Color psychology: see the meaning and curiosities of each color

Psychology is becoming increasingly requested by people of all ages, from different areas, with conflicts of the most diverse levels of complexity. What is known is that  everyone who seeks it seeks help to continue their lives with more tranquility and balance.

And what about color psychology? How is it used? What is your contribution to people? Would you like to clarify all these doubts? So, read on and find out!

Color psychology: know what it is about

It is a psychological study that investigates how the human brain recognizes existing colors and transforms them into emotions or sensations. Combined with the knowledge of the Theory of Colors, it enables understanding about the influence of colors on our senses and  emotions.

This influence can be decisive, especially in the area of ​​Advertising and Marketing, in which each detail is a strategy designed to impact the consumer and stimulate interest in the service or product. In a practical way, the color symbology is essential to compose the product layout. When applied well, it becomes a differential in the acquisition and effectiveness of the material.

Understand the characteristics of color psychology

Each color causes different sensations in people and, therefore, it is important to know well to use them properly. There are some important features when using it.


Colors can cause a feeling of heaviness that an object appears to have.


The size of the environment can be affected by color perception. That is, according to the color, the person may have the impression of a smaller or larger space, in reality the size is the same.


The idea and meaning that each color brings can change from each other’s experiences.


Colors have the power to create the feeling of a colder or warmer environment.


There are variations in the absorption of light, according to the color.


The visualization of colors, as well as smells can be associated with subjective moments in someone’s life.


The psychological study believes that colors can influence the awakening of people’s emotions, directly affecting mood, motivation and other psychological characteristics of individuals.

Understand the meaning of colors in Psychology

Eight primary emotions are recognized by color psychology: fear, sadness, anger, disgust, curiosity, surprise, joy and acceptance. According to psychology, each feeling is represented by a color that plays a transforming role in people’s behavior. The warm colors convey the feeling of enthusiasm and energy. In contrast, cool colors are associated with serenity, rationality, and professionalism.

Know the psychological meaning of some colors


Warm color that conveys confidence, high intensity. Among the emotions related to this color, highlight: anger, anger, passion, violence, danger, heat and excitement.


It is called the color of energy, stimulus and optimism  According to color psychology, yellow is able to stimulate the intellect and concentration of people and is related to: wisdom, joy, envy; disease.


Secondary color that conveys the idea of ​​movement, desire for action and excitement. It is associated with sociability, joy and animation.


Blue brings the idea of ​​serenity and calm, which is why it usually represents stability, security and professionalism. Some feelings associate with the color blue: loyalty, harmony and trust.


It is associated with night, shade, burial, coal, dirt. It conveys the feeling of fear,  melancholy , sadness and pain.

Then, throughout the post the colors were presented as strength and power of transformation of the individual from the subjective perception, and contextual symbolic meaning of each one. All of this according to color psychology.

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