Why Colors also have a unique psychology

A wonderful world of colors is scattered in every particle of the world, which is filled with color in human life, keeping it succulent and vibrant. In the cadre of nature, these colors create a little color in life. In the absence of colors, there is nothing but darkness to imagine life. This colorful world of colors has its own language and its own science, by understanding which we can shape our personality. Colors have their own nature and virtues, which can be adopted to make their physical, mental and emotional life more situated and balanced if they can be adopted with proper methods.

Colors have an integral relationship with light. There is also a natural and pure area of ​​sunlight. Being the creator of seven rays of seven colors, it has also been called Saptarashmi. The light consists of seven colors. Which we can see through prism. Physics has a specific term for it. ‘Vibgyor’, which is purple, sky, blue, green, yellow, respectively Appears orange and red. The truth is that an object does not really have a specific color of its own. What color will it be? It depends on the reflection of light falling on it. When light rays fall on an object, it reflects in the object and hits our eyes and we see this object. Now the color of the object depends on which of the seven colors it absorbs in light and which is reflected. When the object absorbs all the colors, it appears black. When she reflects all the colors, she appears white. When it reflects one color, it appears like that color.

Each of these colors has its own different language. They reveal a particular property and all have their own effective power. These colors also throw proper light on the personality of the person who likes them. For example, the color red symbolizes rage. It expresses strong thoughts, fierce love and intense sentimentality. This color also shows valor, valor, struggle and enthusiasm. In ancient times, military flags and clothes were colored red. Red colored flag is also used more in revolutionary militant movements. Similarly, brides are dressed in red in marriage for the purpose of expressing intense sentimentality. Red color is also considered auspicious. Red-hot, furious, Are ambitious and enthusiastic. Along with this, there is a possibility of getting excited and quarrelsome. They are confident in acting with firmness. What they think and the work they take in hand, they finish it.

The orange color has been considered a symbol of vitality, energy, sacrifice and sacrifice. It is actually supposed to reveal the combined effect of red and yellow. That is why it is considered a symbol of cheerfulness, freshness, strength, energy and enthusiasm. The person who likes orange color is the master of open mind and sharp intellect. Every work is done with complete intent. Often possesses an attractive personality. Often, writers, poets and imaginaries and thinkers like this color. Such individuals are mostly dreamers and hopeful for life.

Yellow color expresses knowledge, spirituality and nobility etc. This color is also considered auspicious. It is specially used in the festival-festival religious rituals etc. But if the yellow color is not clean and clean, it causes turbidity of the heart. Escapism also awakens cowardice and stupidity. A person who has a fondness for yellow color has strong intelligence and memory. They believe in hard work, as well as being cheerful and sociable, not afraid of situations. They have amazing ability to adapt to each situation. Such people are optimistic in every sphere of life.

Green is called dual color, ie two-color. The light green color activates intellectual abilities and gives peace, while the green color contaminates the thoughts of the mind if it is tainted. Dark green color is associated with doubt, jealousy, malice etc. An amazing confluence of both disturbance, fatigue, freshness, fidgeting, elation and comfort is seen in this color. This color helps in making the environment peaceful. People who like green color are nature lovers. They feel peace and security in the relationship of nature.

Blue is a spiritual color. It is a symbol of peace, tolerance, purity, satvic affection and quietness. It shows depth, vastness and sustained peace. One can admire the hue of this color in the context of the sky, the ocean and the calm lake. Those who like it are stable and peaceful, have a serious view of any aspect of life, and solve any problem peacefully. His intellect is sharp and his heart soft. They are dedicated and honest in their interests.

The dark blue color indicates the opposite trends of light blue. This color figure thinks that he is alone in the whole world. As a result, he remains absorbed in himself. He loves solitude. Often, he lacks confidence. He hates the outside world, externalities and artificiality.

Purple color is very dear to mystical conduct. There is a strange mysticism attached to their behavior and nature. It is very difficult to identify them quickly.

White color is a symbol of calm nature, simplicity, high opinion, sharpness and sattvikta. Complications are not found in individuals with an attachment to this color. They are quiet, sattvic and forthright. Are idealists. Never get excited and want to survive the fight. The gray, beige color is a symbol of seriousness, humility, courtesy and shame as well as hard-working. But if external catalyst is not found, it is a weak color. Brown color evokes a feeling of unity, honesty, goodness, goodness and a sense of cooperation with high spirits. People who like this color are completely devoted to their friends, family and work. This color indicates stability and good behavior.

Black color is considered inauspicious in Indian tradition. Its use in religious rituals is forbidden. This color is going to evoke feelings like sorrow and sorrow. This is contrary to expansion and development and is indicative of narrow mindset. This color makes a person selfish, self-centered, escapist and introverted. Also shows disappointment and downfall. If it is mixed with other good and clean colors, it takes a very tactical form. People who like it are determined. Also they are soulless and autocratic.

The pink color signifies a gentle, simple nature. It signifies childhood even when it is older. As a result, the actions of those who like this color, ethics and thoughts are like children. The turquoise color is helpful in providing stability emotionally.

These days extensive research efforts are going on on the efficacy of colors. Eminent German scientist Dr. Max Müller has done a deep study on colors. He gave his findings in a book called ‘The Lusher Color Test’. According to him, blue color is full of peace, green is of royal chic and autocratic nature, red color is of strength and elation and yellow color is a sign of satisfaction. In his book Healing with Color and Light, Theomikel writes that we are affected by colors on three levels – physical, mental and emotional. On the physical level, the red part stresses the body, while the blue part relaxes the body. Affects our vision on a mental level. For example, a red room looks smaller than a blue room. Colors affect our emotions on an emotional level. The red color creates excitement, then the blue is peaceful.

In view of the direct and deep impact of colors on one’s mental state, today color therapy is being used in the field of psychology as well. Color psychiatrist and author of ‘Color Your Life’, Dorothy Run, believes that orange and light yellow color give new hope to the person and make the person’s thinking more clear. Dorothy says that many people make more mistakes only because they use black more. However, she admits that the trend of black is more prevalent in fashion today and wearing it makes many people look more attractive. She says that people who like black color more and more, they are most likely to stop any work, be grieved and remain isolated from others.

The attachment to specific colors throw a fair light on the personality of the person. Highly sociable and social people decorate their rooms with bright colors and wear bright colored clothes. Whereas calm and introverted people like brown, beige or white color. We can take more advantage of these by taking necessary precautions according to the effect of colors on the qualities of religion and body emotions. When a person is feeling lethargic or lethargic or is extremely frustrated and frustrated, then by trying the amazing effect of colors, one can infuse energy and new enthusiasm. The red colored clothes give a feeling of aliveness and agility. Red gloves, when cold Nudes and scarves feel warm. If there is excess heat or if there is anger, then this color should be avoided. The use of cool colors like blue or turquoise is more appropriate in the bedroom. Because color encourages insomnia. In this way, we can add color to our life by choosing colors according to our nature, interest and need and can make it more happy and healthy.


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