marker. It can also be activated when you visit the Skater’s stash in the quest above. Talk to Michael and go to the Heavy Hearts Club. An additional goal will appear – to avoid a shootout. Let’s do it! Upon entering the club, go to the bar and ask the bartender about the lady you need. Then follow the marker to the toilet and talk to Jack. Pay him 550 Eurodollars.

You need to get into VIP room No. 4. Go to the indicated point and see Michael being pushed out the door. Talk to him and go to the VIP area. The enemies are looking through the windows, so all you have to do is turn off the cameras and move along the left wall. You can still stun or even kill opponents. The main thing is that the alarm is not raised. Move along the wall, turn right and opposite the bar counter you will find VIP room No. 4. Go inside and talk to the prosecutor’s friends. You will find out that she is in room No. 6.

Exit #4 and continue along the wall. Distract the enemy at the Staff Only door, then go through it. Deal with two enemies. Along the long corridor, on the right hand there will be a hidden passage. If you scan this part of the wall, you will see a line pointing to a terminal. Connect to it to open VIP room No. 6 from the back. Inside there will be a suitcase with the iconic smart pistol “Prosecutor”. Enter the room on the right and listen to the prosecutor. You can refuse to still request that the evidence be removed. To prevent Hank from attacking you, you will need 9 units of strength. This is the only way to avoid a shootout. Return to Michael, he will pay 2000 Eurodollars. But he really gave up his son for money. Hands will throw in a bonus of 6,000 Eurodollars. If the back exit from VIP room #6 is closed, scan the wall again and you will see another terminal.

If you agree to the prosecutor’s offer, return to Michael. He will pay 2000 eurodollars, Hands will say that Michael was extremely unhappy, but will still transfer 6000 eurodollars.

Order: Path to Redemption

Follow the marker and meet the customer Nel. Follow the marker nearby and dial code 1701 to get inside the factory. There will be enemies in the room who are standing near the elevator, so it is unlikely that you will be able to act secretly here. When you deal with the enemies, use the elevator and go up to the workshop.

There are many enemies in these laboratories, so it is unlikely that you will be able to act secretly. Walk along the first floor and turn left. Move around the circle of laboratories until you find a room with shelving. Between them there will be a box with a yellow marker – this is the iconic Hercules ZAH smart assault rifle. Take the weapon and find a place where you can jump to the second floor. Having done this, you can go down to a room with a door inside. Kill the enemies and enter the room with the bomb. It is located at the farthest point of this workshop.

After downloading the program, leave the workshop, killing enemies. New opponents will also appear in the parking lot. When you leave the factory, you will receive a message from Nel. Go to the meeting place, get into the car. You can then either protect Nel by killing the Biotechnika agents, or allow them to arrest the woman. The task will be completed, and you will learn about the consequences later. If you save Nel, Hands will say that you saved more people than you killed, and the customer remained alive. You will receive 7,000 Eurodollars.

Silver shoes

You will receive this task when you read a message from Hands after completing all 10 fixer orders. Meet Mr. Hands at the Heavy Hearts bar, talk and go outside. A well-deserved reward will await you – a powerful sports car, the Sport R-7 Sterling.


Regardless of how you choose to finish the expansion, Hansen will die. Mr. Hands will contact you shortly. Visit him to find out that he wants to rig the results of the Barghest’s leadership election. You will receive the imprint of Aguilar’s killer. Go to the marked location and sit on the bed to activate the imprint. Deal with the voodooists and wait for Iago. Talk to him, intimidate him with a cigar in Cuba, and then kill Charlie. Iago will say that Bennett is Arasaka’s pawn. Before heading to Hands, move to the center of the Business District and attend Hansen’s memorial ceremony.

Enter the garage and use Aguilar’s Imprint. Kill the guard and hide the body in the trunk. Talk to Bennett, then call Hands. Attend the farewell ceremony and chat with Iago and Bennett. It is not necessary to show weapons. Ask Iago to pay the price, then tell him they must bury the hatchet. If you say that Bennett will get by, he will shoot Iago. In any case, you will be able to leave the building and disable Aguilar’s imprint. Call Hands. You will receive 10,000 Eurodollars. If you convinced Iago and Bennett without weapons, after a while Hands will write that they worked together. And after a while the real Aguilar will write to you.

Just cause

Another additional task that will begin after completing the “Phantom Freedom” storyline. A few days later, you will receive a message from Ashley, who will say that she was on shift when you stole the Charon Exotics car (in which Emeric and Aurora were). Follow the marker, stand near the elevator and talk to Ashley on the phone. Go inside and go down to the parking lot.

Enter the room with the guard on the right. Stun him and take the “Chao” smart pistol (although not a cult one, but level 5) from the table. Clear the location, remembering to turn off the surveillance cameras. Use the hack to distract the enemy near the gate (for example, on the device on the right). When you go through the gate, you will see a truck. Approach him from behind and climb inside the body. Be sure to duck down and wait! Get out of the back and go to the sports car on the other side. Get inside when the guard is not looking, delete the data and leave the parking lot. When necessary, stop and wait. Have the guard check the car. As soon as you leave the parking lot, the task will be completed, and you will receive the Sports R-7 Charon sports car as a reward.

Internal fight against terrorism

If you released Nel during the Path to Redemption order, she will contact you after some time. This will begin the current task.



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