Colour analysis;Know which colors are really good for you

The shades of color are millions: choosing the right ones for make-up can enhance our natural beauty.So how do you figure out which colors are really good for you ? A fundamental help comes from armochromy, the science that establishes harmony and balance between colors.

HOW Colour Analysis WORKS .

Armocromy is the analysis of natural colors,which allows us to identify the ideal chromatic nuances for each phenotype. The goal is to find the perfect combination of colors for to enhance beauty.It is essential to focus on the principles of armocromia , the discipline that studies chromatic harmony, defining the colors that enhance your natural tones.

Identifying your ideal colors is by no means simple and obvious. People often think that people with dark eyes and hair are comfortable with warm shades, while people with light hair and eyes must bet more on cold colors.First of all, the first thing to do is to look at the color of your natural complexion , that is without make-up, and see if there are amber, olive or more delicate shades, with tones of ivory / peach. After that we go on to observe the lips, the color of the eyes and ears; only at the end we observe the hair and all the shades of natural color.

The theory of the seasons

The theory of the division of colors of the incarnations in seasons , developed by Bernice Kentner in the 1970s.According to the theory the natural color palette of each individual corresponds to a specific season.

If the four main seasons are taken as reference, autumn, winter, spring and summer, the first distinction is between warm colors and cold colors.

  • Autumn deep; autumn warm; autumn soft
  • Winter deep; winter cool; winter bright
  • Spring light; spring warm; spring bright
  • Summer light; summer cool; summer soft

Autumn armocromia

Who belongs to autumn will have an olive complexion with brown, red, blond or black hair with golden or coppery reflections. While, as regards the eyes, they can be either dark or green or brown.In this case the colors of one’s palette are orange, bronze, copper and brown, mustard yellow, ivory and green. On the contrary, the shades to be avoided are purple, light pink, gray and black.

Winter armocromia

In the winter season, people with ebony skin , with very dark hair, or blond, but only if with cold reflections, such as platinum blonde or ash blond, are included. The winter women have dark eyes or in stark contrast with the color of the hair.

Spring armocromia

All people with light ivory or peach skin and blond or light brown or even red hair belong to the spring . As for the eyes, they can be light blue, green with golden reflections or brown to green.For this season the colors to avoid are the dark ones, because they turn off the complexion and flatten the natural and bright colors.

Summer armocromia

The summer woman stands out because it has a color palettecharacterized by cold and lunar nuances, such as light pink, lavender, raspberry, white, blue and deep blue, strawberry red and cherry red, gray and yellow sun.To be “summer” you must have a very light complexion, luminous and quite cold, with blond hair.

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